By David V. Brannon - 29 Feb 2000

	This is an abandoned cemetery in back of the Harris ELementary School.  It is
	located at 43rd and Jaminson Ave., in the Booker Community.  This inventory 
	was taken by David V. Brannon and Mr. Charles H. Boyer.

	ROBINSON	Charles FM			17 Sep 1889 Age 73 h/o Louisa Robinson
									   s/o Gen. Hardey Robinson
	ROBINSON	George Washington 31 DEC 1861	06 OCT 1905 Member, Magnolia Camp 54 WOW
								    s/o Charles FM & Fannie Robinson
								    h/o Susie Hickman Robinson Prothro
								    (She is buried in Oakland Cem-LR)	
	ROBINSON	Etta		  17 JAN 1861	10 SEP 1902
	ROBINSON	Louisa		  27 FEB 1884	09 AUG 1902	   w/o Charles FM Robinson
	ROBINSON	Margaret V			16 JUN 1853 Age 9y 8m d/o Charles FM & Louisa
	ROBINSON	Payton M	 		29 SEP 1888 Age 27y 7m
	ROBINSON	William H	  16 FEB 1861	08 JAN 1909

	There are 10 headstones inside the wall, one has the top broken off which contained the
	name and dates (It is missing) There are 2 more stones turned face down and I could not
	see the names and dates.  I will go back later and try to turn the stones in order to
	see the names and dates.

	In addition, there are 3 stones outside the wall, on the east side that have no names
	or dates.  I am told that they were slaves of the Robinson's.

	Mr. Charles H. Boyer is a descendant of the Robinson family and furnished me with several
	old newspaper articles written about the cemetery and the Robinson family.

Submitted by David V. Brannon
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