PSH Feb 19, 1998, IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, From the files of Feb 25, 1926
Tom Slayton seriously injured...preparing to make crops.
Young baby of the Widow Rush slightly burned...Mrs. Geo Turner & Mrs.Skinner are mentioned.

PSH Mar 26, 1998, IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of April 1, 1926
Delmer Massey of near Dalton, who was burned in a gasoline explosion.... visited the doctor... also injured J. B. Gullett.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. F. F. Sorg Tues night a fine nine-pound boy.
A charming nine-pound baby dau was born to Mr. & Mrs. P. E. Barnes at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Newt Davis of Noland last Friday.

Jewel FORRESTER, popular Pocahontas barber and Miss Betty Hyde, operator for Southwestern States Telephone Company, were seriously injured at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, when the automobile in which they were riding was in collision with a highway truck and a car driven by City Patrolman John Carmickle. The accident occured just south of the highway bridge here. Mr. Forrester and Miss Hyde, the only ones injured in the crash, were brought to Baltz Clinic where it was found that both had suffered severe head injuries and many bruises. Both were unconcious for a time. PSH 29 Dec 1949

PSH Feb 12, 1998; IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, files of Feb 18, 1926 Palestine Schoolhouse in Ingram, was destroyed Monday by fire. Files of March 6, 1908...Born to Dr. & Mrs. H.L. Throgmorton on last Saturday morning, a baby boy. Doc say the boy is OK, and is already hollering for "Taft for President.". There's also a nice article by Harmon Anderson Seawel called "Randolph County pioneer families kinship networks - a unique characteristic. I'll have to try to scan it and send it in sections. It's rather large, but mentions many settlers of RC in the 1800's.

PSH Feb 5, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Feb 5, 1950 The Randolph County Health Unit now reported case of diphtheria in the county; Virginia Hitchcock is the Public Health Nurse. HERE & THERE, by Ann B. Carroll-Article about friendship of Ann and Azalean Daniels Long, who were lifelong friends and graduated together from PHS in 1939. Azaleane b. Nov 7, 1922 at Manson; dau of Rufe & Martha Carroll Daniels. m. local deputh sheriff Rex. Long in early 1940's. She talked much of the history of the Palestine Church and Cemetery, listing early preachers names and family names buried out there. If anyone wants more info from this artlcle let me know. It's quite lengthy. Be sure to mention which issue from the Star Herald it was in.

PSH Jan 29, 1998 IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Feb 4, 1926 Will E. Tiner to run for Tax Assessor; J. A. White for Treasurer; W. H. Phipps for Probate Clerk; D. H. Holder for Circuit Clerk and Recorder. Mrs. Hattie King has been in St. Louis attending a Spring Fashion Show and refreshing her stock of merchandise.

PSH Jan 22, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Jan 26, 1950 Sheriff Carl C. Brown to run for Re-election; Oscar Prince to run for re-election as County Judge; Clay H. Cooper to run for County Clerk. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO,from files of Jan 28, 1926 Miss Mayme Waldron of Pocahontas visited Lorine School. The Waymon and McKinney brothers of Attica were reported champion rabbit hunters, having killed 41 rabbits in one day.



psh ISSUE DATE????? LOOKING BACK, from files of Aug 23, 1973 DEATHS, Mrs. Mary Blanche Barbee, 74, Pocahontas;Guy Randolph Martin, 57, Biggers;Clyde Henry, Pioneer, CA;Mrs. Maud Hill, 85, Pear Orchard.\par \par IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Aug 25, 1949\par DEATHS, Mrs. Mary Heitz Hoelscher, 81, Rt. 2; George Calvin England, 78,\par Walnut Ridge; Tommie Dean Richmond, 7-day-old son of M/M Earl Richmond of\par Near Maynard; infant son of M/M Leo Swinney of Rt. 1.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Aug 27, 1925\par C. T. Poteet from Reyno turned first bale of cotton for Randolph\par County...sold for 8 cents in the seed and a premium of 50 cents per hundred\par lbs.\par \par J.A. McCoy is moving his ice cream parlor and cold drink stand to the\par Lewallen bldg.\par \par _____}


PSH May 28, 1998 LOOKING BACK...24 YEARS AGO, from files of May 30, 1974\par DEATHS, OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST\par \par Family reunions planned: Hogue; Spencer; McIlroy; Turner; Kirk.\par \par Marie Parker of Maynard was recently honored with an 80th birthday party.\par \par _}

PSH June 4, 1998 {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl {\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 Courier New;}} \uc1\pard\ulnone\f0\fs20 LOOKING BACK, FROM FILES OF JUNE 6, 1974\pa IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, FROM FILES OF JUNE 10, 1926\par Miss Annie Hughes Dixon, dau of late H.B. Dixon was honor grad in class of\par 52 graduates of Greenwood, MS High School.\par Carter Price, young son of Dr. & Mrs. L.B. Price, injured when he fell from\par a 40-foot bluff at Ravenden Springs while on a camping trip.\par

PSH June 11, 1998 IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, FROM FILES OF JUNE 17, 1926\par There were 29,134 marriages in Arkansas in 1925 and 4,751 divorces. In\par Randolph County during 1925 there were 185 couples married and 21 divorces.\par An invitation was extended to the public to visit and inspect the new\par electric refrigerated soda fountain at the Palace Drug Store.\par \par _}

PSH June 25, 1998 IN THE LONG,LONG AGO\par FROM FILES OF JULY 1, 1926\par D. Lawrence Dalton and Lester Williams of Reece Ridge filled their appoints\par at Brakebill, Sunday.\par Mrs. Sylvia Morgan of Stokes was bitten by a poisonous snake while fishing\par on Friday.\par .\par John Tilley and family of Reece Ridge were in a car accident ...Mr. Tilley\par was thrown through the windshield; other members of family were shaken up\par quite a bit.\par \par _}

PSH June 18, 1998 {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl {\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 Courier New;}} \uc1\pard\ulnone\f0\fs20\par LOOKING BACK, 24 YEARS AGO\par FROM THE FILES OF JUNE 20, 1974\par \par Maynard 1945 Grads in Reunion - Class members present werre Lucille (Ingram)\par Avery, Crete Ill; Clara (Burgett) Ewing, Cedar Hill, MO; Mrs. Pat (Williams)\par Baker and Charles Toye, St. Louis, MO; Cleatus Stanfill, Caruthersville, MO;\par Buell Songer, DeSoto, MO; Lee Harvey, Dixon, MO;Lavon and Inell (Cook)\par Pease, Derl Jones, Clarence Jennings, Eugene Weisenbach, Bryn Ulmer, all of\par Maynard; Beverly (Jones) Sims, Freddie Acree and Dean Nash all of\par Pocahontas.\par \par N THE LONG, LONG AGO\par FROM FILES OF JUNE 24, 1926\par James Spikes went to Syracuse NY to play pro baseball - under contract with\par the St. Louis Cardinals.\par A band of gypsies, claiming to be Creek Indians, camped here Monday night\par but left suddenly Tuesday morning. About fifteen of their women raided the\par business houses Tuesday morning, telling fortunes, selling charms, etc.\par \par _}

PSH July 2, 1998 N THE LONG, LONG AGO, FROM FILES OF JULY 9, 1926\par George H. Steimel, merchant and postmaster of Running Lake for 6 years, was\par admitted to the state bar as a practicing attorney.\par A barn belonging to Will Brown near Eleven Point was burned Tuesday night.\par L. F. Blankenship, Star Herald boss who has been in Booneville for several\par weeks for the benefit of his health, arrived in Pocahontas Tuesday for a\par visit with homefolks.\par Ed Montgomery of Noland found a 25 grain, high button pearl which brought\par him the neat little sum of $175.\par Aunt Jane Wagner reported the arrival of a new daughter to Mr. and Mrs.\par Cornelius Persful on the 24th. She was named Althea.\par A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Palmer at Union.\par A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Williams of Union, Tuesday night.\par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Neal Dean of Sanders, a girl, June 24.\par }

PSH July 9, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, FROM THE FILES OF JULY 13, 1950\par A call for 20,000 Army draftees "at the earliest possible date" went out\par from the Defense Dept Monday.\par At a county-wide rural telephone meeting held at the courthouse, it was\par decided to conduct a county-wide survey to find the number of rural people\par in RC who are interested in telephone service.\par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, FROM THE FILES OF JULY 15, 1926\par H. C. Hollowell, Joe Barden, E. Pace and M.D. Bowers were delegates to the\par Republican State Convention in LR Tuesday.\par Shiloh Township was host to hundreds Friday when the county candidates\par opened their 27 day speaking campaigne.\par The Rev. J. E. Weibel, pastor of the Pocahontas Catholic Church many years\par ago, and who was spending his declining years in Switzerland, visited in\par Pocahontas Thursday.\par \par _}

PSH July 23, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of July 27, 1950\par Jerry Irving, son of M/M Russell Irving of near Dalton was stricken with\par polio - critical condition.\par Born to Dr. & Mrs. John R. Loftis, Jr, dau. Katherine Ann, July 21.\par Earl Rahm was grinding a piece of metal last week with an electric emery\par rock and the rock burst injuring both of his hands.\par Sgt. Rosey Wilson, stationed in England, was notified to return back to\par duty.\par Sular Burns suffered minor injuries last week when he fell while hauling\par logs for the Prater Sawmill.\par Dock Mosley suffered head injuries when a piece of timber fell on him while\par he was working on the new school house at Maynard, Friday.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of July 29, 1926\par A gar weighing 75 pounds was killed in Black River just below the free\par bridge Saturday. The monster was struck by a motor boat, almost capsizing\par the boat. Next day the body of the gar was found floating in the eddy near\par the old Sunshine mill.\par Born to Mr. & Mrs. Garfield Throgmorton of Ingram, a girl.\par Born on Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Finley, a girl.\par \par }

PSH July 30, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of August 3, 1950\par M/M Herman Harris of Maynard were notified Saturday that their son, Pfc. Bob\par Harris, 19, is missing in action in Korea.\par Watt Cooley, who said he is 59 years of age, and a former citizen of\par Missouri, is in Randolph County jail charged with possession of a still and\par having untaxed whiskey in his possession.\par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Aug 5, 1926\par BIRTHS: A boy to M/M Eugene Hall Aug 1; a 10 lb boy to M/M Hulie Webb of\par Lone Oak Thursday; baby boy to M/M Walter Bryant of Brockett on Fri; and a\par fine boy to M/M Ernest Wright at Middlebrook

PSH July 16, 1998 {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl {\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 Courier New;}} \uc1\pard\ulnone\f0\fs20\par LOOKING BACK\par 24 YEARS AGO, from files of July 18, 1974\par Preliminary figures released by the Census Bureau reveal that the present\par population of the City of Pocahontas stands at approximately 5,400. This\par represents a 19 percent increase since the 1970 census of 4,544. Randolph\par County's population in the 1970 Census was 12,645. The July 1, 1972 figure\par was 13,500 and on July 1, 1973 the population stood at 14,400. IN THE LONG AGO, from files of July 20, 1950\par Memorial services were conducted at the McNabb Funeral Chapel Sunday afternoon for Clay H. Henderson, American Vice Consul to Germany, whose death occurred in Frankfurt, Germany. Funeral services had been conducted in Frankfurt before the remains had been sent home. PSH July 20, 1950 (taken from In the Long Ago, July 16, 1998) IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of July 22, 1926\par M. D. Bowers of Pocahontas, Assistant U.S. District Attorney, with\par headquarters in Little Rock, was nominated by the Republican state\par convention last Thursday as their candidate for Governor of Arkansas.\par E. Newton Ellis, candidate for county judge, had his car stolen at Ravenden\par Springs

PSH Aug 6, 1998IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Aug 10, 1974 (should be 1950???)\par Pfc. Bob Harris, son of M/M Herman Harris of near Maynard is recovering from\par wounds received in action in Korea in a hospital in Japan. Was earlier\par reported as MIA.\par C. H. Redwine was painfully burned Friday night when his mattress caught\par fire when he fell asleep while smoking.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Aug 12, 1926\par G. N. Peck, aged 54, ticket agent for the Frisco Railroad at Imboden for 25\par years and a pioneer resident of Imboden, was drowned while swimming in\par Spring River.\par Martin and Patrick Jansen purchased the stock and fixtures of the Randolph\par Motor Co., local Chevrolet dealers, located in the Turner building.\par

PSH Mar 12, 1998 IN THE LONAGO, from files of March 16, 1950\par The Star Herald announced William "Dub" Cagle of Demun Twp as a candidate\par for tax assessor IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of March 18, 1926\par Frank Goodson and Mrs. Joe Alphin, of 3 miles west of Attica, were en route\par to Maynard in a wagon, droove into a swollen stream, and the team got behind\par its depth and the wagon became uncoupled and sank. The team swam across to\par the opposite side while Mr. Goodson and Mrs. Alphin were left stranded in\par several feet of swirling water which threatened to carry them from the\par wagon. A son of Almus Rose threw a rope to the couple and they were towed\par to the shore.\par Mr. and Mrs. Mack Riggs of Sutton are the proud parents of a baby girl.\par Born to M/M Crawford Hamm at Middlebrook Sunday morning, a fine baby boy.\par M/M Tom Warner of Pettit are the proud parents of a big baby girl.\par \par }

PSH Mar 19, 1998 {\rtf1\ansi\deff0{\fonttbl {\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 Courier New;}} \uc1\pard\lang1033\ulnone\f0\fs20\par LOOKING BACK\par 24 YEARS AGO, from files of March 21, 1974\par Pocahontas High School, M.D. (Doc) Williams, announces retirement plans\par after 42 years in the teaching profession, 15 of which being spent as\par Principal. His wife, Mrs. Ocena Williams is presently Pocahontas High\par School Librarian.\par IN THE LONG AGO, from files of March 23, 1950\par Walter W. Jackson of Demun Twp. announces his candidacy for General Assembly\par from Randolph County.\par M/M Harris Choate announce the opening of their new Ben Franklin Store in\par Pocahontas.\par Joe Alphin is reported to be very ill with flu and pneumonia at his home at\par Attica.IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of March 25, 1926\par Ray Sallee, who had been in St. Louis, drove home in a new Studebaker Big 6\par Sedan. He was accompanied home by M/M Lydle Smith who had been visiting in\par St. Louis.\par Born to M/M Ed Kincade of Carter, a baby girl.\par Born to M/M Gus Vandergriff of Midway, a big baby boy.\par Born to M/M Harold Vester of Supply, a baby girl.\par Born to M/M Thero Johnson of Shannon, a baby boy.\par }

Pocahontas Star Herald, August 13, 1998IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Aug 17, 1950\par Mrs. C. O. Ingram of Pocahontas has received word that her nephew, Sgt.\par Darrell Duff, of the 19th Infantry Regt, has been MIA in Korea since July\par 16. He spent his childhood in Randolph County and is a son of M/M Welbert\par Duff, former residents of the Maynard-Supply area.\par \par N THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Aug 19, 1926\par Maurice Gill, a youth living near the Old River Clubhouse, made a thrilling\par rescue Sunday afternoon when a companion, Robert Lewis, was siezed with\par cramps while swimming in about midstream in Black River.\par \par Born to M/M Joe Blankenship at a Hot Springs Hospital Tuesday, a girl.\par \par A game of baseball between Noland and Pocahontas, played at Noland, resulted\par in a victory for Noland 5-4.\par \par }

Pocahontas Star Herald, August 20, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Aug 24, 1950\par M/M Palmer Tyler of Reyno have received notification that their son, Pfc.\par Charley Ray Tyler, age 19, has been missing in action in Korea since July\par 20.\par \par M/M Troy Redus announce the birth of a son on Aug 22, at the Smith Clinic\par here. The baby was named Donnie Stanley.\par \par M/M James D. Marlett announce the birth of a dau on Aug 21 at the DeClerk\par Clinic here. The baby was named Judith Ann.\par \par M/M Carroll Powell announce the birth of a baby dau, born Aug 19 in Memphis\par hospital. -- Biggers news\par \par Pfc. Jimmie Brooks, who is stationed in Florida, has returned to his base\par after a visit with his parents, M/M Aaron Brooks. --Maynard News.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Aug 26, 1926\par Ex-soldiers, sailors and Marines of Randolph County are anticipating a big\par time when on Saturday night they would meet at Birdell for one of the\par biggest "blow outs" since the war. It was announced that each man was\par expected to bring his own chow and blankets; that it would be strictly a\par stag party and if the weather was fair, the night would be spent on the\par banks of Eleven Point River.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, AUGUST 27, 1998 IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Sept. 2, 1926\par A new county free bridge over Eleven Point River near Eleven Point Post\par Office was to be opened for traffic on Tuesday, September 7.\par On Tuesday morning, August 31, the Rt. Rev. Bishop John B. Morris, D.D.,\par officiated at the Golden Jubilee Mass at St. Paul's Church here\par commemorating the fifty years of priesthood of the Rt. Rev. Monsignor John\par Eugene Weibel.\par Misses Pearl and Orlean Stubblefield visited with friends in Ravenden\par Springs.\par M/M Will Keech of Carter announce the arrival of a fine baby girl.\par \par }

September 3, 1998\par LOOKING BACK - News From the Past\par 24 YEARS AGO - from files of Sept. 5, 1974\par \par 50-Year Mason Honored - Four members of the Order of Free and Accepted\par Masonry were presented with pins designating a half-century of membership in\par the local Lodge in Masonic Hall in E. Pocahontas last Thursday evening.\par Honored at the service were Guy Amos of Pocahontas, Harry L. McDonald of\par Memphis, Joseph N. Martin of Jonesboro, and Everett Bates of Pocahontas.\par \paIN THE LONG AGO - from files of Sept. 7, 1950\par Nine persons from Pocahontas, riding in a 1931 Ford coupe, were injured, two\par critically, when the vehicle was struck by a Cotton Belt train at a grade\par crossing at Campbell, MO, Tuesday night. All were taken to a Kennett, MO,\par hospital and were identified as Estel J. Chamberlain, his wife, Lorene, and\par three children; Mrs. Chamberlain's sister and three other children of\par another sister.\par Cotton, at 40 cents a pound became a reality yesterday - along with rising\par prices for things you buy, things you sell and the wages you earn (or pay).\par Roy Lane is selling his watermelons for 15 cents each - Old Reyno News.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO - from files of Sept 9, 1926\par The laying of the cornerstone of the new Methodist Church in Pocahontas was\par attended with much reverent ceremony...\par The fashion show sponsored by King's Famous Cash Store and given under the\par auspices of the Pocahontas School Improvement Association was a huge\par success.\par Jim Shivley marketed the first load of hill cotton from the 1926 crop in\par Randolph County Friday. He sold the load, 1695 pounds, to the Bickley gin\par and received six cents, with a one cent premium for having the first load.\par The Schnabaum gin here also bought a load the same day from Dr. Brown's farm\par in the bottoms. The like price and premium was paid by Mr. Schnabaum.\par Lawrence Dalton of Reece Ridge went to Reyno, where he accepted a position\par with Shaver Mercantile Company.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, September 10, 1998\par LOOKING BACK - News From the Past\par 24 YEARS AGO - from files of Sept. 12, 1974\par The U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, reported this week that a\par special Census conducted recently by the City of Pocahontas placed the\par official population of the city at 5,448 persons. This figure represents a\par gain of over 904 over a less than 4-year period, since the 1970 Census, when\par the official population total stood at 4,544.\par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO - from the files of Sept. 16, 1926\par The two Standard Oil Co. service stations in Pocahontas were leased to Rufe\par Waldron and Hiram Brown.\par Dalton News Item: Perry Kirkpatrick traded for a Chevrolet car recently but\par about the only place it will run very well is between his house and that of\par Leo Mitchener.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, September 17, 1998\parIN THE LONG AGO, from files of Sept. 21, 1950\par N. P. Simmons is improving slowly. He was thrown from a wagon load of\par cotton last fall when the team ran away at a gin here. (Reyno News).\par \par In a business meeting of Meeks-Johnston Post No. 6, American Legion of\par Pocahontas, Wade James, veteran of WWII was named to serve as commander for\par the ensuing year.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, September 24, 1998\LOOKING BACK - News From the Past\par In The Long Ago, from files of Sept. 28, 1950\par M/M E.T. McClain of near Maynard, have been notified that their son, Cpt.\par William J. McClain, was wounded in the Korean fighting on August 31.\par \par In The Long, Long Ago, from files of Sept. 31, 1926\par The third annual exhibition of the Randolph County Fair Association opened\par today for a three-day season.\par Joseph H. Barden, cotton statistician for Randolph County, reportedthat 327\par bales were ginned in the county prior to Sept. 16, 1926, as compared to 411\par bales ginned to Sept. 16, 1925.\pa

Looking Backward ( From our files of Dec. 29,1949)\par \par The Silver Grill, one of the most popular eating places in Pocahontas, was damaged considerably by a fire which originated in the kitchen\par Sunday night about 8 o'clock. The place had been closed for Christmas\par Day but the cook had come in during the evening to prepare for a special\par dinner for Monday. Marvin Lewis, proprietor of the Silver Grill, plans\par to reopen just as soon as repairs can be made.\par \par Mrs. Al Koubek and baby daughter were brought to their home here Monday\par from the Jonesboro Hospital where the baby was born Saturday ---MCNABB\par AMBULANCE TRIPS.\par \par Mr and Mrs. Clarence Allen of Granite City, Illinois announce the\par marriage of their daughter, Mary Ann to Doyle Athy, son of Mr. and Mrs.\par H.E. Athy of Maynard. The wedding took place in Festus, Mo., on Friday,\par December 23.\par \par A happy family reunion, Christmas dinner and a Christmas tree were\par enjoyed by the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley James of Ravenden Springs\par at the home of their daughter, Mrs. G.C. Coleman of Pocahontas on\par Christmas Day. Only one member of the family, Cpl. Jack V. James was\par unable to be present.\par \par A Christmas dinner was given at the home of J.E. Davis of the Washington\par community on Christmas day. Mrs. Davis has been ill since April and all\par members of the family were present for the occasion.\par \par Darrell L. Foster, a son of Z.T. Foster of Delaplaine, has been\par recently promoted from the grade of private first class to corporal\par while serving a tour of duty with the United States Air Force in the\par Phillipines, it was announced by the Public Information Office of\par Headquarters. A graduate of Delaplaine High School, Corporal Foster\par entered active service in June 1948 at Little Rock and departed for\par assignment overseas the following October.\par \par Eddie Leon Halford was honored December 20 with a party at the home of\par his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Halford of Reyno, on the occasion of\par his 6th birthday.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Hoggard, a 7 1/2 - lb. daughter at the Smith\par Clinic on December 21.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lewis, a 7 lb. daughter at the Baltz Clinic\par Wednesday.\par \par Pfc. Quinton Leathers, Jr., who is stationed at Keesler Air Force Base,\par Miss., is spending the holidays with his homefolks here.\par \par Deloss Walker has joined Clarence Hidelburg's Quartet. He will sing\par bass - O'KEAN NEWS\par \par IN THE LONG AGO (by Miss Anna Kolley) - from our files of December\par 31,1925\par Five small dwelling houses near the Catholic Church here, in the block\par known as the Meier row, were destroyed by fire Sunday night. The blaze\par was said to have originated in the house occupied by Floyd Gibson. Four\par of the houses were owned and one occupied by Andy Blissenbach, who was\par ill at the time in a Little Rock hospital. The other house was owned\par and occupied by Miss Mollie Smith.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barre on Tuesday, December 29, a girl\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davidson of Union a ten pound girl.\par \par Married - Clovis Cagle and Miss Birdie Reynolds of Skaggs.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, October 1, 1998IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Oct 5, 1950\par The local Draft Board announces that on Sept 29, there were nine registrants delivered to the Induction Station for induction onto the Armed Services. They were: Joe W. Snodgrass Jr., Pocahontas; Dowell Million, Pocahontas; Charles Wiles, Imboden; William F. Beaver, Imboden; John c. Wantland and Clarence M. Parker, Biggers; Virgil L. Reynolds, Dalton; Charles R. Goodwin, Maynard; Oliver Kerfoot Jr., Pocahontas, who was transferred from Stillwater, Okla., to this local board for induction. Billy J. Morris, O'Kean, a registrant of the local board, who has been recalled to active duty in the USAF Reserve, accompanied the above group to Little Rock.\par \par Cpl. Joseph E. Marlett of Warm Springs was recently awarded the Army Bronze Star medal for heroic action in connection with military operations in Korea.\par \par Paul V. Hepler, seaman recruit, U.S. Navy, of Rt. 2, Ravenden, is undergoing recruit training at the world's largest Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Weatherford, a dau named Virginia Ruth, at the Smith Clinic here, Sept. 30.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Hueitt of Rt. 1, a son named Charles Duane at the Smith Clinic here Sept. 25.\par \par Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tribble of Biggers are the parents of a daughter born at the Smith Clinic here Sept. 29.\par \par Miss Joann Fielden, dau of Mr. and W. H. Fielden of Birdell, was honor guest Saturday night, Sept. 30, when 40 friends and relatives gathered at her home to surprise her with a party, the occasion of her 16th birthday.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Oct. 7, 1926\par Mr. and Mrs. Evans Bennett were the proud parents of a baby girl, born Saturday.\par \par Twin babies arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Oglesby at Noland, Sunday.\par \par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Haynes of Sanders, a girl, Sept. 29.\par \par Mr. and Mrs. R.B. McLaughlin and family of Imboden were in Pocahontas to attend the Randolph County Fair.\par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, October 8, 1998\par OBITUARIES\par \par IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Oct. 12, 1950\par In a recount of votes which were cast in the local option election in Randolph County last May 11, it was found that the dry forces were in a majority of 40 votes and his count was declared valid by Judge John L. Bledsoe here last Friday.\par \par Uncle J. B. Kellett recently celebrated his 89th birthday. Several friends and relatives visited his home during the day. -- From Ravenden Springs news.\par \par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Oct. 14, 1926\par \par John Moss had an exhibition at the Randolph County Fair, a Bible that had been in use 113 years. It was printed in 1813.\par \par \par \par \par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD, October 15, 1998\par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Oct. 21, 1926\par Three sons of Wesley James of near Skaggs made an enviable record picking cotton. The boys, Elmer, aged 22, John, aged 15, and Remmel, aged 10, picked 1,898 pounds in two days, the first day in cotton of second picking. In the two days Johnnie picked 704 pounds, Remmel picked 636 pounds and Elmer 528 pounds.\par An auto containing several young men left the road and overturned down the bridge dump across the river from Pocahontas. Irving Jackson, one of the occupants, was badly injured, receiving several fractures and abrasions.\par Homer Cude of Old Jackson was seriously ill with typhoid fever.\par \par \par }

Pocahontas Star Herald, October 22, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, (from files of Oct. 26, 1950)\par Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Kellett of near Ravenden Springs have been named winners of a contest conducted by the State Forestry Department to determine the living Arkansas couple which had been married the most years. Mr. and Mrs. Kellett will celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary next January 5. Mr. Kellett is 90 years of age and declared that he has "had a lot of fun" in his lifetime. His wife is 89. They have resided within five miles of their present farm home all of their lives and have lived in the same house 48 years.\par Mrs. Anne Martin was taken from her home to Randolph County Memorial Hospital here Monday. She was the first patient to be received at the new hospital.\par Billy Joe Swan, son of Mrs. Howard Swan, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant at Camp Barksdale, Shreveport, LA. Pvt. Weldon Harper, 20, son of T.M. Harper of Maynard has completed his AF basic airmen indoctrination course at Lackland Air Force Base, situated near San Antonio, TX.\par Star Herald Ad: Randolph County Hospital - Open for Patients - Room Rates: The following rates cover room, board and general nursing care; 2-bed ward - $6.00 per day; private rooms - $8.00 per day.\par \par IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, (date not given, probably Oct. 28, 1926)\par R.E. Sallee and J.O. Sallee, owners of Sallee Bros. handle plants in Pocahontas and McDougal, and Sallee Bros. tomato canning factory and ice plant here, made a deal in which ownership to all the above named property was transferred to R.E. Sallee.\par Born to Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Peters, Thursday, a fine girl, named Elizabeth Ann.\par Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Holder, Tuesday morning, a ten-pound girl, named Melba Jane.\par }

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD October 29, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO (from files of Nov 2, 1950)
One of the most disastrous fires to occur in Pocahontas in recent years almost completely destroyed the Best & Higginbotham Funeral Home here early Saturday morning, entailing an estimated $50,000 loss. - E.J. Burrow and Durell Thompson happened to the misfortune of sustaining broken arms last week. ---Sutton News. - IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, (from files of Nov. 4, 1926) J. M. Haltom purchased from Henry Kiefer, the City Cafe. - Eli Abbott was appointed manager of the Pierce Oil Service Station. - Lem, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Bundren was seriously injured when he and two other children were playing at the Phoenix Gin in Reyno. - Coach Edwards took his football team to Tuckerman and won a game from Tuckerman Hi by a margin of one point, 7-6.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD NOVEMBER 5, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Nov. 9, 1950, Pvt. Pedro Crismon was given a short furlough from the Army this week to be with his wife and young son, Stephen Martin, who was born Sunday in a Memphis hospital. - Karl D. Luter of Biggers has been assigned to the famed 5th Armored "Victory" Division for basic training at Camp Chaffee, AR. - M/M James Barrentine were on their way to Pocahontas Saturday when their horse became frightened and ran away throwing her from the wagon and breaking one of her ankles. She is now in a Little Rock hospital. - Arkansas voters turned in a smashing vote Tuesday against prohibition. They also outlawed the state's traditional open range for livestock and resoundingly rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to provide four-year terms for elective officials. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Nov. 11, 1926 - Mr. and Mrs. Till Shaver of Spring Hill are the parents of a new baby girl. - Coach Rainwater brought his Walnut Ridge High School "Bobcats" to Pocahontas and took a game from the Poca. Hi eleven by a score of 7-0.

November 12, 1998 Pocahontas Star Herald IN THE LONG AGO, (from files of Nov. 16, 1950) Mr. and Mrs. Wade James announce this week that they are opening a new furniture store to be called the Furniture Mart. - Lt. Freeda L. James, WMSC, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Fred James of Route 1, has completed successfully one year's training in physical therapy offered by the US Army Medical Service, and has been assigned to Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco. - The Army Nurse Corps announced today the promotion to Captain of Lt. Margaret Graham of Biggers. Capt. Graham is presently serving at the Army Hospital, Camp Polk, LA. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, (from files of Nov. 18, 1926) County Agent E. A. Kerr announced his resignation, effective December 1. Mr. Kerr went to Tennessee as County Agent. - Two baby girls made their arrival in Biggers, one at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Farrow and the other at Buel Courter's. - Little Juanita Cox of Reyno won the football that was given away by Harry Sparkman. Juanita guessed nearest the number of beans in a glass. The number was 494. Juanita's guess was 493.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD NOVEMBER 19, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, (from files of Nov. 23, 1950) The local draft board announced that the following five Randolph County men left Monday for induction into military service: Patrick J. Jansen of Pocahontas; Willard R. Winebaugh of Dalton Route; Earnit C. Nipps, Lige Crawford and Darrell R. Bruton all of Route One, Pocahontas. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, (from files of Nov. 25, 1926) Uncle Joe Scott of Noland transacted a business in Pocahontas. - "Free! 25 lb. stick of candy. See our window, Johnston's."

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD NOVEMBER 26, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Nov. 30, 1950 - Six persons were admitted to the hospital Monday night after they had suffered injuries in an automobile collision between Pocahontas and Reyno. Injured wre Miss Theresa A. Smith of Biggers and Levann Cherry of Reyno and four people from St. Louis. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 2, 1926 Damage estimated at $40,000 was caused by fire which destroyed the Pitzele gin and store in Manson. - A barn on the John J. Baltz farm was destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning Thursday night. - Mr. John Linn and Mrs. Renie Meredith of Warm Springs were married at the home of the Rev. D. N. King at Dalton. The groom was past 80 years of age and his bride was 60. - A baby boy was born to M/M. Ben Lentz at Middlebrook Saturday morning. - Born to M/M Harry Sparkman of Reyno, a baby girl.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD DECEMBER 3, 1998 - IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 7, 1950 - Mrs. Byrd reports that her son is trapped in Korea - Maynard news. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 9, 1926 - Mrs. Elsie Harte opened a term of school at Shiloh. - A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hanner of Ravenden Springs.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD December 10, 1998 LOOKING BACK, News from the Past 24 Years Ago, from our files of Dec. 12, 1974 - A Randolph County couple has pointed out to the Star Herald that Sherman Kerley, 80, WWI veteran and bachelor farmer, needs a wagon. Mr. Kerley has farmed all his life and puts in his crops each year with a team. Also he goes to town at Supply when necessary, via a woods road and till now, always with his team and wagon. The last time Sherman went to town he forded a stream and the fifth wheel caught on the stream bank and broke. Obtaining parts for a wagon in modern times is difficult and Kerley doesn't know what to do. Mr. Kerley's friends state that he would prefer a wagon with rubber tires because the iron tires are too rough for him to ride anymore. The Ozark bachelor said if he finds another wagon for his team he will "pay a price that is fair." - IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Dec, 14, 1950) Bill McClain, who was wounded Nov. 30 in Korea has been returned to the states and is now in California. This is the second time he had been wounded in Korea. - Supply News. - Sanford Williams recently suffered a badly burned face when his carbide light exploded while hunting. - Maynard News. Ryburn Rapert, who has been in the Air Force in Alaska for the past year, is home on furlough. He and Miss Vida May Vester were married Sunday in Pocahontas by the Rev. Harry Hunt. - Attica News - IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 16, 1926 - Mrs. Virginia Henderson, Mrs. Eli Abbott and Mrs. Rector Johnston were shopping in Memphis and while there, Mrs. Johnston, a vocalist of note, broadcast a solo over WMC, the Commercial Appeal Station. - The Noland corresondent reported the stork had made a visit to the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Shivley. - A girl was born on Dec. 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bailey at Warm Springs. - Mr. and Mrs. Sam English of Bethany are the proud parents of a find girl born Nov. 28.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD December 17, 1998 LOOKING BACK, News from the Past, by Jack Wilson 24 YEARS AGO, from files of Dec. 19, 1974 MEN IN SERVICE Marine Pfc. Ronnie W. Walker, son of Mrs. Pauline L. Walker, Rt. 1, Pocahontas, graduated from recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA. Coast Guard Seaman Apprentice Timothy Street, son of Mrs. Eathel Street of Pocahontas, graduated from recruit training at the Coast Guard Training Center, Alameda, CA Navy Airman Terry V. Swift, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Swift of Ravenden, graduated from recruit training at the Naval training Center, Orlando, FL. IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 21, 1950, Linda Sue Harris, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Harris, got two of her fingers cut off last week. She was rushed to the Scott Clinic and later taken to Randolph County Hospital where the wounds were treated. - Stokes News. - Pvt. Bob Harris is home on leave. Pvt. Harris was wounded in Korea last summer . - District 55 News. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 23, 1926 School opened Nov. 29 at Lesterville School with H.B. Tyler and Mrs. Lester Childs as teachers. - Two ranges were given away during a sale at Bickley's Store. Martha Moody won a large range and Mrs. W.C. Adams was the winner of a small range.

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD DECEMBER 24, 1998 LOOKING BACK - News from the Past, by Jack Wilson 24 Years Ago, from files of Dec. 26, 1974 Willard Upshaw of Pocahontas is retiring after 35 years with the US Postal Service. He had served the past 22 years as rural route carrier on Rt. 1, Pocahontas, having served under 3 postmasters, the late Myrt Walrond, and also J.M. Dunn and the present postmaster, Ed Bolton. IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Dec. 28, 1950 The home of M/M Jerry Burrow was damaged by fire about 5:00 Tuesday morning while the couple was gone to San Antonio, TX for the holidays. The flames were confined to a room in a vacant apartment in the home and were extinguished in quick time by the fire department. - M/M G.A. Roberts of Maynard announce the engagement of their daughter, Wanda Ann, to Lynn Ewing, son of M/M C.W. Ewing, also of Maynard. - Miss Elizabeth Heckel, dau of M/M M.B. Heckel of Riverside, CA, and William J. Wyllie were married at St. Francis Catholic de Sales Catholic Church in Riverside, Nov. 23. M/M Wyllie are now residing in their new home in Pocahontas. - Pvt. Everett Singley, who is stationed at Camp Chaffee, spent the holiday season here with his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Singley. - Pfc. Leo Bergman of Fort Bliss, TX, spent the holidays here with his family and was accompanied back by Mrs. Bergman and their dau, Leona, who will remain near him until he is transferred to another post. - Lt. A.J. Baltz Jr., Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX, is spending a 15-day leave here with his parents, M/M A.J. Baltz and family. - Sgt. Billy J. Swann, who is stationed at Barksdale Field, LA, spent the weekend and Christmas here with his mother and sisters, Mrs. Howard Swann, Patsy and Peggy. - Lt. Freda James of San Francisco, CA, is spending the holidays with her parents, M/M Fred R. James of Route One, Pocahontas. - Oliver Kerfoot Jr., who is serving with the U.S. Medical Corps had been transferred from South Carolina to Fort Sam Houston, TX. - M/M Dean Sallee have purchased the Dr. W.O. Loftis home on Pyburn Street and have moved there to make their home. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas DeClerk and children, who had been residing in the Loftis home have moved into their new ranch-type home in the Baltz Addition. - Dewayne Luter and Zeldon Rapert of Camp Chaffee were at home for the holidays. - Biggers News. - Announce: A new service for Pocahontas - Mr. Roland Morris takes pleasure in making available to the good people of Pocahontas the services of the Delta Loan and Finance Company in their new office at 106 Bettis St. (Star Herald Ad).(THERE WAS NO "IN THE LONG, LONG AGO" SECTION IN THIS EDITION OF THE PAPER.)

POCAHONTAS STAR HERALD DECEMBER 31, 1998 IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Jan 4, 1951 James L. Crismon, son of M/M W.T. Crismon of Pocahontas, wrote to his parents from Korea on Dec. 19, reporting to them that he had escaped from a trap in North Korea by way of Hungnam. Jimmy is with the First Marine Division and is a veteran of WWII. - Randolph County's new Extension agent, John B. Ferguson, assumed his new duties here Monday. - New officers of Randolph County took oaths of office at the courthouse Monday. They are: Guy Amos, county judge; Rex Harper, sheriff and collector; Claud Mock, circuit clerk; Clay Cooper, county clerk; Virgil Pace, county treasurer; and Clifford Massey, tax assessor. IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Jan 27, 1927 Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fay Sallee on Thursday, Dec. 30, a boy. - The newly-elected county officers were inducted into office on Jan 1. They were: Joe Perry Spikes, sheriff and collector; Rufus K. Baker, county and probate clerk; Joe Snodgrass, circuit clerk and recorder; Cecil Eaton, surveyor. E. Dalton, representative and George M. Booth, prosecuting attorney, wre to enter upon their duties later in the month.


24 Years ago....\par Deaths J.M. (Mac) Bigger, 97, Randolph Home, Pocahontas; John Glen Pickett,\par 49 of N. Star Route, Imboden; Miss Edna Throgmorton, 86, West Frankfort, IL;\par Lee Edward Jarrett, 64 of Pocahontas.\par \par From the May 25, 1950 files, Gus L. Lynch, aged 77, died. Mrs. Mulhollen,\par aged 70, died; services held for Mrs. Delcie Weatherford of Pocahontas, who\par died early Tues at Trumann; Essie Johnson, aged 58, well-known colored\par woman, died; John David, the small son of M/M Bob Richardson of Reyno was\par seriously injured.\par }

PSH Apr 25 1974 (taken from Looking Back-24 Years Ago, PSH Apr 23, 1998)


JANUARY 7, 1999


Bernard Joseph (B.J.) Thielemier, 82, of Pocahontas, died Jan 3, 1999 at
Randolph Home. He was born Aug. 2, 1916 in Pocahontas, a son of the late
Ben and Katherine (Katie) Baltz Thielemier. He is survived by his wife,
Eunice Bolin Thielemier of the home. He was buried in St. Paul Cemetery,
under the direction of McNabbs Funeral Home.

GRACE ELLEN PARTEN, 94, of Pocahontas, died Dec. 31, 1998, at Randolph Home.
She was born April 8, 1904 in Randolph County, a dau of the late Jimmy
Edward and Vesta (Songer) Pickett. Her husband, Thomas A. Parten also
preceded her in death. She is buried in Randolph Memorial Gardens, with
McNabb Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

ERNEST LEVI TYLER, 70, of Pocahontas, died Jan 2, 1999, at his home. He is
survived by his wife, Marie Shelton Tyler and is buried in Randolph Memorial
Gardens. A VFW Honor Guard conducted a graveside military servide.

DARRELL FLOYD VERKLER, 63, of Pilot Knot, MO, died Jan 1, 1999. He was born
Dec. 11, 1935 at Black Rock, a son of Rheita Johnson of Pocahontas and the
late Waple T. Verkler. He is buried at Oak Forrest Cemetery.

ERNEST McCARROLL, 80, of Pocahontas, died Jan 1, 1999, at his home. He was
an Army veteran of WWII. He is survived by his wife, Mamie McCarroll. He
is buried in Hardin Cemetery. A VFW Honor Guard was conducted at a
graveside military service.

LILLIAN EDWINA NELSON, 66, of Pocahontas, died Dec. 31, 1998, at Methodist
Hospital Center, Memphis, TN. Born Jan 1, 1932, at Reyno, she was a dau of
the late William Pete and Myrtle Irene (Jones) Nelson. She is survived by
her husband, Al Ellison, of St. Louis, MO. She is buried at Nelson Cemetery
near Reyno.

MONT E. FOWLER, 89, of Maynard, died Dec. 30, 1998. He was born Dec. 11,
1909, at Supply, a son of the late Demps and Myrtle Cox Fowler. He is
survived by his wife, Maxine Fowler. He is buried in Ingram Cemetery with
Cox-Waymon Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

JANIE MELISSA KIGER, 95, of Walnut Ridge, formerly of Pocahontas, died Jan
2, 1999, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. She was born Dec. 1, 1903, in
Imboden, a dau of the late Andrew and Josie (Wilburn) Hollans. She married
Harry Kiger in 1937 at Imboden, who preceded her in death. She is buried in
Masonic Cemetery in Pocahontas.

WILLIAM THOMAS SWINDLE, 76, of Bono, a former resident of Pocahontas, died
Dec. 30, 1998, at St. Bernard' Regional Medical Center, Jonesboro. Born May
9, 1922, at Penfield, IL, he was a son of the late Thurman and Ethel
(Linsay) Swindle. He was also preceded in death by his wife, Jessie Pratt

ESTA IRENE MANN, 57, of Reyno, died Dec. 31, 1998, at Randolph County
Medical Center. She was born Jan 20, 1941, at Maynard, a dau of the late
John and Thelma Creason Risenhoover. She is buried in Johnston Cemetery
near Reyno.

BILLY J. RAGAN, 66, of Rockford, IL, died Dec. 18, 1998, in his home after a
long illness. Born Jan 26, 1932, at Noland, he was a son of the late Jack
and Dovie (Clay) Ragan. He had been a resident of Rockford since 1950. He
is survived by his wife, Joan Clark Ragan, whom he married in Pocahontas in
1952. Interment was in Chesser Cemetery near Noland.

BERTHA MAY FLIPPIN, 85, of Heber Springs, died Jan 3, 1999. Born Mar. 23,
1913, at Salem, she was a dau of the late John Thomas and Ozella Talley
Nokes. She was survived by her husband, H. D. Flippin and is buried in
White County Memorial Gardens, near Searcy.

BUFORD CLAUDE, 84, of Imboden, died Jan 3, 1999 at the Randolph County
Nursing Home in Pocahontas. He was born June 1, 1914, in Ravenden Springs,
the sone of the late Hulda J. Claude. He is survived by his wife, Bonneil
Claude of Imboden. He is buried in Janes Cemetery at Ravenden Springs.

LOOKING BACK - News from the Past, by Jack Wilson

24 YEARS AGO, from files of Jan 9, 1975
David Pringle Fender, 76 of Newport, died Monday in a hospital there. Mr.
Fender and his siter, Mrs. J.W. (Dora) Case, were found unconscious by a
grandson of Mrs. Case in her home in Pocahontas on Dec. 30. Mrs. Case has
since recovered, but had not been released from the local hospital as the
Star Herald went to press. Funeral services for Mr. Fender were held
Tuesday in Newport.

James Adrian Spinks, 25-year-old resident of Rt. 1, Knobel, lost his life in
a one-vehicle accident Dec. 22. Spinks was driving a 1969 Rambler on Hwy.
135 when he apparently lost control of the vehicle on the curve near
Newsom's Salvage Yard.

DEATHS, Cornelious "Red" Berry, Pocahontas; William Clarence Whittenburg,
74, Warm Springs; Mrs. Maggie Mary Pankey, 82, Pocahontas; Morton Beegle,
68, Florissant, MO; Everett McKinley Isaacs, 77, Rt. 1, Pocahontas; Williamm
Arthur Baker, 87, Denver, Colo; Jessie Tompkin Hyde, 88, Myrtle, MO; John
Henry McFatridge, 63, Pocahontas; Mrs. Ora Wilma Pace, 86, Pocahontas; Oran
L. Lindsey, 68, Mineral Wells, TX; Rex Kenneth Hipp, 54, Kennett, MO.

IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Jan 11, 1951
One Pocahontas child, Freda Mae Matthews, 5-year-old dau of M/M Chesley
Matthews, died in a Paragould hospital early Friday morning and four of her
sisters and a young cousin are hospitalized from what is reported to be lead
poisoning. The poisoning is said to have resulted from fumes of old
automobile batteries which had been used for fuel in the Matthews home on
Black River, here.
M/M Charles Mullinax of Rt. 2 have received word that their son, Cpl. Verlon
L. Mullinax, aged 20, has been missing in action in Korea since Nov. 30.
M/M J.B. Kellett of near Ravenden Springs celebrated their 72nd wedding
anniversary at their home last Friday. Both are 90 years of age.
Randolph County friends regretted to hear of the tragic death of Mrs. Bob
Jones, aged 39, in a car-train crash near Jonesboro on Saturday, Dec. 29.
Daniel Webster James, aged 87, one of the county's most highly respected
farmers and landowners, died at his home on Route One, Tuesday.

IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Jan 13, 1927
Marion Jarrett of Warm Springs was painfully injured when his team ran away
throwing him from the wagon against a tree.
M.W. Crismon of East Maynard broke his arm while cranking a car.
Cecil Perrin accepted a position as clerk with the New Leader Store.


JANUARY 14, 1999


INA W. JANES, 93, of Pocahontas, formerly of Ravenden, died Jan 6, 1999 at
Randolph County Medical Center in Pocahontas. She was born Dec. 15, 1905,
in Williford, a dau of the late Quint and Beatrice (Davidson) Williford.
She marrie Paul Janes, who preceded her in death. She is buried at
Opposition Cemetery in Ravenden. Funeral arrangements were under the
direction of Higginbotham Funeral Service Inc., of Walnut Ridge.

DELMA BRYANT, 90, of Nayor, MO, died Jan 6, 1999, at St. Anthony's Hospital,
St. Louis, MO. She was born Feb. 10, 1908, near Stokes, a dau of the late
John and Eleanor Spikes. Her husband, Walter Bryant, also preceded her in
death. She was buried at Brockett Cemetery.

JOSEPHINE HILLS, 75, of Pocahontas, died Jan 8, 1999, at her home. She was
born Aug. 15, 1923, in Randolph County, a dau of the late Almus and Ethel
(Million) Penn. She was buried in Masonic Cemetery.

JESSE DEAN HAYES, 62, of Pocahontas, died Jan. 9, 1999, at the V.A. Medical
Center in Poplar Bluff, MO. He was born July 25, 1936, in the Palestine
community, a son of Jesse C. Hayes of Pocahontas and the late Jewel Dean
(Shaver) Hayes. He was a Vietnam veteran. He was buried in Palestine
Cemetery with a VFW Honor Guard conducted at a graveside military service.

MARY LOIS WHEELER, 92, of Pocahontas, died Jan. 11, 1999, at her home. Born
Aug 8, 1906 in Pocahontas, she was a dau of the late Jesse F. and Etta Giles
Ford. Her husband, Talmadge Wheeler, also preceded her in death. She is
buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

MRS. DESSIE EATON, 62, of Pocahontas, died Jan 1. 1999. She was born at
Dalton, Aug. 13, 1937, a dau of the late Willie and Ollie Jones Vandergriff.
She was buried in Masonic Cemetery.

LOOKING BACK - News from the Past, by Jack Wilson

24 YEARS AGO, from files of Jan 16, 1975
DEATHS - Ezra Ator, 78, Pocahontas; Remel Blankenship, 64, Pocahontas; Mrs.
Birdie Samantha Hulen, 88, Pocahontas; Almus Bingham, 83, Warm Springs; John
Everett Mathis, 56, O'Kean; Mrs. Edna Luella Spikes Burnett, 68, Cherokee
Villate; Mrs. Mildred Louise Newton, 52 of Benton Harbor, MI; Sammie Smith,
16 of Pocahontas; Lawton C. Austin, 70 of Niles, MI; Rev. Jordan H. Sammons,
Osceola Nursing Home.

IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Jan 18, 1951
Jerry Franklin Matthews, 2-year, 11-month-old son of M/M Howard Matthews of
near Ravenden, died in the Crippled Children's Hospital in Little Rock
Tuesday after a 10-month illness of leukemia.

David Benjamin Williams, 39, a native of Randolph County, was killed late
Sunday afternoon when he fell 40 feet from a Louise Dixon oil well derrick a
few miles from Pickens, Miss.

Eugene Thompson, 69, lifelong resident of Randolph County, died in Randolph
County Memorial Hospital Monday night from a heart ailment.

Johnnie Earl Rogers, 8-month-old son of M/M Clifford Rogers of the Maynard
Route, died at their home Monday.

IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Jan 20, 1927
Hostesses for the first meeting of the local chapter Order of Eastern Star
were: Mrs. L. F. Blankenship, Mrs. Geo. Lewallen, Mrs. C. P. Jones and Miss
Lelia Perrin.

L. F. Blankenship attended a meeting of the Arkansas Press Association in
Little Rock.

Arlo Tyer of Water Valley was reported improving from an illness of several
weeks with typhoid fever.

The New Harmony School had a total enrollment of 41. Four students were
given credit for perfect attendance, Willie Mae Penrod, Herschel Smotherman,
Raymond Chesser and Earl Riggs.


JANUARY 21, 1999


MARGUERITE ANNA DANKLEFSEN, 91, died Jan 7, 1999, at her home in Pocahontas.
She was born Nov. 15, 1906 in Bellevue, Ohio, to the late Louis and Anna
Hoffner Miller. She married Lawrence H. Danklefsen on Jan 1, 1935, in
Bellevue, who passed away July 30, 1984.She is buried in Warm Springs

LONNIE RAY HANEY, 64, of Imboden, died Jan 13, 1999. He was born Dec. 18,
1934, in Handy, MO, a son of the late Marion and Irene Sees Haney. He is
survived by his wife, Marie Haney. He is buried in Chesser Cemetery.
Cox-Waymon Funeral Home directed the services.

EMMA FORRESTER PETTYJOHN, 103, of Pocahontas, died Jan 15, 1999, at Randolph
Home. Born April 22, 1895, in Fairview Community, she was a dau of the late
William and Amanda (Sharp) Forester. Her husband, Frank Pettyjohn, also
preceded her in death. She is buried in Masonic Cemetery.

MILDRED GREER, 89, of Supply, died Jan 17, 1999, at Randolph County Medical
Center. Born July 21, 1909, at Supply, she was a dau of the late William
Gray and Sally (Boyer) Cockrum. Her husband, C. R. "Remmel" Greer preceded
her in death. She is buried in Maynard Cemetery.

VIVIAN JEAN COOK, 56, of O'Kean, died Jan 16, 1999, at St. Bernards Regional
Medical Center, Jonesboro. Born Aug 15, 1942, at Harrisburg, she was a dau
of the late Jim and Annia Hughes Barker. She was preceded in death by her
husband, James Cook. She was buried in Randolph Memorial Gardens, with
McNabb Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

PERRY LEE CLARK, 68, of Pocahontas, died Jan 14, 1999, at St. Bernard's
Regional Medical Center, Jonesboro. She was born Nov. 20, 1930, in Stokes,
a dau of the late Fonce and Alice (Lynxwiler) Boomer. Her husband, Harvey
Clark, also preceded her in death. She was buried in Thompson Cemetery near

REV. CHARLES EDWARD GEORGE, 69, of Jonesboro, died Friday morning at St.
Bernards Regional Medical Center. A native of Walnut Ridge, Rev. George
began pastoring in 1955, and founded the Maynard Church of Lord Jesus Christ
that year. He was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII and received the WWII Victory
Medal and the Occupied Japan Medal. He is survived by his wife, Lois Butler
George. He was buried in Jonesboro Memorial Park Cemetery, with Emerson
Memorial Chapel in Jonesboro in charge of arrangements.

THELMA L. PENN, 76, of Black Rock, died Jan 15, 1999, at the Regional
Medical Center (Methodist Hosp) in Jonesboro. She was born April 8, 1922,
in Annieville, the dau of the late William B. Lawrence and Josie V. Campbell
Lawrence. She married Denton Penn on Jun 12, 1941, at Smithville, who
survives her. She was buried in the Smithville Cemetery, with Higginbotham
Funeral Service Inc. in charge of arrangements.

LOOKING BACK - News from the Past, by Jack Wilson
24 YEARS AGO, from files of Jan 23, 1975
DEATHS - Mrs. Alice Henrietta Vester, 64, Pocahontas; Mrs. Martha Elizabeth
Pulliam, 78, Doniphan, MO; Mrs. Mary C. "Nellie" Promberger, 85, Pocahontas;
Marvin Justice, 69, Biggers; Mrs. Margie May Surles, 63, Pocahontas; Mrs.
Thelma Petro Jones, Springdale; Jessee E. Moore, 73, Flint, MI; Frank Leon
Naney, 55, O'Kean; Frank Reed, 85, Biggers; Harry Hayes, 80, Altus, Okla.

IN THE LONG AGO, from files of Jan 25, 1951
M/M J.L. Condict of Pocahontas received a message from the War Department
yesterday stating that their son, Elisha M. Condict, aged 19, was killed in
action in Korea on Jan 14. Besides his parents, he leaves two brothers,
Jack D., now in Japan, and Jimmy Joe of Pocahontas and two sisters, Mrs.
Aldean Rogers and Mrs. Kathleen Gregory of Pocahontas.

Mrs. Mahala Jane Holder died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Tennie Davis at
Delaplaine Friday, Jan. 19.

Clarence Edward Stephens, aged 66, a resident of Biggers, died Monday in

IN THE LONG, LONG AGO, from files of Jan 27, 1927.
R. N. Hamil was the recipient of a gold-headed cane when 32 friends of
Pocahontas honored him on his 80th birthday.

Rain which continued for almost aweek caused serious flood conditions in
Randolph County. Pocahontas was without train service for two days on
account of washouts along the railroad north of here.

J.O. Sallee, aged 54, prominent manufacturer, banker and philanthropist of
Pocahontas, died at his home here after an illness of several months. Mr.
Sallee was survived by his widow and one daughter, Mrs. L. R. Martin of

Thomas Davis, born Nov. 23, 1854, died. He was survived by his wife, Mrs.
Martha Davis and six children.

Aunt Jane Humes died Tuesday at the home of John Smith at Meridith.

Fire originating in the two-story building belonging to John T. Robinson at
Reyno destroyed the Robinson building and spread to the Shaver building,
Sparkman's Store and Will Jackson barber shop. Loss was estimated at


JANUARY 28, 1998


DOROTHY E. ARCHER, 76, of Pocahontas, died Jan 25, 1999. She was born Nov.
27, 1922, in Doniphan, MO, a dau of the late Lee and Sarah Penrod Black.
She is survived by her husband, Orville Archer and is buried in Masonic
Cemetery. Cox-Waymon Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

CLYDE DEAN, 81, of Pocahontas, died Jan 24, 1999, at St. Bernards Regional
Medical Center, Jonesboro. He was born May 12, 1917 in Randolph County, a
son of the late Lum and Frona (Sharp) Dean. He was a WWII veteran. He was
preceded in death by his wife, Eva Mae Adell Dean and is buried in Sharum
Cemetery near Pocahontas.

EMMA E. PASTON, 94, of O'Kean died Jan 19, 1999, at Lawrence Memorial
Hospital, Walnut Ridge. She was born Jan 13, 1905 in Missouri, a dau of the
late Thomas Ervin and Nan Taylor. She is buried in Randolph Memorial

GRADY SWINDLE, 93, of Pocahontas, died Jan 22, 1999, at Pocahontas Nursing
and Rehab Center. Born Jan 28, 1905 near Middlebrook, he was a son of the
late Arcus Eli and Mary Effie (Jones) Swindle. He is survived by his wife,
Zilpha Hulen Swindle and is buried in Masonic Cemetery.

PAUL VERNON HEPLER, 70, OF Ravenden, died Jan 20, 1999, at Walnut Ridge
Nursing and Rehab Center. Born Dec. 25, 1928 at Ravenden, he was a son of
the late Paul Thomas and Bessie Marie (Currie) Helper (sp). He is survived
by his wife, Gwen Reed Hepler and is buried in Janes Cemetery, near Ravenden

GLENNIS OPEL OGDEN, 83, of O'Kean, died Jan 20, 1999, at her home. She was
born Sept. 28, 1915 in Randolph County, a dau of the late Milas A. and Ada
(Gregory) Haynes. She was married to Charles Henry Ogden on Nov. 5, 1933 at
O'Kean, who survives her. She is buried at Randolph Memorial Gardens in

JASON GRAY FOSTER, 77, of Viola, died Jan 20, 1999, at Mountain Home. He
was born April 26, 1921 in Elizabeth, AR, a son of the late Zachariah Taylor
and Laura Odell (Jenkins) Foster. He was a veteran of both WWII and the
Korean Conflict. He is buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery, near Gepp,
under direction of Barker Funeral Home Chapel in Salem.

ETHEL DONIEVE SAGO, 72, of Tampa, FL, formerly of Success, died at the home
of a daughter in Tampa, on Jan 23, 1999. She was born March 17, 1926 near
Pollard, a dau of the late William Owen and Amy Ruth (Miller) Allen. Her
husband, George Sago, died Jan. 19, 1991. She is buried in Hitt Cemetery
near Corning.

MAURICE KEMP, 85, of Ravenden, died Jan 22, 1999, at Methodist Hospital,
Jonesboro. Born Sept. 10, 1913 near Eagletown, OK, he was a son of the late
Issac Jerd and Mary (Nobles) Kemp. He is survived by his wife, Lois Mae
Sanders Kemp and is buried in Randolph Memorial Gardens.

GORDON LINEBAUGH, 63, of Imboden, died Jan 25, 1999, at St. Bernards
Regional Medical Center, Jonesboro. He was born May 15, 1935 in Imboden, to
the late Theodore Edwin and Myrtle Mae (Groves) Linebaugh. He is buried in
Fairview Cemetery near Imboden.

MARGUERITE DANKLEFSEN....correction...Last week's issue of the Star Herald
reported Mrs. Danklefsen as age 91. She was actually 92.

OPAL VENETTA CARELLI, 79, of Ravenden Springs, died Jan 22, 1999, at
Randolph County Medical Center. Born Dec. 23, 1919, in Greene County, she
was a dau of the late Walter Lee and Myrtle (Cleveland) Whitt. She is
buried in Masonic Cemetery.

MARY ETHEL STALNAKER, 91, of Pocahontas, died Jan 26, 1999 at Randolph
County Medical Center, Pocahontas. She was born May 15, 1907 in Mt. View to
Ewing and Nancy (Magouyrk) Clark. She was united in marriage to Leslie
Stalnaker on Jan 12, 1928 in Smithville. She is buried at Smithville
Cemetery in Smithville.

MABEL TOMPKINS, 82, of Hoxie, died Jan 23, 1999, at Lawrence Hall Nursing
Center. She was born Feb. 16, 1916, in Jackson County, the dau of Clifton
and Ethel (Clay) Dickerson. She was married to Jesse Tompkins on Oct. 16,
1937 in Jackson County, who survives her. She is buried in Randolph
Memorial Gardens in Pocahontas.

Looking Back - News from the Past, by Jack Wilson
24 Years AGo, from files of Jan 30, 1975
DEATHS, Mrs. Ida Marie Ashcraft, 82, Pocahontas; William R. Harris, 81,
Bakersfield, CA; William Henry England, 91, Thayer, MO; Louis Alfred
Boucher, 83, Ravenden Springs; Mrs. Gloria Newsom, 55, St. Louis; Floyd
Bennett, 68, Imboden; Mrs. Minnie Roberson Taylor, Success; Harry Calvin
Graham, 71, Walnut Ridge; Willie Yarber, 69, Rt. 1, Gatewood, MO; Mrs.
Thelma Aileen Jones, 65, Rt. 2, Springdala; Mrs. Pauline Harb Dunklin, 72,

The local draft board announces that it forwarded nine Randolph County
registrants to Little Rock Tuesday for induction into the Armed services.
They were: Ferrel James, Ravenden, Route 2, leader of the group, Percy
Woodson, J.A. Simpson, Billie Gene Smith and Paul L. Slayton, all of
Pocahontas; Taylor E. Lillard of Ravenden Springs; John D. Casteel of
Pocahontas, Route 2; Myrl R. Kellett of Noland and Clois A. Jackson of

Leonard T. Boyd, 68, died at his home here Sunday.

John Benjamin Jackson, 65, died at his home Jan 24.

Mrs. Antonia Matczak, 87, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Baltz
in Pocahontas, Friday.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Moore, 81, wife of J.R. Moore of Pocahontas, died in
Randolph County Hospital Monday.

James Edgar Farrow, 70, prominent citizen of Biggers, died in St. Bernard's
Hospital in Jonesboro, Wednesday.

News of our Men in Service.... John Casteel, son of Mrs. Ethel Casteel of
the Sutton community, left for the Army Tuesday.... Pfc. Ryburn Rapert, son
of M/M W. R. Rapert of Pitman, has returned to his military duties in
Anchorage, Alaska. While at home, he was married to Miss Vida Mae Vester,
dau of M/M Otis Vester, also of Pitman.... Brooksie Culver, who is serving
with the Navy, visited last weekend with relatives at Maynard.... Pfc.
Johnnie Bryant, son of Jess Bryant of Rt. 2, is now located with a mortar
squadron, 1st Marine Division in Korea.... Mrs. Delbert Alphin of
Pocahontas has received word that her husband, Cpl. Alphin, is now in an
Army hospital in Yokohoma, Japan, undergoing treatment for a liver
inflammation. He had been in Korean fighting for 5 months when he became
ill.... Cpl. Gordon Rice, son of M/M Homer Rice of Dalton Route, is
stationed in Korea guarding a mountain pass while U.N. tropps pass
southward. He went to Korea Dec. 13 and is with the First Calvary Division.

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