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From The Arkansas Unit Newspaper, Published in Morrilton, Ark., November 11, 1926

Mrs. Nancy G. Jones, aged 97 years, celebrated her birthday at her home in Pocahontas Saturday. An old-fashioned 24-egg pound cake garnished with 97 tiny candles was a feature. Mrs. Jones was formerly was Miss Nancy Greene and is a descendant of General Greene of Revolutionary war fame. She was for years the owner of one of the leading hotels in this section. She was here before the name Pocahontas was given to the town. Submitted by Cathy Barnes.

A History of the Davis Family
by Pamela Davis Carr

Reprinted from the Star Herald October 18, 1979

Little is known of the Davises background. There are many stories and tales told, but which are fact and which are fiction, is hard to distinguish. The Davis name comes from Welsh heritage, and ranks among the top ten names in America.

The oldest relation of my family I have found is Lot Davis, born in 1795, Lot came from Iron County Mo. around 1818. He was one of the first settlers on Janes Creek (above Ravenden Springs, next to the Missouri line). He married Mary Anderson and they had ten children:

  1. Elizabeth- May 16 1815, to May 1, 1871, 56 years of age.
  2. Mary- Oct. 26, 1818;
  3. John- Sept. 4, 1820;
  4. Cloah- Aug. 23, 1822 to Feb. 4 1880;
  5. Elizah- Jan. 6, 1827;
  6. Soloman- Jan. 12, 1829 to Sept. 29 1890;
  7. Ezedala- Oct. 21, 1833;
  8. Benjamin F- Feb. 10, 1836, to Aug. 15, 1890,
  9. Mariah- Aug. 25, 1838;
  10. Stephen L- Feb. 19, 1841.

Out of these children only five are accounted for, Many I am sure died in infancy.

Mary married Hammet McIlroy (who settled on Eleven Point around 1812)

Cloah married a Looney. Their children were

  1. James Looney, who married Martha Byrd and their children were George, John, Virgil, Everett and Mollie
  2. Thena Looney, who married an English. They had William English and Melinda English. Melinda married George Wells,

Soloman Davis married Martha Ellen Harper on Feb. 8 1849. This union brought forth 15 children. They were:

  1. Mary Caroline- 1849 who married Mitch Davis on Feb. 16, 1868, . Their children were; 1a. Rufe, who married Laura Ellen Weeks from Tennessee, they had Mitchell Davis of Hoxie,, Laura Beard of Ravenden, and Almus Davis; 2a. Don who married Selthy Hawkins. 3. Morris, who married Ora Weeks, 4a. Ellen who married a Kiser, 5a. Will; 6a. Charley.
  2. Rebecca-March 21 1850, died six months later on Sept 22 1851.
  3. Melinda J June 18, 1852 to March 28 1877, She marred Alec Byrd on Nov. 1874. Born to this union was one son, George Byrd, April 8, 1877 to July 1960 Melinda died at the age of 25.
  4. James G. June 18, 1852 died the same day.
  5. Robert M. April 16, 1854 to Aug. 5, 1907. He married Susan Sisk on December 7, 1873. Susan died and he remarried Dona Erhardt. Their children were 1. Birdie, who married Jed Rickman; 2. Arthur; 3. George; 4. Lois.
  6. Sarah Emily, Nov. 14, 1855 to April 14, 1886l. She lived to be 31 years old, she marred William Byrum (George) Marriott. They had four children; 1. James Robert, who married Belle English, They had Lessie McElroy and Jessie James of Janes Creek; 2. Matilda, who married Lee Higgibotham, 3. William Soloman, married Leona Taylor; 4. Authur Cleavland who married Ina Bailey, they had Doyl, Bobby, and Dena Smith of Janes Creek.
  7. John Lot Feb 15,1857 to April 1902 He lived to be 45 years old. He married Fannie S Dotson on June 27 1882. Their children were; 1. Edgar; 2. Les Walters and 3 Virgle.
  8. William Alexander March 1, 1859 to Sept. 11, 1933. He died at the age of 74. He married Mary Nancy Bailey on Oct. 25, 1877. Their children were 1. Teresa Elzonia who married Lardon Rogers 2. Leila Leonia, who married Lee Reynolds; 3. Samuel Lee who married Nettie Lillard and after her death married Elizabeth Greene. 4 Mollie Jane who married Virgil Looney Mollie was named after Soloman's fifteenth child; 5 James Edward who married Beatrice Scounce. William Leo (Clark) married Thelma Haas, They had one daughter Thelma Mel Butler of Janes Creek.
  9. Martha Elizabeth Aug. 3, 1861 to Sept. 9, 1931. She married George Washington Bailey on Oct. 25, 1877. Their children were; 1. Liondus, who died in infancy; 2. infant, died at birth; 3. James Orie, married Beta Wells, their children ; Gene, Noble, Alene, Ruby,Jewel, Donald,and Burley, Bailey of Ravenden Springs; 4.Birdie, who married Ernest Rice 5. Zula, who married Oscar Williams; 6 Lula, who married Stuart Harrison. 7. William,who married Julie Bowen (son Millard Bailey of Ravenden Springs); 8. Bessie, who married Frank James. 9. Pearl, who married Clarence Wells. 10. Albert, who married Beulah Nixon 11. Virgil who married Blanche James; 12. Ella, who married Orie Crawford; 13. Irene, who married Willard Crawford.
  10. Solomon Franklin Oct. 8, 1863 to April 18, 1949. He married Thursie Bellah. They had George,Elemer, (Harold Davis Father) and Salone Soloman.
  11. Elijan Dec. 17, 1865 to Oct. 5, 1875.He lived to be ten years old.
  12. Henry Benton was born Oct. 3, 1875, and died the same day, but his twin brother, James Denton lived.
  13. James Denton Oct 28 1867. Married Deryita Elizabeth Wrenfrow. Deryita died and he remarried Sarah Seeley, They had Burette (Leola Kuhn). Augusta (Ray Taylor), Carl (Grace Childress), William (Jack), who died at the age of 25, Olga died as a baby.
  14. Jasper N. April 27, 1870 and died August 1, 1881. He lived to be eleven.
  15. Mollie Emeda May 6, 1872 to Sept.18, 1880

Benjamin F. had a son Stephen L, who is buried in the Masonic Cemetery. Stephen's wife was Agnes Holmes. This is all that is known of Benjamin.

Mariah married a Buster. They had one son, Richard Buster. She remarried a Prince. They had Jim and Jeff. (Jeff is the grandfather of Oscar Prince Jr). She later married Marian Higginbotham. They had Jane and Dock Higgbotham.

This completes the family members of Soloman and Martha Davis.

The area where Soloman Frank lived is an area five miles north of Ravenden Springs. The settlement was named Yadkin and once consisted of a mill, general store a post office and a blacksmith shop. The Yadkin church still stands and has services and cemetery workings there the first Saturday in August every year.

Many children were raised on the Davis Farm by Thursie Davis and Mary Dollahan. A log constructed house where many of these children were raised still stands.

I wish there was room to conclude the family tree on down the line. Maybe this will help persons who are interested in tracing their family tree If there are any corrections or misspelled names, please call and correct me (Pamela Davis Carr) at (870) 869-2838 anyone having additional information, I would sincerely appreciate hearing from; you.

Submitted by Darla Hopper.

By Harmon and Susan Seawel

Reprinted from the Pocahontas Star Herald, date unknown.

The Johnston family has played a prominent role in the complex inter-relationships of Randolph County pioneer families for many generations. The family was established here in 1849 when George Gregory Johnston and Martha Burton Johnston moved from Tar Creek in McNairy County, Tennessee, to the Middlebrook community in Siloam Township. The Johstons were preceded in their west ward migration by Martha Burton Johnston's brother, John Henry Burton, who came here from Humphery County Tennessee, in the 1840's.

Martha Bruton's father was Henry Burton, who was born in Amelia County, Virginia, and whose grandfather, John Burton, Sr., was the first sheriff of Amelia county. Henry Burton was an American soldier in the Revolutionary War and later drew a pension for his service. The pension number was 539262.

One of the border clans of Scotland, the first Johnston from whom definite descent can be traced to our Johnston is Lewis Johnston who was born around 1757, probably in Virginia or North Carolina. While some Johnston genealogist speculate that Lewis was married before his union with Sarah Stedman around 1793, his known descendants are from this marriage. Lewis and Sarah Stedman Johnston's children include Lindsey William: George Gregory, who established the Randolph County line; Stedman, Perry Green, Nellie, and Sally.

Lindsey William Johnston moved to Henry county, Georgia, around 1816 and to Pontotoc County Mississippi, around 1850. Stedman was in Newton County, Georgia, in 1830 and died in Little Rock, in 1873. Perry Green lived in Newton and Henry Counties, Georgia, and Lafayette County, Mississippi, until his death in Weatherford, Texas in 1877. Nellie moved to Talapoosa Alabama. Sally moved to Alabama and finally to Kansas.

The 1830 census for Newton County, Georgia, shows a woman between 60 and 70 years of age living with Lindsey, Stedman and Perry Green Johnston. It is a seasonable assumption that this is Sarah Stedman Johnston and that Lewis had died. The writer's assume that both died in Newton County Georgia.

George Gregory and Martha Burton Johnston were married in 1821 in Humphrey County, Tenn. Their children were Sarah Jane, born 1822, who married D C Moore; Larkin Farley, born 1824, who married Permelia Ann Lawson; Arena, born 1827, who married Jesse Robinson, Lewis Burton, born 1829, who married Tennessee Spencer; James Franklin, born 1831, who married Lurana Ingram, and George Henry, John Lindsey, Marjorie P., and Rufus Fletcher, who were born between 1837 and 1847 and died young without issue.

Adult children who migrated to Ranolph County with George and Martha were Sarah Jane, who married D C Moore in Randolph County in 1855; Larkin F., who married Permelia Lawson, born in South Carolina in 1830, in McNairy County, Tenn., in 1846, and Lewis B. who married Tennessee Spencer in McNairy County in 1848.

DC and Sarah Johnston Moore established a prosperous family that was marred by tragedy. A furniture maker and grist mill operation as well as a farmer. D C was killed by an accidental shotgun by one of his sons. S C and Sarah Moore were the parents of Ellen Moore who was the wife of Ben f. Taylor. The writers have no further information on this line, but request any additional enlightenment that readers can provide.

Larkin Farley Johnston was a noted Methodist minister. He was preaching at Siloam church in 1863 when he was captured by Federal soldiers, along with Daniel Rapert and Daniel Spence, William Swindle of the 55th Arkansas infantry CSA was wounded in the affair.

Married to Permelia Ann Lawson of Mississippi in McNairy County Tennessee. in 1846, Larkin F. Johnston of Pocahontas. A prosperous farmer as well as a minister, L F was a slave owner.

Arena Johnston and Jesse Robinson were married in McNairy County in 1844. Their children include Jim Lewis Robinson, who was the father of many well-known Randolph Countians and Don M. Robinson, the mayor of Maynard when the town was incorporated in 1895.

Jim Lewis Robinson was the father of Tom and Charlie Robinson of Biggers, Mrs. C K Black and Mrs. R E Sallee of Pocahontas, Mrs. Jim Wisner and Mrs John T Robinson of Reyno, Mrs. Sarah McCrary of Oklahoma, and Mrs ???Williams of Memphis.

Don M. Robinson, in common with many other members of the Johnston family.

Submitted by Darla Hopper.

Taken from the Pocahontas Star Herald Oct 19, 1978.

Spikes History

This updated genealogy of the Spikes family if furnished by Orville G. Spikes of St. Louis, Mo.; article contributed to this website by Patric Riggs.

The known members of the SPIKES FAMILY for which we have a record:

William (Pappy Billy) Spikes, Sr. and first wife, had the following children: CHILD NO. 1- JOSEPH W. SPIKES: CHILD NO. 2- JESSE SPIKES: CHILD NO. 3- JOHN WILLIAM SPIKES: CHILD NO. 4- MARTHA SPIKES: CHILD NO. 5- NANCY SPIKES.

William Spikes, Sr. and second wife had the following children: CHILD NO. 6- LYSANDER FLIN SPIKES: CHILD NO. 7- SAMUEL ERVIN SPIKES: CHILD NO. 8- ELIZABETH C. SPIKES: CHILD NO. 9- MARY P. SPIKES

CHILD NO. 1- JOSEPH W. SPIKES and wife had the following children: Elizabeth Spikes, Nancy M. Spikes, William Spikes, John H. F. (John Fick) Spikes, Jesse Lacy Spikes, Joseph W. (known as Joe Teal or Teel) Spikes, Jacob Columbus Spikes, James Spikes.

CHILD NO. 2- JESSE SPIKES and first wife had the following children: James Monroe Spikes, William Anthony Spikes, Nancy Spikes, Joseph Washington
Spikes, David Lafayette Spikes, Jesse Hezekiah Spikes, Elizabeth Spikes. JESSE SPIKES and second wife had the following children: Benjamin Franklin
Spikes, John Wesley Spikes, Martha Adalah Spikes, Malissa Spikes.

CHILD NO. 3- JOHN WILLIAM SPIKES and wife had the following children: Martha Spikes, Redman S. Spikes, Coleman Spikes, William Spikes.



The Spikes family is English descent, coming to America from England. When and from what part I have yet to discover. Several are doing research on this project now. I have researched the Spikes family about ten years and still have a long way to go. All the Spikes clan who ever lived in what is now Randolph County, Arkansas and all their descendants who may have been born there or elsewhere are descended from William (Pappy Billy) Spikes Sr. Who was born in or near Raleigh, North Carolina in 1784. He married (first wife) Elizabeth Biddle who is reported to have lived in Hawkins County Tenn. where her family owned a large plantation. Reference: Dalton's History of Randolph County pg. 347. Elizabeth Biddle was of Scotch descent. William Spikes Sr. was reported to have been born in Tennessee by Goodspeed's History of Northeast Arkansas, but this is disproved by all census records listing his state of birth as North Carolina, as were all or most of his children by his first wife.

CHILD No. 1- JOSEPH W. SPIKES, born 1806, North Carolina, died, New Orleans, La. about 1849. On a business trip and died from cholera, married Permelia Waddle, born 1805, Indiana Territory, died 1864, buried Spikes Cemetery. Children No. 1-A- Elizabeth Spikes, born 1827, Randolph County, Arkansas. died 1892, same place. Married John A. Johnson, born 1821, Randolph Co. Ark., died, same place, both buried Spikes Cemetery. Date of marriage, Aug 7, 1845, children No. !-B-Thomas Johnson, born 1846, Randolph Co. Ark., died 1906, married Jane Nelson. No.2-B- Diana Johnson, born 1848, same place, married William Brown. No. 3-B- William Mordecia Johnson, born 1850, same place, married Martha Sparkman. No. 4-B- John Henry Johnson, born 1852, same place, died Sept. 1895, married Mahala Nelson. No. 5-B- Catherine Johnson, born 1855, same place, died 1933, married Peter Hurn. No. 6-B- Hannah Ann Johnson, born 1858, same place, died, Aug. 1897, married Joseph Autney Hogan in 1877. No. 7-B- Jesse Morgan Johnson, born May 18, 1863, same place, died July 15, 1927, married Catherine Lavina McCandless, Mar. 23, 1886. No. 8-B- Joseph Shelby Johnson, born 1866, same place, died 1945, married Martha Prince, 1891. No. 9-B- Martha Johnson (Aunt Doll), born Jan. 23, 1869, same place, died Oct 16, 1942, married Thomas Hogan, 1894. No. 10-B- Columbus Johnson (Uncle Lum) a twin to Aunt Doll, born Jan. 23, 1869, died July 15, 1942, married Elizabeth Nelson, 1892.

No. 2-A- Nancy M. Spikes, born 1832, Randolph Co. Ark., Married James Hurn, Dec. 29, 1853, children Thomas Hurn, and others. Thomas Hurn was the father of Jay O. Hurn, Essie Hurn and Opal Hurn.

No. 3-A- William Spikes, born 1833, Randolph Co. Ark., left sometime after 1860 and was never heard from again. He was listed in the 1860 census as
single and living at home with his widowed mother and family.

No. 4-A- John H. F. (John Fick) Spikes, born 1835, Randolph Co. Ark., died 1889, married Martha Mock. Goodspeed's History list his birth as Feb. 20, 1836, and that he married Martha E. Mock, Feb. 7, 1863 and that she was born in 1840, a daughter of Matthias Mock, children 1-B- Amanda P. Spikes, married Franklin Tiner, a farmer and school teacher and were the parents of William E. (Bill) Tiner, John (Nipe) Tiner, and Melvia Tiner, who married Aut Hayes. 2-B- Mary J. Spikes, 3-B- James C. (Columbus) Spikes, who married Thema Brown; 4-B- William A. Spikes; 5-B- John W. (known as Jack W.) Spikes; 6-B- Sulah M. (Sular M.) Spikes who married Hattie Mae Rush; 7-B- Thomas F. Spikes; 8-B- Joseph A. Spikes.

No. 5-A- Jesse Lacy Spikes, born 1838, married first wife Mary Cam Mock, born 1840, a sister to Martha E. Mock, who married his brother John Fick Spikes, they were daughters of Matthias Mock and his third wife Anna Amanda Rasberry Mock. The 1850 census lists Anna A. Mock, born Ga., age 32, Matthias Mock already deceased at this time, children Mary C. Mock, 10, Ark., Martha E. Mock, 7, Ark., Christopher C. Mock, 5, Ark.

Jesse Lacy Spikes married Mary Cam Mock, Nov. 3, 1870, children 1-B- Amanda Spikes, who married George Jones; 2-B- Joseph Spikes, who died very young; 3-B- Louella Spikes; 4-B- Martha Elizabeth Spikes (known as Pat), married Thomas Segraves and are the parents of Alma Poindexter (Mrs. Joe
Poindexter), they live at 1412 Carter St. Pocahontas, Ark., 5-B- Fayette spikes, who died very young.

Jesse Lacy Spikes married second wife Mrs. Susan Ellen Price Hogan. She was a sister to the late John W. Price of Pocahontas, Ark., and the mother of the late Bill Hogan of Pocahontas Ark. The Spikes children, 6-B- John Spikes, who married Ellen Segraves; 7-B- Maggie Spikes, who married Marcus Loftus; 8-B- Emma Spikes, 9-B- Janette Spikes; 10-B- Perry Spikes, who married Jessie Randolph; 11-B- Lillie Spikes. All are now deceased.

No. 6-A- Joseph Warren Spikes (known as Joe Teal or Teel), born 1844, married Leah P. Mock, born, 1846, a daughter of Griffith C. Mock and Margaret J. Mock, children 1-B- Joe Perry Spikes, Sr., who married Dora King, children 1-C- Laveta Mae Spikes; 2-C- Jennie Lee Spikes; 3-C- Joe Perry Spikes, Jr.

2-B- May (or Mae) Spikes married Tom Roberts?

3-B- Jennie Lee Spikes, married William R. Spikes a son of Samuel Ervin Spikes; children 1-C- Lillian Spikes and 2-C- Lucille Spikes. All deceased.

No. 7-A- Jacob Columbus Spikes, born June 14, 1847, died April 23, 1904, married Susannah America Brown, Jan. 30, 1873. She was born March 3 or 31, 1851, died Oct. 22, 1928; children 1-B- Charles Wesley Spikes, born Feb. 8, 1874; died Jan. 22, 1949, married Leota Corbett; children Alvin Townsend Spikes, Thelma Spikes, Otha Spikes, Ancil Spikes and Carlos C. Spikes. All are desceased except Carlos C. Spikes.

No. 2-B- William Columbus Spikes, born March 13, 1879, died Nov. 26, 1958, married Dovie Jeannett Long, born Dec. 29, 1891, died Nov. 7, 1960, a daughter of Joseph Samuel Long and Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) Owens Long; children 1-C- Genetta Arlene Spikes, born Sep. 25. 1913; 2-C- Virginia Faye Spikes, born Sep. 15, 1915, died Feb. 19, 1967. All deceased and buried Palestine Cemetery, Randolph Co. Ark., except Genetta Arlene Spikes who
lives in Clayton, Mo.

No. 3-B- Joe Tom Spikes, born April 30, 1881, died Nov. 3, 1948; married Nellie Jane Long, born Dec. 25, 1882, died Feb. 25, 1946. A sister to Dovie Jeannett Long who married his brother, William Columbus Spikes; children 1-C- Clifton Spikes born 1905? - died 1906 in infancy; 2-C- Orville Clyde Spikes (yours truly), born Feb. 26, 1907; 3-C- Jesse Rayburn Spikes, born 1910 died 1911 in infancy; 4-C- Noble Spikes, born 1912? died 1913 in infancy. All are deceased and buried Palestine Cemetery, Randolph Co. Ark., except Orville Clyde Spikes who lives at 2402 Sims Ave., St. Louis (Overland, St. Louis County), Mo.

No. 4-B- Dr. Jesse Marion Spikes, M.D., born June 24, 1884, died Nov. 13, 1921, married Alma Spikes, born Feb. 22, 1888, died Nov. 6, 1975. She was a daughter of Benjamin Franklin Spikes and Sarah P. (Neetie) Dalton Spikes; children 1-C- Mary Bentley Spikes Barnett; 2-C- the late Dr. Benjamin Bryan Spikes, DDS, a dentist, both of Pocahontas, Ark. The latter was known as Booge Spikes.

No. 5-B- Anna Elizabeth Spikes, born Aug. 21, 1888, died July 16, 1976. Married first Dudley Walrond (Waldron), and second Lafayette Henderson, children 1-C- Lillian Walrond Hurn; 2-C- Leon Walrond; 3-C- Weldon Walrond.

No. 8-A- James Spikes, son of Joseph W. Spikes and Permelia Waddle Spikes, born 1848; died young.

This completes the family history, as well as I know it at this time of CHILD NO. 1 Joseph W. Spikes, son of William Spikes, Sr., and Elizabeth Biddle Spikes.

CHILD NO. 2 JESSE SPIKES, born April 2, 1808, North Carolina; died Jan. 7, 1887, married, first wife, Nancy Copeland; children 1-A- James Monroe Spikes, a Confederate soldier killed in the Civil War at Bowling Green, Kentucky and lies buried there; 2-A- William Anthony Spikes, also a Confederate soldier, died of the mumps, Feb. 3, 1863, in a hospital in Little Rock Ark., and is buried there; 3-A- Nancy Spikes, born Dec. 8, 1843, married Tone Carroll, and died at age 65. They were the grandparents of Azaleane (Jerry) Daniels Long, wife of Rex Long of St. Louis, Mo., and daughter-in-law of Rayburn Long of Pocahontas, Ark., and the late Reva Daniels of Pocahontas, Ark. Nancy Spikes Carroll died at age 65. 4-A- Joseph Washington Spikes, born 1845, married Judy Nelson and were the parents of David (Davey) Spikes, and the grandparents of Carl Spikes and Paul Spikes. All deceased. 5-A- David Lafeyette Spikes, born 1847, also a Confederate soldier, died from the ravages and exposure of the war, age 24. No. 6-A- Jesse Hezekiah Spikes, born 1850, married Nancy J. Early, died at age 33. No. 7-A- Elizabeth Spikes, born 1852 or 1853, died at age 56, married John R. Davis, and were the parents of Maud Davis Brown the wife of Dr. John W. Brown and they were the parents of Ivern Brown and Glen Brown both of Pocahontas, Ark.

A brief look at the family record of the Jesse Spikes Bible or more probably the John Wesley Spikes Bible as it appears to be in his hand writing and signed by Mr. John Spikes, Ingram, Ark.

Nancy Copeland Spikes, first wife of Jesse Spikes, born Mar. 1, 1815, a daughter of Anthony and Nancy Copeland, children 1-A- James Monroe Spikes, born Mar. 5, 1841; No. 2-A- William Anthony Spikes, born Aug. 2, 1842, No. 3-A- Nancy Spikes, born Dec. 8, 1844; No. 4-A- Joseph Washington Spikes, born Feb. 22, 1847; No. 5-A- David Lafayette Spikes, born Mar. 21, 1849; No. 6-A- Jesse Hezekiah Spikes, born July 30, 1851, this I believe to be in error, the census taken June 1, 1850, list him as 3 months old. Question, how could he have been listed in the census if he had not yet been born? No. 7-A- Elizabeth Spikes, born Sep. 18, 1853. The Bible record further states Malissa Spikes, daughter of John Wesley Spikes and first wife, Tuda Foster Spikes, born Mar. 27, 1880, Jacob Wesley Spikes, born Dec. 13, 1888? Joseph Spikes died Feb. 23, 1912. He states my father who was Jesse Spikes, came to this country in 1839 and my mother who was Elizah Kersey Stone Spikes, in 1844. Elizah Kersey Stone Spikes lived to be 83 years old.

Jesse Spikes, married second wife Mrs. Elizah Kersey Stone, Feb. 28, 1853, a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Kersey. She was born May 27, 1822 and was the widow of William Aaron Rufus Stone and the mother of Mary Frances Stone, born May 6, 1847, and Octavy (Octavo) Stone, born Dec. 10, 1849.

William Aaron Rufus Stone was born Jan. 22, 1822 and was the first person to be buried in Masonic Cemetery, Pocahontas, Ark.

Jesse Spikes and Elizah Kersey Stone Spikes were the parents of the following children: 8-A- Benjamin Franklin Spikes, born Nov. 18, 1854, married Sarah P. (Neetie) Dalton, children; 1-B- Attorney and later Judge William Franklin Spikes; 2-B- Alma Spikes, who married Dr. Jesse Marion Spikes, M.D. and were the parents of Mary Bently Spikes Barnett and the late Dr. Benjamin Bryan (Booge) Spikes, D.D.S., 3-B- Moina Spikes, never married, now deceased; 4-B- Dr. James Lewis Spikes. M.D., now deceased; 5-B- Lige (Benjy) Spikes; 6-B- Cloyd (Foncie) Spikes.

No. 9-A- John Wesley Spikes, born Feb. 3, 1857, married forst wife, Tuda Foster; children 1-B- Thomas Spikes, who married Easther Brown, a daughter of Thomas Brown; children Wayland Spikes, Lloyd Spikes. All now deceased. No. 2-B- Marvin spikes, married first wife Forrest Hord, had one (1) daughter Veda Spikes, who died at age 22. He married second wife, Edna ?. They were separated when he died, then she died. no. 3-B- Clarence Spikes, nothing further is known of him. No. 4-B- Malissa Spikes, married Butler Austin, children - Lawton, Grace, Tharon (or Sharon), Ludon and Joan. Only Grace and Joan now living. They are in Michigan.

No. 9-A- John Wesley Spikes, married third wife, Fannie Eleanor Sago Thomas Bigger Spikes (she was the mother of Marvin Thomas, now 80 years old and the son of Joe Thomas). The Spikes children; No. 8-B- Fay Spikes, married Claud Kenner, children, Mable, Tomey, Ronald, and Susan. Fay is now a widow and lives in White Oak, Mo. No. 9-B- Delma Spikes married Walter Bryant. They live in R-1, Naylor Mo. Children: Norman, Betty Greenwood, Arnold, Mo., Ann Preslar, Imperial, Mo., and Billy Charles, Robertsville, Mo. No. 10-B- Fed Spikes, married Jane Moore, no children. They lived in Antonia Mo. Both now deceased. No. 11-B- Alvin Lavalle Spikes married Christene Bulter, no children, now deceased. He was born Jan. 7, 1914, died Mar. 5, 1978. They lived 6922 Alabama, Hammond, Ind. No. 12-B- Zaniel Spikes married Faye Daniel, children 2 daughters and 1 son. They live in Little Rock, Ark. All of these three families of John Wesley Spikes are now deceased, except Fay, Delma and Zaniel.

No. 10-A- Martha Adalah Spikes, daughter of Jesse Spikes and Elizah Kersey Stone Spikes, born Aug. 2, 1859; died Feb. 10, 1938; married William Henry Lawson Johnston, Sept. 8, 1878. He was born Jan. 5, 1852, died Dec. 20, 1929; children 1-A- Ben E. Johnston, never married; 2-A- Anna E. Johnston, born Mar. 1, 1886, died July 14, 1908; 3-A- Magdeline Johnston; 4-A- Martha Ella Johnston, married Curtis Presley, and were the parents of Mary Martha Presley Merritt. Her address: 1518 Harper Road, Beckley, West Virginia. Martha Ella and Curtis Presley also had a son, Curtis Edward Presley of Mississippi and another daughter, Joan.

No. 11-A- Malissa Spikes, daughter of Jesse Spikes an Elizah Kersey Stone Spkes, born June 19, 1862, married Rufus C. Dalton, No record of any children.

CHILD NO. 3 JOHN WILLIAM SPIKES. He is, so listed, in Goodspeed's history, but listed only as William Spikes, Jr., in the census record; a son of William Spikes, Sr., and Elizabeth Biddle Spikes. If this information is correct it would be reasonable to assume if he was John William Spikes, Jr., then his father may also have been named John William Spikes. This may or may not help in tracing back generations.

John William Spikes, born 1823, died 1857. Married Elizabeth ?. Children No. 1-A- Martha Spikes, born 1842, nothing further is known of Martha; No. 2-A- Redman S. Spikes, born 1844. He disappeared and nothing further is known of him; No. 3-A- Coleman Spikes, born 1848, married a doctor's daughter in Missouri, had a family and left them and disappeared. Nothing further is known of him. No. 4-A- William Spikes, born 1849, died in the early 1920's, at age somewhere in his 70's, buried Nelson Cemetery, Randolph County, Ark., married first wife ? Brown, a daughter of Thomas Brown. They had one son, Sat Spikes, who died about the age of 15 or 16. After the death of his first wife, he married second wife, Mrs. Bub Walrond (Waldron) Davis. (SEE CORRECTIONS TO THE ABOVE AT BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE: CHILD NO. 3 JOHN WILLIAM (WILLIAM JR.) SPIKES, was born in North Carolina in 1813 not 1823 as stated. he married Elizabeth Stubblefield Dec. 8,1842.)

CHILD NO. 4 MARTHA SPIKES, daughter of William Spikes, Sr. and Elizabeth Biddle Spikes. Nothing further is known of Martha except she died at age 33. (SEE NOTE ON MARTHA SPIKES AT BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE.)

CHILD NO. 5 NANCY SPIKES, daughter of William Spikes, Sr. and Elizabeth Biddle Spikes, born 1810, North Carolina, married A. Tweedy, born 1806, Virginia; children all born in Ark.: No. 1-A John W. Tweedy, 18; No. 2-A Adlar Tweedy, 17; No. 3-A Joseph Tweedy, 14; No. 4-A Elizabeth Tweedy, 11; No. 5-A Thomas Tweedy, 8; No. 6-A Nancy W. Tweedy, 7; No. 7-A George W. Tweedy, 5; No. 8-A Martha Tweedy, 1 month. This family moved to Texas sometime after 1850 where Nancy died in that state about 1865 at age of 55. (SEE CORRECTIONS TO THE ABOVE AT BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE: CHILD NO. 5 NANCY SPIKES, born in North Carolina in 1810, married Arter Tweedy Feb. 17, 1831. Their eighth and youngest child, Martha Tweedy was
four months old, not one month old as stated [1850 census].)

William Spikes, Sr. married second wife, Malinda Masterson, from a family record of his granddaughter, Martha Asalah Spikes Johnston, reference Dalton's History of Randolph County. Goodspeed's history of Northeast Arkansas list Mary L. Masters as his third wife. There is no evidence he ever married a third time as the children listed are the same for both suppised marriages. This may have been one and the same person. Goodspeed's was taken principally or in part from the remembrance of older people living at the time it was published in the 1880's. The name Malinda was often called Linda and very easy to confuse Masters and Masterson. She is listed in the census record as Mary, she may have been Mary Malinda Masterson.

William Spikes Sr. and second wife Mary had the following children;

CHILD NO. 6 LYSANDER FLIN SPIKES, born 1840, died while serving in the Confederate army in the Civil War.

CHILD NO. 7 SAMUEL ERVIN SPIKES, born 1842, (Goodspeed lists him as born May 15, 1840), the previous date taken from census record. After serving in the Civil War, Samuel Ervin Spikes married Mary Frances Stone, born May 6, 1847, as previously mentioned was the daughter of Elizah kersey Stone Spikes and the step-daughter of Jesse Spikes. Thus, Samuel Ervin Spikes became the stepson-in-law of his half-brother, Jesse Spikes, Octavy (Octavo) Stone, born Dec. 10, 1849, a sister to Mary Frances Stone, married John F. Shaver, July 22, 1870.

Samuel Ervin Spikes and Mary Frances Stone Spikes, had the following children; 1A William R. Spikes married Jennie Lee Spikes, previously mentioned. 2A Samuel E. (Bunk) Spikes, married ? Hughes, a sister to Dr. Edd Hughes and Dr. Jack Hughes. 3A Mary Cassie Spikes, married ? Carter. 4A Martha J. Spikes, married Dr. Tom Johnson MD. 5A Fannie E. Spikes, married Jacob Foster, they had two daughters and a son, Reginal Foster. This family moved to California about 1917. 6A Robert A. Spikes, 7A Francis M. Spikes. I believe one of these last two (2) had to be the one known as Sank. 8A Eliza A. Spikes, born April 9, 1870, died Nov. 24, 1887.

CHILD NO. 8 ELIZABETH C. SPIKES married George W. Kersey, Jan. 17, 1867. She was born 1843.

CHILD NO. 9 MARY P. SPIKES, Married Madison Gallahin, May 26, 1867. She was born 1846.

John William Spikes Jr. and his father, William Spikes Sr., both died same week with pneumonia in 1857 in Randolph Co. Ark. William Spikes Sr. and second wife Mary, in addition to the Spikes children already listed, she was the mother of two daughters by a previous marriage to Mr. Alexander, Jan Alexander and Matilda Alexander, who also lived in the Spikes household. Jane Alexander married Peter Hurn Nov. 21, 1850. Matilda Alexander married Mathew Hurn Jan. 1, 1854. Here brothers married sisters and they were brother to James Hurn who married Nancy Spikes Dec. 29, 1853, a daughter of Joseph W. Spikes and Permelia Waddle Spikes. The latter marriage has already been mentioned.

From the Randolph county marriage record, Joseph Spikes to Leah C. Garrett Jan. 31, 1869. I have no idea who he could have been. Can anyone help me out? If so, please contact me. This may be an error, misread, miscopied, misprinted, misspelled. Example Peter H. Shaver married Lucinda J. Waddle. It appears in the marriage records as Peter H. Shaver to Lucinda J. Wallace, Nov. 23, 1851. A different name entirely. This I know to be an error. I know she was Lucinda J. Waddle.

The records indicate William Spikes Sr. moved from North Carolina to Tennessee with his first family in 1815 and came to what is now Randolph County Arkansas in 1820 from Middle Tenn. It appears not all the Spike families came to Arkansas at the same time. the John Wesley Spikes previously mentioned stated his father Jesse Spikes came to Arkansas in 1836.

There is a question as to the year of the death of Joseph W. Spikes who married Permelia Waddle. Both the L.D.S. archive record in Salt Lake City, Utah and Goodspeed's history state Joseph W. Spikes died in 1853, which I believe to be in error. The 1850 census list Permelia Spikes as head of the household and her husband not listed at all. Where was Joseph W. Spikes in 1850? This alone proves the error. My father Joe Tom Spikes said his father, Jacob Columbus Spikes, who was born in 1847, was only about two years old when his father, Joseph W. Spikes died. For these reasons I believe he died about 1849.

Documented by Orville G. Spikes, August 26, 1978.

Any corrections and further information will be greatly appreciated. Contact me, address 2402 Sims Ave. St. Louis Mo. 63114, Phone 428-8260. Long distance 1-314-428-8260.

This is the end of the article but I found also a correction with this article. It reads...

Dear Editor:
We enjoyed so much reading of you and your family's vacation in Europe this past summer. I'm sure you had a delightful time.

My cousins Rex and Azaleane (Jerry) Daniels Long, together with their daughter, Miss Pamela Long who has been a teacher in the Ritenour District her for several years, toured England, Scotland and Wales this past summer. Miss Pamela had gone to school in Londaon for two years some years back. They too, had a very enjoyable vacation while there.

My wife, Opal, has been very sick for most of the past three months. She is now slowly improving. At the present time she is in Okawville, Ill., taking thermal baths for two weeks for arthritis. I hope she will be alot better after taking them.

Thanks so very much, Editor, for printing the Spikes History in the Star Herald issue 10-19-1978. In my haste in getting this material together and typing it for the printer to have it in time for the Spikes reunion I hit the wrong key making two mistakes which I would like to correct at this time. This would seem minor at it was so long ago, but the ones who are researching several of whom I am in correspondence with, would catch it right away:

CHILD NO. 3 JOHN WILLIAM (WILLIAM JR.) SPIKES, was born in North Carolina in 1813 not 1823 as stated. he married Elizabeth Stubblefield Dec. 8,

CHILD NO. 5 NANCY SPIKES, born in North Carolina in 1810, married Arter Tweedy Feb. 17, 1831. Their eighth and youngest child, Martha Tweedy was
four months old, not one month old as stated (1850 census)

I've found since returning home that CHILD NO. 4 MARTHA SPIKES, was Martha E. Spikes, who married Watson D. Tweedy, probably a younger brother to Arter Tweedy who married her sister, Nancy Spikes, as both these Tweedys were born in Virginia and both families had sons, John W. Tweedy, but Nancy's son was about six years older that Martha's son. Martha's son was the one known in Arkansas. He was the grandfather of the late Daley Wells. Martha Spikes Tweedy was born in Tennessee in 1817 and died in 1843. She also had two other sons, Joseph W. Tweedy who died young and Robert A. Tweedy.

Sincerely, Orville G. Spikes

Contributed by Patric Riggs.

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