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Pocahontas Star Herald
Pocahontas, Arkansas
Thursday, February 3, 1922


The snow of last Thursday makes it look like good old winter time. J.J. Brooks went to Pocahontas last Saturday on business. J.C. Williams is real sick at this writing. Dr. Hatcher of Imboden is treating him. Miss Ella High spent Saturday night with Miss Pearl Songer. Grover Vanwinkle of Pocahontas has moved on M.F. Henderson's farm near here. J.W. Mitchell of Bay visited at the home of J. J. Broo__{typed over cannot read} last Wednesday.

Fred Kincade has moved from M.F. Henderson's farm to Tom Hulvey's farm on Eleven Point. A Mr. Hudson of Lawrence county has rented the A.J. Wells farm at this place. Miss Lillian Fullington returned home last Thursday from St. Louis where she had been visiting her sister, Mrs. Georgia Bowen, for the past two months. Mrs. Callie Jones spent last Saturday with Mrs. Alice Tipton.

The old reliable was good and newsy last week. The candidates must be getting as thick as hops on a vine. Bynum Wells and wife of near Birdell{ hard to read } were seen on our streets Sunday. Clyde Kincade and Marshal High spent Sunday with Marvin and Roy Songer.


Sam Cahoon, who has been confined to his bed for several weeks, is improving slowly. Mrs. B.J. Buxton visited A.N. Morgan's Sunday.Victor Clemens of Datto, who has been visiting relatives and friends here and around Albertha for some time, returned to his home Monday. Estel Harris and family visited Elmer Harris Sunday. Brice Daniel and Martin Harris made a business trip to Pocahontas Saturday.

Verney Harper was hauling freight for S.C.T. Sago from Pocahontas Saturday. We wish to correct a mistake that was made in our letter last week, where it said Mrs. Ann Sago had pneumonia and was no better. It was rheumatism instead of pneumonia. Miss Bessie Daniel and Jewel Knotts visited Miss Elma Morgan Sunday. Morris Sago and Newt Morgan made a flying trip to Manson Monday. Roger Harris and John Ulmer had business in Pocahontas Friday.


The snow has disappeared and the face of old mother earth looks more natural without the application of nature's powder puff. Niles Ingram is having a siege of pneumonia. Quite a number of our children are now paying the penalty by doping sore throats after playing too much in the beautiful snow last week.

Miss Jessie Poynor is at home after quite a lengthy stay in Texas. She completed a business course in one of the best schools of that state.

Weddings have been the order of the day here since we last made our report to our valuable paper. Miss Ruby Owens and Donald Jackson of Reyno and Miss Etta Hawk and Will Kenner were quietly married last week. Rev Childers of the Methodist church spoke the mystic words. Mrs. Tommie Lambert and Tom McNabb of Texas were married at Pocahontas . They left immediately for their home in Texas.

We extend congratulations to all. Quite a number of our men attended court in Pocahontas last Thursday. Mrs. Oakley is visiting her children in Tennessee this week. McNairy of the A.B. Jones Co. and Drummer Miles were visiting the merchants here last week. Claud Phipps of Middlebrook has purchased the Victor Maynard property . Misses Gladys Smith and Lela Swindle visited relatives at Middlebrook Sunday.


Mrs. Willis Hawkins of Oklahoma is visiting relatives here this week. Mrs. Walter Garner, who has been confined to her bed for the past month, is now able to be up. Mrs. Lum Reeves has been sick with a case of lagrippe for the past week.

We need more farmers in our section like Charlie Styles. He has all his ground for next seasons crop broken and is now ready to plant. Lee Sharp and Henry Vester attended court at the county capitol last week. Lee says he is not going to try to make any crop as this is election year and the candidates bother him so much that he can't work with any satisfaction.

We are sorry to report the death of Uncle Jim Duff of Supply, which sad event occured last week.

Claud Jolly, merchant at Minorca, was in our burg Monday. Dr. Carrnes reports that Mike Larkins family of Supply has had a little more than their share of misfortunes during the last three weeks. About three weeks ago Ronald, the oldest son, while working at the saw mill, got an arm broken. A few days later Mike himself took sick with pneumonia which kept him in bed for a week or ten days. Last week, Charley the six year old son , got a Navy bean in his ear and had to be taken to Dr. Hamil, the ear specialist at Pocahontas, to get it removed, and at this writing Ronald is real sick with grippe.

The Evergreen Pitch Players Association of Pitman held their annual election last week, which resulted in the following officers being elected: J.W. Hamlin, president, Alma Hawkins, vice president, John Pierce, secretary, Clarence Stauffer, treasurer, Gus Mackins, official score keeper and Monie Diamond instructor in Hoyle's digest. Juvenile and senior classes will be conducted seven days in the week, until crop time, at the club house, just north of the post office.

Pocahontas Star Herald
Pocahontas, Arkansas
Thursday, February 10, 1922

Late County News

Bob and Charley Reeves made a business trip to Success last Friday. Charley Helms who formerly lived in Clay county, has moved on the Jim Ainley farm. Randle Harris of Success has moved on Bob Reeves' farm, Bob having rented and moved to the Biggers farm on the old Pitman Ferry.

The people of our section are delighted to learn that Louis Fowler has charge of the Findley Ferry. He is the best ferryman that ever put a boat across Current river, besides he has some accommodation about him. Unc's Adolph Rohn has been on the indisposed list for the past week or ten days. The Reeves Bros. have recently made considerable improvement on their store building in North Pitman, by the addition of a ware room. Phi_ { could be m or r} Thomas of Pocahontas spent the past week here taking a post course in Hoyle at the Pitch Players club rooms.

S_auffer and Sons have moved their saw mill to Minorca, where they have a large contract of timber existing. Ben Cockrum has bought the Jess Sorrell's farm just south of Pitman Hall. R.L. Ruff, our genial carpenter, is building a new dwelling for Jim Brannon on his farm between here and Success. We are glad to report that Pitman has had another "Tune K_l_ers Association formed since our last report.

A Checker Players Club with Wiley Hamlin, Dr. Carrens, Charley Helms and Alma Hawkins as charter members. Esq. Geo. Hale has sold his farm near here and gone into the mercantile business at Current View Mo.

Dr. Carrnes reports the following cases of sickness in our community at thei time: Roy Reeves, Mrs. Rex Fowler and Andrew Duff's baby at Supply and Olan Creach, Claud Jolly's baby and Joda Ainley at Minorca. We would say to the culprit that has been making nightly visits to the smokehouses and corn cribs in the vicinity of Pitman and Supply that is a very hospitable neighborhood and that we have ever boasted of the fact that none of our neighbors should be allowed to go hungry but we much prefer to be allowed to help you pick from our crib and smokehouse the part that you and family are to subsist upon. Otherwise one of these cool mornings you will be wanting some one to help remove some chilled shot.

Contributed by Pat Barnes Alred