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Pleasant Branchflower Hatley
Military Information
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Pleasant Branchflower Hatley
© 2001 by: Dolores Samons Harvell - GGranddaughter

© 2001 Dolores Samons Harvell

Pleasant Branchflower Hatley Memorial Service
Presented by
7th Arkansas Infantry, Civil War Historians, 1st Sgt. Mark "Moose" Young

It is a rare opportunity when those of us who were born this century get the chance to see what life was like 100 years ago. Such a case happened on May 22, 1999, when Pleasant Branchflower Hatley, a man that lived 160 years ago, who fought in the Civil War and was laid to rest in 1928 in an unmarked grave in the Cox-Sammons-Hatley Cemetery near Supply, Arkansas, was honored.
Opening Remarks were made by Dolores Samons Harvell, great granddaughter of Mr. Hatley, and invocation by the Reverend Steve Wingo, First United Methodist Church, Pocahontas. The following information was relayed by Dolores Samons Harvell:
Mr. Hatley lived in the Supply area most of his life. When the war came, he signed on at Pitman's Ferry as most of the young men did and fought with Shaver's Regt. 38th Ark. Infantry C.S.A Company I and was mustered in by Major M. D. Barber, in Rice Spring, Randolph County, Arkansas on 4 August 1862 and served until 7 June 1865.
PBF also served with Ballard's Company which was raised in Randolph County, in response to Colonel Borland's call of 5 November 1861. PBF was mustered into the Confederate service on 17 November 1861 for 30 days and honorably discharged on 17 December 1861 at Pitman's Ferry.. He re-enlisted and was decorated before being mustered out.
PLEASANT BRANCHFLOWER HATLEY was known by many names; Uncle Ples, Uncle Branch, PBF, but to me he is known as Great Grandfather. In the last approximate two years, that I have become acquainted with Grandpa Hatley, he has given my family many enjoyable stories to relate to our children. I am a great granddaughter by PBF's second marriage to Lydia J. Hawkins; there were five other marriages that I've become aware of.
Lillian Samons, reported that her cousin, Frank Jones, helped to dig the grave for Uncle Branch. At the time of PBF's death, December, 1928, there was a flu epidemic. Several men were digging graves on different shifts. They caught the flu from each other. Lillian's cousin Frank caught the flu and passed it to his mother; both died.
William Cox also knew Uncle Branch. As a young boy, approximately 12 years old, Bill had known "Uncle Branch" and that he used to play tricks on him. He would jump up on PBF's back, and pull his long white beard while "Uncle Branch was loading tobacco down at the settlement. Uncle Branch lived in Corning and picked cotton", continued Mr. Cox. "Uncle Branch had a girl named Rosetta." He remembered the story of Uncle Branch's daughter, Rosetta, my grandmother, sitting with her back to the fireplace, quilting when her clothes caught fire. quot;She got out the porch", Mr. Cox stated. She is probably also buried in the Cox-Parker-Samons Cemetery. PBF had lived "over at the settlement", between Maynard and Supply. He had a store where he sold flowers and tobacco."
Pleasant lived most of his life "over at the settlement", between Maynard and Supply. He had a store where he sold flowers and tobacco. He was remembered by one elder gentleman, as "an old man, tall, long white whiskers to his waist. Everbody in the hills said he was a nice man."
"Old Branch 'Hadley's place was across the hill from his place; an old hill farm", according to Freeman Samons, of Corning. He remembers Pleasant Branchflower Hatley as "an old man, tall, long white whiskers to his waist. His whiskers scared me. That's why I remember him. He always played with me. Everybody in the hills said he was a nice man."
Pleasant was born June 1839, Chatham County, North Carolina and died 26 December 1928, near Supply, Arkansas. PBF and his family were from the Chatham and Stanly County areas of North Carolina. He migrated with his father, Britton and an uncle, Redding and their families about 1850 via Tennessee to Randolph County, Arkansas.
I am especially pleased that I have the opportunity to bring back, at least in remembrance, my Great Grandfather Hatley, who almost disappeared from us, but from today forward, with your help, PLEASANT BRANCHFLOWER HATLEY, will be forever remembered.
"Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever." Isaiah 30:8
Personal note: If anyone knows of Pleasant or has additional information, please email Delores. I do have copies of the marriage licenses for all five of the known marriages, but only the names of the children of the first two. I would like to hear from you.

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