By David V. Brannon

	TATE CEMETERY, located in front of a home of Leo Eck on Batesville Pike Road.
	Northwest of Jacksonvile in NE Pulaski Co., but not shown on any map we know of.

	Neighbors say this cemetery has been there as long as anyone can remember, but
	not used in many years.  They say there are several tombstones still standing
	for the ADAMS and SAYLES families.

	We made an inspection on 4 Jan 1997 with the permission of Mr. Eck who owns the
	property.  He said he had found two tombstones with a curb around them and showed
	me the spot but I was unable to find the tombstones.  He also said that he had
	owned the land for about 12 years and has never seen any other marked stones but
	had found several graves with field rock markers.  He also said that neighbors
	had told him that some Indians had been buried here, but when the road was paved
	(Batesville Pike Road) that some graves had been disturbed.

	I have had reports that some of the Ina (Box) Douglass family is buried here.
	Aunt Mary Henderson family.

Submitted by David V. Brannon
Page formatted by Charlotte Ramsey

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