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In searching for the identities of persons in old photographs, sometimes it is helpful to first establish a time frame. Here are ten ways to help date old photographs:

1- Many studio photographs have the name and/or address of the studio printed on it. By using city directories, it is possible to find out when the studio was in business at that address.

2- Clothing or uniforms--here are some Web sites that feature some examples of period clothing.

3- Year and make of automobiles (also check license plates for year)

4- Arrangement in a photo album is many times chronological.

5- Look for correspondence that tells of vacations or trips, then match photos with trips and get dates from letters or postmarks.

6- Architecture and decor of houses may also provide clues.

7- Match with other photos that have dates on them. See if you can determine that the setting or person is the same as the setting or person in a photo that has a date on it.

8- Look for photos within a photo that may provide clues.

9- Furnishings--check with antique shops.

10- Types of photos--Below are some photo types and estimated years in which they were used.

  • Daguerrotypes - 1840s to 1860s
  • Ambrotypes 1850s to 1880s
  • Tintypes 1850s to 1920s
  • Pannotypes 1850s to 1860s
  • Calotypes 1830s to 1880s
  • Stereographs Civil War period
  • Lantern Slides
  • Albumen Prints 1850 to 1890

Other articles that may be helpful in identifying old photographs are:

More information can be found in "Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs," by Karen Frisch-Ripley and Unlocking Secrets in Old Photographs (Review by DearMYRTLE)

Thanks to Nan Wolf for submitting the above information to the Arrandol List. The author is unknown.

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