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Pocahontas Star Herald
Pocahontas, Arkansas
Thursday, January 5, 1967


Storm Of 1916 Wreaked Destruction To Folks Of Clearview Community

An interesting and unusual group of pictures is those shown below of destruction suffered by the peaceful farmfolk of the Clearview community, near Five Mile Spring, on June 5, 1916, when a tornado set down upon the little community and made a shambles of most of the humble homes in a 2-mile area from southwest to northwest, in the path of the storm. The pictures are the property of Mrs. Elsie Harte of Pocahontas, and Mrs. Harte, who resided in the comunity at that time, accompanied a school girl, Maud Abanathy, through the storm's path on June 6, the day after the storm, at which time Miss Abanathy took the pictures-----unusually good ones for an amateur cameraman of the long ago.

After wreaking this havoc on Clearview, June 5, 1916, Mother Nature again struck on Jan. 4, 1917, almost 7 months later to the day, with a storm which crossed the path of the previous tornado and again demolished several homes which had just been rebuilt following the 1916 storm.

Mrs. Harte stated that the oddity of both storms was that neither occurred during what is considered to be the "tornado season". It was considered miraculas that no one was killed in either storm, considering their severity.

The pictures below are in the order that they are placed in the article:

John Hall Home, Boyd Warond Home, Kale Wilson Home, Jim Harte Home, Katie Poindexter Home, Jimmy Chastain Home, John Warner Home, Tom Harte Home, Rebecca (Becky) Wilson Home, and John Haynes Home.


The John Hall home

The Boyd Walrond home

The Kale Wilson home

The Jim Harte home

The "Aunt" Katie Poindexter home

The "Uncle" Jimmy Chastain home

The John Warner home and barn

The Tom Harte home

The "Aunt" Becky Wilson home

The John Haynes home.


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