This page includes the following county positions:

	School Director, County Health Physician, Justice of the Peace, Probation 
Officer, Sheriff, Election Commissioner, Judge, Election Official, Coroner, Jury 
Commissioner, and Levying Board, County Central Committee Officer, Pension Board 
Member, Commissioner of Accounts, Deputy Marshall, Special Probate Judge, County 
Surveyor & Birth Registrar.



Breitweiser, Ed						5-21-1927
Caradine, George				9-25-1908 (Deceased)
Croley, S. L. 					8-1-1911 (Discharging - Moved)
Culbreath, J. P. 				2-9-1911 (Discharging - Moved)
Drennan, J. M. 					2-9-1911 (Nominated for Appointment)
Ewen, W. H.					1-1-1906 (Nominated for Appointment)
Fowler, W. A. 					8-1-1911 (Nominated for Appointment)
Gregory, J. B. 					4-5-1909 (Nominated for Appointment)
Harrington, H. C. 				1-6-1908 (Nominated for Appointment)
Huchingson, Lee					10-10-1908 (Resigning)
Landers, A. S. 					1-1-1906 (Discharging - Moved)
Patton, S. A.					8-5-1907
Pelton, J. D. 					10-10-1908 (Nominated for Appointment)
Pinkerton, H. W. 				1-6-1908 (Discharging - Moved)
Reed, John W.					9-25-1908 (Nominated for Appointment)
Scott, P. H. 					4-5-1909 (Discharging - Moved)
Smith, H. S. 					5-21-1927
Smith, L. H. 					5-21-1927
Tucker, Math					3-1-1906
Westbrook, A. H. 				5-21-1927
Westbrook, A. G. 				5-21-1927
Westbrook, R. N. 				5-21-1927
Williams, J. E. 				8-5-1907
Wray, J. A. H.					June 6, 1910
Wright, J. T. 					8-5-1907


Buckley, Dr. E. A. 				8-4-1927
Walton, Dr. J. W. 				8-4-1927	(Resigned)


Adamson, A. E. 					1906
Alexander, W. H.				1906, Another Not Dated
Baldridge, A. F. 				1906
Ball, B. J. (Hurricane)				1922
Ball, W. F. (Hurricane)				Not Dated
Baxley, W. D. 						1906
Bennett, Gray (Liberty)				1922
Billings, H.					1906
Billings, H. (Owen)				1922, Another Not Dated
Burnsides, J. W. (Perkins)			Not Dated
Butler, C. M. (Otter)				1922
Carpenter, D. H.				1906
Carpenter, S. H. (Otter)			Not Dated
Carson, A. L. (Shaw)				Not Dated
Carter, A. (Shaw)				Not Dated
Carter, J. D. (Newcomb)				1922
Clayton, W. G. 					1906
Cole, G. W. (Bauxite)				1922
Cornett, A. B. (Newcomb)			1922
Crawford, Walter (Bryant)			Not Dated
Curtis, John W.					1906
Dees, J. W. (Kentucky)				1922
Dobb, F. M. (Union)				Not Dated
Duvall, E. A. (Traskwood)			Not Dated
Ewell, C. D.					1906, Another Not Dated
Ewell, Charles (Dyer)				1922
Ewing, J. M. (Liberty)				Not Dated
Finkbeiner, H. W. 				4-19-1926	(Resigned)
Gentry, G. W. 					1906
Goodin, A.					1906
Grogan, H. M. (Otter)				Not Dated
Hardwick, J. L. (Saline) 			Not Dated
Harrison, E. P. 				4-19-1926  (Applies), 3-11-1933 (Resigns)
Harrison, J. K. 				1906
Hensen, E. H.					1906
Henson, J. W. (Kentucky)			1922
Hobby, John (Hurricane)				Not Dated
Holiman, J. B. (Saline)				1922
Horton, E. B. (Shaw)				1922
Hubanks, J. F. (Kentucky)			Not Dated
Hunnicutt, G. R. (Saline)			1922, Another Not Dated
Hurst, J. E. (Bryant)				Not Dated
James, J. F. 					1906, Another Not Dated
Jones, John (Walnut Bottom)			Not Dated
Kenzel, Fred (Banner)				1922
Kindy, E. B. 					1906
Kinnerman, Bob (Owen)				Not Dated
Lamberts, C. J. (Jefferson)			Not Dated
Lockett, J. R.					September 11, 1906
McDonald, W. H.					1906
McMurry, F. P. 					1906, Another Not Dated
Megogeney, (Beaver)				1922
Milham, J. M. (Saline)				1906, Another Not Dated
Nethercut, J. (Kentucky)			Not Dated
Nethercutt, J. T. 				September 11, 1906
Pelton, J. H. 					September 11, 1906
Pettus, J. W. (Smith)				Not Dated
Quantz, A. E. (Fairplay)			1922
Raper, T. J. (Haskell)				1922
Ray, Louie (Beaver)				1922
Roberts, M. T. 					1906
Roberts, W. S. (Marble)				1922
Robinson, J. C. 				1906, Another Not Dated
Rowland, J. W. (Traskwood)			1922, Another Not Dated
Rowland, W. G. (Bauxite)			1922, Another Not Dated
Scott, R. M. (Salem)				1922, Another Not Dated
Shaw, Will (Jefferson)				Not Dated
Singleton, J. H. (Banner)			Not Dated
Smith, H. A. (Fairplay)				Not Dated
Smith, J. L. (Salem)				Not Dated
Smith, T. E. (Smith)				1922
Spann, C. S. (Hurricane)			1922
Tackett, J. R. (Holland)			1922, Another Not Dated
Taylor, J. P. 					1906
Taylor, W. W. (Jefferson)			1922
Timmons, T. L. (Marble)				Not Dated
Westbrook, R. N. (Haskell)			1922
White, W. W. 					1906
White, W. W. (Banner)				1922, Another Not Dated
Wilson, Lee (Beaver)				Not Dated
Wray, Louie (Beaver)				Not Dated
Wray, S. A. (Union)				Not Dated


Hamilton, Pearl (Assistant)			1920
Hamilton, S. A. 				1920


Butler, Charles (Otter Township)			1921
Cole, H. C. (Banner Township)				1920
Crawford, George (Banner Township)			1920
Daniels, Bob (Liberty Township)				1920
Davis, Jeff (Bauxite Township)				1921
Dunnahoo, E. J. (Special Sheriff, 1922 Election)	1922
Ford, J. W. (Dyer Township)				1920
Green, J. H. (Hurricane Township)			1921
Quinn, J. J. (Jefferson Township)			1920


Allen, Ben F.					October, 1911
Allen, W. H.					September, 1909
Couch, A. H. 					September, 1906
Cox, A. B.					September, 1909
Crawford, W. A. 				November, 1908
Elliott, J. W. 					September, 1909
Elrod, W. D. 					November, 1908
Henley, A. S. 					1921
Holland, A. B. 					September, 1906
Hughes, John L. 				1922
Landfried, C. F. 				1921
Lasater, L. T.					October, 1911
Orr, W. S. 					1922
Utley, J. S. 					November, 1908
Utley, W. A. 					1921
Vance, R. C. 					September, 1906
Westbrook, M. P. 				1922
Wray, Sam A.					October, 1911


Anderson, J. W. (Hurricane Township)		1921
Atwood, W. C. (Perkins)				1908
Barron, R. L. (Union Township)			1921
Brents, R. E. (Saline Township)			1921
Brown, T. J. (Perkins)				1908
Byrd, P. A. (Perkins)				1908
Caple, John F. (Hurricane Township)		1921
Clark, W. H. (Perkins)				1908
Cloud, D. M. (County Judge)			1922
Cole, George W. (Bauxite Township)		1921
Cox, D. C. (Bauxite Township)			1921
Farrell, L. E. (Perkins)			1908
Fletcher, John (Union Township)			1921
Garlington, R. A. (Bryant Township)		1921
Grogan, J. M. (Otter Township)			1921
Harris, M. A. (Bryant Township)			1921
Hill, H. J. (Perkins)				1908
Hogue, W. R. (Bauxite Township)			1921
Hyatt, J. W. (Union Township)			1921
Lasater, Ben (Otter Township)			1921
Lewis, C. W. (Saline Township)			1921
Mashburn, D. H. (Hurricane Township)		1921
Mashburn, Tom (Otter Township)			1921
McDonald, W. F. (Saline Township)		1921
Rowland, Thomas (Bryant Township)		1921


Abel, J. A. (Holland)				1908
Adams, Jeff (Fairplay)				1922
Adams, J. L. (Otter)				1922
Allen, B. F. (Haskell)				1922
Arnold, G. B. (Otter)				1908
Arnold, J. W. (Otter)				1908
Ball, Jim (Hurricane)				1908
Barnett, W. A. (Marble)				1922
Barron, R. L. (Union)				1922
Bauers, L. F. (Salem)				1908
Baxley, B. H. (Smith)				1922
Bean, Ons. (Walnut Bottom)			1908
Beckwith, Wes (Hickory Grove)			1922
Bennett, W. H. (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Berryhill, T. E. (Traskwood)			1922
Bizzell, H. R. (Bauxite)			1922
Bowen, Ed (Fairplay)				1922
Bragg, W. W. (Salem)				1908
Breshears, Scott (Holland)			1922
Brooks, Luther (Otter)				1922
Brumbelow, J. A. (Traskwood)			1922
Buckelew, Ira (Fairplay)			1908
Buckalew, J. M. (Fairplay)			1922
Buckalew, W. J. (Traskwood)			1922
Buffington, J. L. (Saline)			1922
Burks, Tom (Liberty)				1922
Bush, Mrs. E. J. (Fourth Ward, Saline)		1922
Buzbee, Mrs. George (Fourth Ward, Saline)	1922
Cahill, Will (Owen)				1922
Caldwell, Will (Newcomb)			1922
Callahan, John (Hickory Grove)			1922
Callison, Earnest (Bauxite)			1922
Cameron, C. J. (Bryant)				1908
Campbell, Geo. (Owen)				1908
Canady, A.W. (Beavers)				1908
Canady, J. L. (Beavers)				1908
Carson, A. L. (Shaw)				1908
Carson, Lambert (Shaw)				1922
Carson, W. E. (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Cate, Lee (Haskell)				1922
Cathey, G. W. (Union)				1908
Catton, Chas. (Owen)				1908
Chambers, Fred (Bauxite)			1922
Chenault, E. N. (Union)				1908
Coburn, J. A. (Saline)				1922
Coburn, Jake (Union)				1922
Cole, Bud (Banner )				1908
Cole, E. N. (East Union)			1922
Cole, W. C. (Holland)				1908
Collatt, Lee (Haskell)				1922
Cooper, Arch (Gravel Hill)			1922
Cornett, A. B. (Fairplay)			1908
Cornett, A. B. (Newcomb)			1922
Couch, Lindley (Bryant)				1908
Covert, Jeff (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Cox, D. C. (Shaw)				1922
Cox, J. B. (Walnut Bottom )			1908
Cox, J. B. (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Craig, T. Y. (Holland)				1908
Davenport, John (Beaver)			1922
Davis, C. J. (Bauxite)				1908
Davis, John (Dyer)				1908
Davis, John (Owensville)			1922
Deaton, T. E. (Kentucky)			1908
Dees, Wesley (Kentucky)				1922
Donham, J. C. (Smith)				1908
Drennan, A. A. (Walnut Bottom)			1908
Drennan, Dewey (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Drennan, James A. (Jefferson)			1922
Drennan, W. S. (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Duvall, E. A. (Saline)				1922
Duvall, Ed (Shaw)				1922
Dyer, J. M. (Dyer)				1908
Dyer, Jim (Holland)				1922
Eldridge, J. R. (Fairplay)			1908
Elliott, Frank (Liberty)			1908
Elliott, J. E. (Jefferson)			1922
Elliott, J. E. (Liberty)			1922
Elliott, J. W. (Jefferson)			1908
Elliott, W. C. (Jefferson)			1908
Evans, Charles (Fourth Ward, Saline)		1922
Evans, J. T. (Dyer)				1908
Ewell, C. D. (Dyer)				1908
Flemming, Otto (Saline)				1922
Fletcher, John (Dyer)				1908
Fletcher, John (Union)				1922
Fulcher, Alvin (Shaw)				1922
Gann, Mrs. D. (Second Ward, Saline)		1922
Garlington, R. A. (Bryant)			1922
Garrett, A. L. (Haskell)			1922
Gatlin, G. B. (Traskwood)			1922
Gentry, M. F. (Liberty)				1922
Gilbert, T. B. (Third Ward, Saline)		1922
Glass, O. C. (Gravel Hill)			1922
Glenn, William (Kentucky)			1908
Glidewell , J. M. (Owen) 			1908
Godfrey, James (Traskwood)			1908
Green, Anderson (Bryant)			1922
Green, Tom (Liberty)				1922
Grimmett, Henry (Holland)			1922
Grogan, J. W. (Hurricane)			1908
Haggard, W. S. (Fourth Ward, Saline)		1922
Harris, C. D. (Perkins)				1908
Harris, Leland (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Harris, M. A. (Bryant)				1908
Harris, Will (Liberty)				1922
Harrison, C. R. (Bryant)			1922
Harrison, J. A. (Kentucky)			1908
Harvey, J. F. (Fairlay)				1922
Hayes, D. C. (Union)				1908
Hayes, Mrs. Orlando (Second Ward, Saline)	1922
Haynes, J. R. (Banner)				1908
Haynes, W. M. (Benner )				1908
Haynes, W. M. (East Union)			1922
Hefley, Henry (Owensville)			1922
Hendrick, Gus (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Hendrix, Milton (Fairplay)			1922
Henson, J. W. (Kentucky)			1922
Hester, Claud (Jefferson)			1922
Hester, E. B. (Jefferson)			1922
Hickman, T. B. (Salem)				1922
Hill, J. O. (Traskwood)				1922
Hobby, Will (East Union)			1922
Hockersmith, L. A. (Saline)			1908
Hogue, Jim (Saline)				1922
Hogue, Roy (Bryant)				1922
Holland, J. B. (Holland)			1922
Homan, Mrs. R. B. (Third Ward, Saline)		1922
Hope, J. M. (Shaw)				1908
Horn, M. J. (Bauxite)				1908
Houston, Mrs. C. H. (Third Ward, Saline)	1922
Hubanks, J. F. (Kentucky)			1908
Hubman, Adolph (Owen)				1922
Hubman, John (Owen)				1908
Hughes, Walter (Second Ward, Saline)		1922
Huggins, Will (Smith)				1922
Hunnicutt, E. M. (Liberty)			1908
Hunnicutt, G. R. (Fairplay)			1908
Hunnicutt, J. S. (Liberty)			1908
Hyatt, Jim (Union)				1922
James, C. A. (Owensville)			1922
James, W. R. (Dyer)				1908
James, W. R. (Gravel Hill)			1922
James, W. R. (Kentucky)				1922
Jarman, B. W. (Hurricane)			1922
Jernigan, B. M. (Duck Creek)			1922
Jones, George (Perkins)				1908
Jones, John (Walnut Bottom)			1908
Jones, John (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Jones, Newt (Walnut Bottom )			1909
Jones, Newt (Walnut Bottom)			1922
Jones, W. E. (Walnut Bottom)			1908
Keen, Ike (Kentucky)				1922
Kelley, Tony (Kentucky)				1922
Kennemer, S. R. (Owen)				1922
Kenzel, Bob (Duck Creek)			1922
Kenzel, Fred (Banner)				1908
Kenzel, Fred (Duck Creek)			1922
Kindy, D. W. (Otter)				1922
Kinney, John (Kentucky)				1908
Lambert, A. W. (Marble)				1922
Lambert, Olen (Holland)				1922
Landis, Mrs. G. B. (Third Ward, Saline)		1922
Lasater, L. T. (Otter)				1908
Ledbetter, C. P. (Third Ward, Saline)		1922
Linker, E. L. (Liberty)				1908
Long, Mrs. Frank (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Long, J. T. (Jefferson)				1908
Mann, C. L. (Beaver)				1922
Marshall, E. C. (Shaw)				1922
Martin, A. B. (Bryant)				1908
Martin, Dick (Union)				1922
Martin, J. H. (Bryant)				1922
Martin, N. A. (Second Ward, Saline)		1922
Mashburn, S. S. (Otter)				1922
Maxwell, Barney (Fairplay)			1908
McAtee, W. C. (Gravel Hill)			1922
McCall, B. B. (Newcomb)				1922
McClain, T. A. (Bauxite)			1922
McCright, Geo. (East Union)			1922
McDaniels, N. A. (Saline)			1908
McDonald, Henry (Bauxite)			1908
McDonald, P. A. (Smith)				1922
McDonald, Pet (Smith)				1908
McFatridge, George (Beaver)			1922
McGogney, J. P. (Beaver)			1922
McKeen, J. W. (Gravel Hill)			1922
McMurray, F. P. (Perkins)			1908
Megoganey, J. P. (Beavers)			1908
Miller, Andrew (Hurricane)			1922
Mitchell, Ed (Newcomb)				1922
Mitchell, Grover (Haskell)			1922
Moore, R. F. (Newcomb)				1922
Moore, W. C. (Saline)				1922
Morden, E. M. (Banner)				1908
Morgan, W. M. (Hurricane)			1922
Murray, J. D. (Hurrican)			1922
Nance, D. L. (Liberty)				1908
Neal, W. J. (Union)				1908
Nethercutt, J. T. (Holland)			1908
Nethercutt, Jordan (Kentucky)			1908
Newcomb, Arthur (Kentucky)			1922
Nichlaus, William (Bauxite)			1908
Padgett, J. L. (Otter)				1908
Parker, Mrs. Earnest (Fourth Ward, Saline)	1922
Payne, C. A. (Shaw)				1908
Pelton, J. F. (Salem)				1908
Pelton, W. I. (Traskwood)			1908
Perry, A. F. (Beavers)				1908
Pettus, J. W., Sr. (Smith)			1922
Pettus, John W. (Smith)				1908
Pettus, Roy (Smith)				1922
Pipkin, A. H. (Bauxite)				1922
Quinn, J. J. (Jefferson)			1908
Quinn, J. J. (Jefferson)			1922
Quinn, W. O. (Jefferson)			1908
Ramsey, Houston (Shaw)				1908
Ramsey, W. T. (Shaw)				1908
Raper, T. J. (Traskwood)			1908
Raper, T. J. (Hickory Grove)			1922
Ratliff, S. F. (Third Ward, Saline)		1922
Ray, Monroe (Union)				1922
Reed, J. W. (Perkins)				1908
Remow, E. G. (Perkins)				1908
Rice, J. G. (Jefferson)				1908
Rippetoe, Lee (Liberty)				1908
Ritz, Andrew (Bauxite)				1908
Ritz, John (Bauxite)				1908
Roberts, M. L. (Marble)				1908
Roberts, W. S. (Marble)				1908
Robinson, Dave, Jr. (Owensville)		1922
Roland, J. W. (Traskwood)			1922
Rowland, J. M. (Bauxite)			1922
Rowland, James (Traskwood)			1908
Rowland, W. G. (Smith)				1908
Sample, J. W. (Saline)				1908
Sanders, J. S. (Traskwood)			1908
Sarver, J. D. (Holland)				1908
Scott, J. B. (Salem)				1908
Scott, J. B. (Salem)				1922
Scott, R. M. (Salem)				1908
Scott, R. M. (Salem)				1922
Scott, Sam H. (Saline)				1908
Scott, Sam T. (Saline)				1908
Scott, T. K. (Salem)				1922
Searcy, Charles (Second Ward, Saline)		1922
Seymore, W. C. (Holland)			1922
Shell, Ed (Gravel Hill)				1922
Shelton, Allen (Hurricane)			1908
Sheridan, H. A. (Smith)				1908
Shipp, B. A. (Otter)				1908
Simmons, J. R. (Hurricane)			1908
Sims, A. C. (Owen)				1922
Smart, A. W. (Haskell)				1922
Smith, G. D. (Smith)				1908
Smith, Henry (Fairplay)				1908
Smith, J. L. (Bryant)				1922
Spann, C. S. (Hurricane)			1922
Spann, U. R. (Otter)				1922
Speer, A. C. (First Ward, Saline)		1922
Steed, J.D. (Hurricane)				1908
Steed, T. H. (Hurricane)			1908
Stirman, Arthur (Hickory Grove)			1922
Stooksberry, R. (Owensville)			1922
Summerville, Bob (Traskwood)			1922
Sutton, J. T. (Smith)				1922
Tackett, J. R. (Holland)			1922
Tatum, L. M. (Shaw)				1922
Thomas, A. C. (Owen)				1922
Thomas, Howard (Owen)				1922
Thomas, Lee (Union)				1908
Thompson, J. M. L. (Beavers)			1908
Thompson, L. H. (Saline)			1908
Thompson, Luke (Beaver)				1922
Thompson, T. L. (Marble)			1908
Tillery, H. T. (Marble)				1908
Tillery, J. D. (Marble)				1922
Tillery, L. A. (Marble)				1922
Tillery, R. H. (Marble)				1908
Tillery, R. H. (Marble)				1922
Timmons, T. A. (Marble)				1908
Tudor, Louie (Newcomb)				1922
Tull, Hunter (Hurricane)			1922
Turbyfill, W. H. (Jefferson)			1922
Ulmer, Albert (Salem)				1922
Vandegrift, Robert (Beavers)			1908
Vaughan, B. T. (Marble)				1922
Wallis, T. E. (Owensville)			1922
Warnock, T. R. (Fourth Ward, Saline)		1922
Weaver, S. J. (Bryant)				1922
Wells, C. E. (Banner)				1908
Wells, Drew (East Union)			1922
Wells, T. R., Jr. (East Union)			1922
Westbrook, A. H. (Hickory Grove)		1922
Westbrook, A. W. (Fairplay)			1922
Westbrook, Alf (Second Ward, Saline)		1922
Westbrook, J. J. (Hickory Grove)		1922
Wilkerson, J. W., Sr. (Duck Creek)		1922
Wilkerson, John, Jr. (Duck Creek)		1922
Williams, D. S. (Otter)				1908
Williams, L. E. (Salem)				1908
Williams, W. W. (Perkins)			1908
Wills, Tom (Salem)				1922
White, W. W. (Duck Creek)			1922
Winkler, Will (Otter)				1922
Wirth, Joe (Owen)				1908
Wray, Jim (Beaver)				1922
Wray, S. A. (Union)				1908
Wright, J. T. (Liberty)				1922
Young, Dave (Shaw)				1922
Zuber, John (Owen)				1922


Mashburn, J. Y.				1906


Baldauf, F. W. 					September, 1908
Crawford, W. A. 				9-28-1906
Elliott, Ira					September, 1909
Greenway, C. G. 				September, 1908
Halbert, W. L. 					9-28-1906
Holiman, E. T.					August, 1922
Holland, A. B. 					9-28-1906
Hudspeth, D. W.					August, 1922
McDonald, W. H.					September, 1909
Melton, J. W.					August, 1922
Northern, William				September, 1908
Steed, W. M. 					September, 1908


Adamson, A. E. (Hurricane Township)		October, 1908 (Resigned)
Baldridge, A. F. (Bryant Township)		October, 1908
Ball, W. T. (Hurricane Township)		October, 1908
Baxley, B. H. (Smith Township)			October, 1908 (Resigned)
Billing, H.					October, 1908, October, 1909
Carpenter, S. H. (Otter Township)		October, 1908, October, 1909
Carson, A. L. (Shaw Township) 			October, 1908
Carter, A.					October, 1909
Cox, D. C. (Shaw Township)			October, 1908 (Resigned)
Crawford, Walter				October, 1909
Drennan, W. S. (Walnut Bottom)			October, 1908 (Moved Away)
Duvall, E. A. (Traskwood Township)		October, 1908, October, 1909
Ewell, C. D. (Dyer Township)			October, 1908
Gentry, S. W. (Jefferson Township)		October, 1908
Gooden, A. (Perkins Township)			October, 1908
Gregory, J. B. (Owen Township)			October, 1908
Hardwick, J. L. 				October, 1909
Hobby, John					October, 1909
Hubanks, J. F. (Kentucky Township)		October, 1908, October, 1909
Hunnicutt, G. R. (Fairplay Township)		October, 1908
Hurst, J. E. 					October, 1909
James, J. F. (Liberty Township)			October, 1908, October, 1909
Kindy, E. B. (Otter Township)			October, 1908 (Resigned)
Kinkead, J. C. (Saline Township)  		October, 1908
McDonald, W. H. 				October, 1909
McMurray, F. P. (Perkins Township)		October, 1908
Megogney, J. P. (Beaver Township)		October, 1908
Milham, J. M. (Saline Towship)			October, 1908, October, 1909
Nethercutt, Jordon (Kentucky)			October, 1908, October, 1909
Pelton, Frank					October, 1908
Pettus, J. W. (Smith Township)			October, 1908
Ray, Louie					October, 1909
Robinson, J. C. (Dyer Township)			October, 1908
Rowland, J. W. (Traskwood Township)		October, 1908
Rowland, W. G.					October, 1909
Scott, R. M. (Salem Township)			October, 1908, October, 1909
Shockley, A. B. (Liberty Township)		October, 1908
Smith, H. A.					October, 1908
Smith, J. L. 					October, 1909
Tackett, J. R. (Holland Township)		October, 1908
White, W. W. (Banner Township)			October, 1908
Wilson, W. L. (Beaver Township)			October, 1908, October, 1909
Wray, S. A. (Union Township)			October, 1908, October, 1909


Bagby, H. N., Secretary				1906
Gann, D. Ewell, Chairman			1904
Lewis, C. W., Secretary				1906
Ray, R. C., Secretary				1904
Stinson, E. Y., Chairman			1906


Ashby, J. N.					July 1, 1907 
Brents, R. E.					Not Dated
Cloud, D. M. 					July 1, 1907 (Elected to Senator)
Collatt, W. H.					Not Dated
Thomlinson, A. R.				Not Dated


Cox, D. C. 					8-31-1907
Donham, W. R. 					9-1-1906
Elza, C. F. 					8-31-1907
McDonald, W. H.					9-1-1906
Shockley, A. B. 				9-4-1907
Smith, T. E. 					9-1-1906


Carmichael, Will				September, 1907


Baldauf, F. W. 					October 11, 1906


Merriott, John F., Deputy Surveyor		March 23, 1908
Robinson, W. D. 				March 23, 1908


Bragg, Mrs. W. E. (Salem Township)			1922
Carson, J. H. D. (Shaw Township)			1922
DeWeese, G. Rush (Benton Town and Saline Township)	1922
Ewell, Charles D. (Dyer Township)			1922
Garrett, Lon (Bryant Town and Bryant Township)		1922
Mashburn, T. M. (Otter Township)			1922
Masoner, W. R. (Fairplay Township)			1922
Megogney, H. G. (Beaver Township)			1922
Melton, Dr. J. W. (Haskell Town and Haskell Township)	1922
Melton, Dr. J. W. (Kentucky Township)			1922
Melton, Dr. J. W. (Newcomb Township)			1922
Owens, Dr. J. O. (Marble Township)			1922
Pettus, Jas. W., Jr. (Smith Township)			1922
Shockley, A. B. (Liberty Township)			1922
Sims, Mrs. Laura (Owen Township)			1922
Tull, Miss Myrtice (Traskwood Town and Traskwood Tnp.)	1922
Turbyfill, W. H. (Jefferson Township)			1922
Wray, S. A. (Union Township)				1922
Wright, Dr. G. D. (Hurricane Township)			1922

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