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Ellen Elza Book
      December 23, 1886 (this is on the cover)

1st page:
Record of Ages
Greenville Buckhanan Elza
Was borned November 2, 1856
Sarah Ellen Elza was borned
December 31, 1858
Charlie Frederick Elza was
Borned September 19, 1880
Mammie Ann Elza was borned
September the 20 1884

2nd Page:
Mammie Ann Elza Departed
This life August the 29, 1886
S. Ellen James (Elza) died September 16 1894

3rd Page:
Buck Elza and Ellen Edds
 got married November the 20 1879
Daniel James and Ellen Elsea
Was married October the 30, 1892

4th Page:
Thomas Elza Departed this life
June the 6 1876
Elender Ann Elza Departed this
Life October the 14, 1882
Moses Henry Edds departed
This life September the 20 1885
Sarah A Edds died March 16 1898

5th Page:
Buck Elza and Ellen Elza
Joined Salem Church April the 30
Was baptized by Elder B. N. Hoe?ltsman
May the 1 1887

6th Page:
These items copied 6/20/61
From notes made by 
Oron Elmore
710 Amarillo St
Abilene Texas

William Steward Elza
Born 9-21-1847 McMinnville Tenn
Died at Temple Texas 8-15-1923
Margaret Omealia White
Born 11-22-1851 Benton Arkansas
Died 6-17-1946 Abilene Texas *(note that this date has a line through it in the book)
Married 9-3-1868 Benton Arkansas
1 Samuel Thomas Elza
Born 6-25-1870 Benton Ark
Died 3-11-1946 Pampa Texas
2 Mary Ellen Elza
Born 8-19-1872 Benton Ark
Died 6-17-1946 Abilene Texas
3 Sarah Catherine Elza
Born 7-16-1874 Benton Ark
Died 9-15-1880
4 John Buckhannan Elza
Born 4-30-1878 Benton Ark
Died 10/_/1957 Temple Texas
5 James Hugh Leander Elza
Born 7-16-1880
Died 9-8-1882 Benton Ark
6 Infant (unnamed)

7th Page:
William Steward Elza
5-4-1884 married (second wife)
Susan Minerva Edds
Born 4-3-1862 Benton Ark
Died 3-19-1945 Temple Texas
1 Infant daughter
Born 1885 (died)
Died _
2 Dola Elza
Born 1-23-1886
Died 1-4-1947 Temple Texas
3 Jesse Calvin Elza
Born 9-16-1890
Died 7-1957 Temple Texas
4 Elizabeth Elza
Born 11-9-1893
Died 1898 Temple Texas
5 Arka Ethel Elza
Born 9-11-1896
6 Infant son Unnamed
Born _
Died _
7 Effie Gladys Elza
Born 8-28-1903

***inside the 4th page was an obituary clipping that read as follows:
Mrs. Mary Smith, wife of Aaron Smith and a member of the First 
Baptist Church of Hot Springs, after a long and continued illness 
departed this life on Saturday the 5th inst., about 5 o'clock a.m.,
at her mothers, Mrs. Eads, about fourteen miles out in the country.
Her funeral was preached yesterday by Rev. J. M. Haycraft. A large 
and attentive audience was present at the funeral. She leaves a 
husband and two children to mourn her loss. The family and friends 
have the sympathy of the entire community.

***note from the tombstone that she died November 5, 1887***

MR. and MRS. JAMES O. LOVE FAMILY RECORD Submitted by Ann Wheat Bryan James Otis Love, born at Greenbriar, Ark. on Jan. 1, 1911, and Clara Bell Nixon, born at Greenbriar, Ark on Sept. 20, 1912, were joined together in the bonds of HOLY MATRIMONY, at Greenbriar, Ark., on the 27 day of December in the year of our Lord 1930, in the presence of Mrs. Joe Allinder, Elder Joe Allinder, was Clergyman. BIRTHS: Billy Charles Love, born, Jan 7, 1932, died, Oct.19, 1961. He was born at Greenbriar, Ark. Billy Charles Love, married, Colleen Brown, June 25, at Greenville, Miss, 1952, (Div.) 1957. James Travis Love, was born Aug. 7, 1939, at Benton, Arkansas, married, Glendia Lee Swaim, June 12, 1961, at Little Rock, Arkansas. Judith Ann Love, born Sept. 7, 1950, at Benton, Arkansas, married Jimmy Don Drennan, April 25, 1969, at Benton, Ark. Mary Helen Love, was born Jan..29, 1935, at Greenbriar, Ark., married Jasper W. Deere, Aug 4, 1956, at Benton, Ark. Jacquelyn Jean Love, was born Aug. 24, 1942, at Benton, Arkansas, married Truman Sample, Oct. 5, 1961, at Benton, Ark. WIFE FAMILY: FATHER: George W. Nixon, born June 16, 1880 at Wooster, Ark., died December 29, 1936 at Greenbriar, Ark. Buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery. MOTHER: Mary Ann Tooley, born July 15, 1881, at Minden, Louisiana, and died, May 1, 1965, at Jacksonville, Ark. BROTHERS and SISTERS: Lizzie Lee Nixon Harrison Susie Ford Nixon Clifford Henry Nixon Eunice Evelyn ____ GRANDPARENTS: Father's Father: Ewell Burlen Nixon Father's Mother: Martha Harkrider Mother's Father: Harry Ford Tooley Mother's Mother: Cordelia Elmyra Haynes HUSBAND'S FAMILY: James O. Love, born December 21, 1881 at Greenbriar, Ark., died October 12, 1969. Mother: Fannie DeBerry, born June 1886 in Faulkner Co., Arkansas and died November 15, 1929. (Faulkner Co., Ark.) HUSBAND'S BROTHERS and SISTERS: John Miller Love Charles Dennis Love William Orville Love Arnold Edwin Love Mary Louise Love Ruth Leonard Love (First name illegible) GRANDPARENTS: Father's Father: Hiram Brown Love Father's Mother: Martha Ann Mattie Milam Mother's Father: Judge Milton L. C. DeBerry Mothers Mother: M. A. Boon (Martha) MILITARY SERVICE RECORD: Billy C. Love 1950-1954, US Navy. SN 348-16-69 James T. Love 1957-1960 US Army. SN 18531011 Social Security Numbers James Otis Love SS 430-01-6701 Clara Belle Love SS 429-54-196_(1ast number illegible)
Bible of Melvin and Alva nee Akins Gattin This Certifies That Melvin Gattin Of Benton, Arkansas and Alva Akins Of Benton, Arkansas Were by me united in Matrimony According to the ordinance of God and the Laws of Arkansas At home in Benton On the15 day of Sept. In the year of our lord 1933 Bro. Cothren Henry Kelley Witnesses: The family and friends Marriages: Melvin Wesley Gattin & Alva Alice Akins, September 15, 1933 Donald M. Gattin & Donna Floyd, February 25, 1968 Robert Gattin & Christine Martin, September 30, 1971 Children's Names: Donald M. Gattin, June 30, 1945 Robert A. Gattin, June 23, 1946 Melvin Gattin (Father) Dec. 7, 1911 - Mar. 14, 1988 Alva Gattin (Mother) Aug. 7, 1911 - Dec. 25, 1993 Anniversary Oct. 19, 1955 Robert entered U.S. Navy Active duty - July 20, 1965 Don entered U.S. Navy Active duty - Oct. 24, 1966 Deaths: Genevieve Steele (niece) Jan. 18, 1949 (14 yrs) Annie E. Akins (Mother) Oct. 11, 1956 Bobby Earl Steele, (Nephew 3 yrs. 8 mos) 1936 King D. Akins (Dad) December 24, 1959 (72yrs) Garrette Akins (Brother) October 22, 1963 (45 yrs) Grover Akins (brother) Oct. 8, 1970 (57 yrs) Ruth Akins Steele (sister) July 7, 83 (73 yrs) Melvin Gattin (76 yrs) Mar. 14, 1988 (husband & father) Alva Akins Gattin, Dec. 25, 1993 Melvin and Alva (Akins) Gattin Family Bible; 1911 - 1993; The Holy Bible printed by The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, USA. Bible is in good shape, there are no publishing dates any where in the Bible. It looks like no pages are missing. In possession of George M. Akins, 2721 Hurricane Lake Road, Benton, AR 72015 (501) 847-6233 Donald Melvin Gattin gave the Bible to me in January 2002, Images of Bible vital information: Gattin Bible Front Cover Gattin Bible Title Page Gattin Bible Matrimonial Page Gattin Bible Marriage Page Gattin Bible Children's Page Gattin Bible Death Page Gattin Bible Family Genealogy Page
Following three Bible Records:Submitted by Brenda Escoto #1 (Bible belonging to my grandfather, Clarence Ramey Harrison) in both his and my grandmothers hand. HUSBAND: Clarence R. Harrison Born: June 13th 1876 WIFE: Ophelia Wilkins Harrison Born: December 15 1881 MARRIED: Dec. 23rd - 1903 CHILDREN'S NAMES Reginald Malcom Harrison Born Nov 21st 1904 James Virgil Harrison - Born July 6th 1906 Clayton Wilkins Harrison Born Sep. 11th 1908 Thelma Inez Harrison Born Jan 6 1910 Anna May Harrison Born July 25 1913 (Son) Baby Harrison Born July 15, 1915 DEATHS: Baby (son) Harrison Died - July 15, 1915 MARRIAGES Mr. Virgil Harrison Miss Lucille Samples married - Oct 26, 1926 Mr. Reginald Harrison Miss Barbara (Matuszazck) married - Miss Thelma Inez Harrison Mr. Jimmie Rampey married - Dec. 24, 1930 (all information on Thelma/Jimmie is scratched over) Miss Anna Mae Harrison Mr. James Rowland Johnson - married Oct.7.1934 [In Clarence's hand: "There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us". And, "Life is a sentence which has points only when punctuated by decisions..Satan says to youth, "Wait, this is your play time, decide later", but God says, "Decide now and become an example even to believers." #2: (Bible belonging to my mother, Anna Mae Harrison-Johnson-Cawein, in her own hand and not necessarily in order). HUSBAND: James Rowland Johnson Born: May 28, 1914, Benton, AR WIFE: Anna Mae Harrison Johnson Born: July 25, 1913, Benton, AR MARRIED: October 7, 1934 CHILDREN: Thelma Lee Johnson Born: Oct October 11, 1935, Benton, AR Brenda Joyce Johnson, French Hospital, Los Angeles, CA August 31, 1941 MARRIAGES: Thelma Lee married Walter Karl Heckert, Dec. 27, 1955 Brenda Joyce married Gary Edward Carter, Nov. 10, 1959 (divorced, Nov. 1977) Anna Mae Harrison Johnson married William Daniel Cawein, May 28, 1958 in Las Vegas, Nevada Brenda married Everett L. Harwood, 6-6-81 BIRTHS: Thelma's children: Steven Lloyd Heckert, Karen Lynn Heckert, Kim Elaine Heckert. Brenda's children: Michele LeAnn Carter 8-10-61 Natalie Joan Carter 1-7-64 Steven Heckert married Kathy ?. Their child is Cherise. Kim married Lee Hyashida. Their children are Steven and Nicole Michele married Vasco Francisco Randal Regalla Laite deMello 9-7-91. Their children are Sasha Nicole 4-4-89, Vasco Demitri 12-18-94, and Mia Areana 10-1-97. Natalie married Michael Joseph Dempsey 6-27-88. Their children are Zachary Ryan 1-5-88, Samantha Leigh 1-13-90, and Kyle David 2-23-93. Brenda married David Manuel Escoto, 10-15-94 DEATHS: Clarence Raymond Harrison (died) April 9, 1960 Ophelia Harrison Died - 7-5-65 James R. Johnson, Oct 30, 1989 Everett L. Harwood, 4-29-92 William D. Cawein 1984 Thelma Inez Mar 6 -'83 Anna Mae Cawein - 28 Dec. 1998 (I entered into Mothers Bible) #3: Bible belonging to my paternal Aunt, Theda Lee Johnson-Roundtree, in her hand: Robert Calvin Roundtree and Theda Lee Johnson were married in Holy Matrimony on the 16th day of March in the year of our LORD 1940 at Santa Ana, Calif. BIRTHS: Robert Roundtree, July 14, 1918 Theda Lee (Roundtree) Johnson, Jan 4 1918 DEATHS: Robert Roundtree, 12-18-82
BENJAMIN WESLEY HUDSON AND ELISABETH Submitted by George M. Akins, 2721 Hurricane Lake Road, Benton, AR 72015. Bible is possesson of Peggie Boettger, Mablevale, AR. THIS BIBLE IS DATED 1844 BIRTHS: BENJAMIN W. HUDSON was born the 7 of April 1826 ELIZABETH J. HUDSON was bornd the 8 of November 1825 WILLIAM W. HUDSON was bornd the 22 of June 1846 HADEN R. HUDSON was born the 28 of January 1848 LJ HUDSON was born the 8th of March 1827 ANN E. HUDSON was born November 5th 1851 MARY A. HUDSON was bornd Feb 7, 1838, FLORENCE HUDSON was bornd January the 1st 1859 THOMAS HUDSON was bornd Febr the 12th 1860 MARY A. HUDSON was bornd Oct 1st 1862 BENNY HUDSON bornd November 3, 1865 ABY HUDSON bornd November the 3, 1866 TRAVIS HUDSON BORND July the 8th 1868 ALLEGGENA HUDSON bornd November 26, 1869 BIRTHA HUDSON bornd April 16, 1871 LORAHAMAH HUDSON bornd Sept. 22, 1873 FARIS HUDSON bornd December 5th 1875 ROY HUDSON bornd December 8, 1877 EVA HUDSON bornd the 26th January 1880 MARRIAGES: BENJAMIN W. AND B. J. HUDSON marid the 22 of June, 1845 BENJAMIN W. AND L. J. HUDSON was married on the 21 or 7 of December 1850 B. W. And M. A. HUDSON was married December 31, 1857 B. W. HUDSON married March 12th 1866 DEATHS: ELISABETH J. HUDSON died May 26th 1850 ANN E. HUDSON died April the 28th 1853 TRAVIS HUDSON died Oct the 15th 1869 Images of Bible vital information: Bible TOC Page Bible Title Page Bible Marriages Page Bible Birth Page 1 Bible Birth Page 2 Bible Deaths Page Bible Last Page Bible Loose paper Bible Back Page
Submitted by George M. Akins, 2721 Hurricane Lake Road, Benton, AR 72015-8531. Bible is in possession of Jo Ann Hurley, Conway, AR. Jo Ann, is William and Birtha's grandchild. This Certifies that WILLIAM W. JOHNSON AND BIRTHA LEE HUDSON, of Delta Co., Texas, were married at the residence of the Brides mother on the 25th day of September in the year of our Lord 1887. MARRIAGES: WILLIAM W. AND LORA BIRTHA JOHNSON (HUDSON) was married Sep 25, 1887 CHARLIE M. HUITT AND MARY LUCILLE JOHNSON, was married, Oct 10, 1915 ALLEN COLUMBUS AND ELENORIA HALBERT, were married April 8, 1917 POSEY LEE JOHNSON AND WILLIE MYRTLE RASCA were married Aug 19, 1917 DANIEL WESLEY JOHNSON AND MAUDE WATSON were married Nov 25, 1917 BIRTHS: WILLIAM W. JOHNSON was borned Aug 31, 1866 LORA BIRTHA LEE JOHNSON was borned April 16, 1871 POSY LEE JOHNSON was borned April 28, 1890 DANIEL WESLEY JOHNSON was borned Sept 9, 1892 ENFANT SON was borned and died Jan 28, 1895 ALLEN COLUMBUS JOHNSON borned June 2, 1896 MARY LUCILLE JOHNSON was borned May 22, 1898 (LIDDIE) LYDIA CORDELIA JOHNSON was borned June 12, 1900 WILLIAM HERRING JOHNSON was borned Nov 18, 1902 RUTH ADLEE JOHNSON was borned July 2, 1906
Bible Record of: Benjamin Manire May and Mattie Lona McGarrh This Certifies that Benjamin Manire May and Mattie Lona McGarrh Were married at Stewart, Miss on the twelfth (12th) day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred Two ______________________________________________________________________ Name Birth Place Birth Date Married Date Death Date Father Ben Manire May Webster Co. Miss June 1, 1877 12/12/1902 5/9/55 Mother Mattie Lona May Webster Co. Miss Dec 25, 1880 12/12/1902 Jan 1968 Children Lillian Arabella May Webster Co. Miss Sept 14, 1903 3/12/1919 Dec 12, 63 Frank Elmer May Montgomery Co. Miss Dec 28, 1905 none 1/24/51 Myrtle Pearl May Montgomery Co. Miss Nov 25, 1908 12/31/27 2/3/2003 6/29/34 12/22/72 Bennie Paul May Webster Co. Miss Jan 13, 1910 8/24/34 1/26/1999 Robert Henry May Webster Co., Miss Apr 14, 1914 5/15/37 3/22/1989 William Lloyd May Saline Co., Miss May 28, 1920 4/3/1964 Frank Adrien May Webster Co., Miss May 19, 1881 12/3/49 _____________________________________________________ NOTES: Benjamin Manire May's date of death was entered incorrectly. He died 17 Jul 1955. I have 4 sources to verify this date, his Certificate of Death, Burial record from Roselawn Cemetery, and his obituaries from the Arkansas Democrat and Arkansas Gazette. Frank Adrien May the last entry was Ben Manire May' brother. Benjamin and Mattie May Family Bible; 1877 - 2003; Bible published 1896, M. A. Donohue & Company, Chicago; in poss. of George M. Akins, 2721 Hurricane Lake Rd., Benton, AR 72015. Viewed first time, Dec. 1980 at Robert Henry May, Sr. home, Sherwood, AR. His son, Robert Henry May Jr., gave the bible to me 28 Dec 1992. Images of Bible vital information: Bible Title Page Family Temperance Pledge Page Marriage Page Family Record Page
Bible Record Of: Collin McKinney and Vinnie (Diggs) This Certifies that Collin McKinney and Vinnie Diggs Were United in Holy Matrimony on the 27th day of November 19 4 -- (1904) at 2:00 p.m. in Garland Co. Births: Collin McKinney borned April 10, 1884 Vinnie McKinnie borned Feb the 27, 1884 Ice McKinney borned October the 3, 19 5 -- (1905) Loka McKinney was borned March 31, 19 7 -- (1907) Collin McKinney was borned December 3, 19 9 -- (1909) Loyed McKinney was borned February 3, 1913 Vinnie Ruth Bairrett Pack borned 8-14-1933 Marriages: Loka McKenney = Bairrett Died 11-7 1951 Walter H. Pack & Vinnie Bairrett Mairried 4--3-1954 Chester L. Harris and Alberta Bairett Married Aug 13, 1955 Deaths: Ice McKinney Died the 3 of October 19 5 -- (1905) Loyed McKinney died March 4, 1944 Vinnie McKinney died March the 16, 1951 Loka McKenney Bairrett died 11-7-1957 Cal McKinney Died Jan 4, 1962 ----------- Collin and Vinnie (Diggs) McKinney Family Bible; in possession of their granddaughter, Alberta (Bairett) Harris, 4205 Gattin Road, Benton, AR 72015. Loka McKinney Bairrett Harrell's Death Certificate shows her date of death 8 Nov 1957, copy in my possession. Other sources on Collin McKinney lead me to believe his date of birth was 10 Apr 1883 instead of 1884, and on Vinnie McKinney, to believe her date of birth was 27 Feb 1883 instead of 1884. (Death Certificates informants at time of death, personal interviews, census records, and headstones) NOTE: I viewed the bible 27 Mar 1995 at her home. There are no outer bindings left on the bible and the publishing pages are also missing. I copied the information out of the bible exactly as it was written. Names were spelled differently and the years were written just as 19 7, meaning 1907. George M. Akins 2721 Hurricane lake Road Benton, AR 72015-8531 (505) 847-6233 Email: Images of Bible vital information pages: Family Registry Page Births Page Marriages Page Death Page
Rev. Charles Franklin Moore's Bible Miscellaneous C. F. Moore E. E. Moore W. W. Moore Births C. F. Moore was born 18__ W. G. Moore was born 18__ J. A. Moore was born 18__ U. E. Moore was born 18__ Charles F. Moore Jan. the 1st 1825 William G. Moore Feb. 11, 1848 John A. Moore October 24, 1850 Lhonzo Moore 18__ Daniel B. Moore Mar. 8, 18__ James R. Moore Mar. 20, 1866 Robert F. Moore Jan. 31, 1869 Thomas F. Moore July 21, 1872 Richard F. Moore Mar. 8, 18__ Unice Blackwell before marring C. F. Moore Unice E. Moore June 2, 1842 Martha A. Moore Dec. 1862 Sarah L. Moore Mar. 3, 1869 Laury L. E. Moore Jan. 11 18__ Sarah L. Moore Sep. 15, 1879 Nelly R. Moore July 20, 1881 anice E. Moore May 29, 1884 Mary J. Moore June 26, 1852 Pair L. Moore Octo. 18, 1853 Juley A. Moore Dec. 18, 1860 Death C. F. Moore died Sep the 11 1889 C. F. Moore Sep. 11, 1889 W. G. Moore 18__ (Mar. 1880) Juley Ann beaty May 20, 1935 Tom Moore October, 1939 Robert Franklin Moore February 14, 1954
FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS OF MALOY COPELAND SHEPHERD Submitted by Marlo May Bush BIRTHS: Maloy Copeland Shepherd was born September the 16, 1841. M. J. Hogue, was born November the 28, 1850. Samuel Henry Shepherd was born April the 28, 1869. W. Marvin Shepherd was born May the 16, 1870. Etter Shepherd was born May 11, 1871. Emly Alice Shepherd was born October 16, 1872. Emaline Shepherd was born April 12, 1874. Louisa Kansas Shepherd was born July 29, 1875. William Lucoran Shepherd was born April 22, 1877. Isaac Hiram was born April 11, 1879. C. Mabel Shepherd born May 23, 1881. Abigal Shepherd was born August 22, 1884. MARRIAGES: M. C. Shepherd and M. J. Hogue was married June 16, 1868. J. M. Phillips and Mable Shepherd. W. L. Shepherd and Katherine Martin married July 5th 1903. I. H. Shepherd and Ottie Ankrom married Jan 18th 1903. A. L. Moore and Abbie Shepherd married Jan 1st 1903. J. Bush And Verta Shepherd married Jan 1st 1910. BIRTHS: Levertia Shepherd was born November the 11, 1889. Grand Children Edith Baldridge born June 5th 1891. WILLIAM Shepherd born Nov 20th 1905. Dorris Shepherd born march 22nd 1907. Mary Sue Shepherd born June 13th 1911. DEATHS: Samuel H. Shepherd died July 29, 1870. Marvin Shepherd died May 27, 1870. Etter Shepherd died May the 12, 1871. Enaline Shepherd died April the 20, 1874. M. C. Shepherd died Sept 29th 1903. Dr. J. M. Phillips died Oct 19th 1927. Mabel Phillips died (aft 1938) [parenthetic information penciled in by Frances D. Bush]. Verta Bush died Oct 5, 1950. Edith Dorris died June 5, 1962. A. L. Moore died Feb 19 1920 ?. MISCELLANEOUS: Abbie Moore Anderson married H. W. Anderson Jan. 14, 1934. H. W. Anderson died Oct. 27, 1960. Abbie Anderson died Sept. 20, 1970.
BIBLE records for Barnie Herbert HAWKINS and his wife Mona Grace (BENEDICT) Marriage of Barnie Herbert Hawkins and Mona Grace Benedict Married on September 2, 1910 in Traskwood, Saline County, Arkansas by Mr. J.B. Gatlin, J.P. Birth Records of their children: JD Hawkins b: Jan 17, 1913 Traskwood, AR Owen Hawkins b: Oct 6, 1915 Traskwood, AR Laila Hawkins b: Nov 1, 1916 Traskwood, AR Dale E. Hawkins b: June 5, 1920 Traskwood, AR Merlin O. Hawkins b: June 2, 1922 Ridgefield, WA Mauleen Hawkins b: May 25, 1924 Traskwood, AR Majorie O. Hawkins b: April 27, 1926 Traskwood, AR Imogene Hawkins b: Aug 13, 1928 Traskwood, AR Marriages of their children: JD Hawkins m: Reba Harrop Oct 11, 1933 in Traskwood, Saline Co., AR Owen Hawkins m: Bernice Prentiss, April 20, 1946 in Clark Co., WA Laila O. Hawkins m: William Moore Oct 13, 1934 in Saline Co., AR Dale Hawkins m: Zola Wessel, Aug 14, 1943 in Clark Co., WA Merlin O. Hawkins m: Vonda Humphries, Sept 17, 1942, Ridgefield, Clark Co.,WA Marjorie O. Hawkins m: Donald Brown, June 14, 1946 Clark Co., WA Imogen Hawkins m: LeRoy Colby, April 20, 1946, Ridgefield, Clark Co., WA
JOHN B. WISE BIBLE Copyright 1890 A. J. Holman Co. Copyright secured 1872. Large Bible Wt. (0 17 lb. Submitted by Tom Blackburn Marriage J. B. Wise and M. S. Price was married October 18, 1864 by S. Hill J. B. Wise and M. J. Bates was married December 3, 1871 by Rev. A. S. Smith Births J. B. Wise Born August 9, 1837 M.S. Price Born February 10, 1847 M. J. Bates Born February 18, 1853 Laura Leona Wise Born December 25, 1865 Luler A. Wise Born July 29 1867 F. A. Wise Born August 4, 1869 Delta A. Wise Born August 21, 1874 John E. Wise Born March 6, 1879 Norma 0. Wise Born July 22, 1881 Loren Wise Born April 19, 1884 Leora E. Wise Born September 18, 1886 Ambrus, Wise Born November 9, 1890 Xenia Wise Born July 4, 1893 Death J. B. Wise January 8, 1929 Laura L. Wise Died August 17, 1867 Mary Susan Wise Died May 30, 1871 Luler A. Wise Died July 4, 1878 Martha J. Wise Died May 5, 1919 John E. Wise Died September 9, 1910 Norma 0. Wise Anderson Died April 19 1924
DAVIS BIBLE Submitted by Pat Nance Marriages Miles Jefferson Davis and Georgie (Hester Ann) Newcomb June 25, 1898, Dublin, Texas Frank Godfrey and Winnie Davis March 12, 1917, Little Rock, AR C. L. Bass and Minnie Davis February 12, 1931, Bauxite, Arkansas R. B. Wilson and Dealva Davis Nov 11, 1928, Bauxite, Arkansas Patricia Ann bass and Willard Nance April 12, 1957, Bauxite Arkansas Richard Allen Nance and Sharla Diane Brown Nov 23, 1984 Benton Arkansas Michelle Lynn and Michael Alan Moseley September 21, 1984 Benton Arkansas Richard Allen Nance and Vicki Michelle Morgan May 3, 1997 Macon Georgia BIRTHS Miles Jefferson Davis November 14, 1878 Pulaski County, Arkansas Hester Ann (Georgie) Newcomb October 2, 1879 Green Forrest Arkansas Winnie Davis May 24, 1900 Dublin Texas Minnie Davis March 4, 1902 Dublin Texas Ferell Davis Alexander, Texas Dealva Davis July 16, 1908 Erath County Texas Patricia Ann Bass Dec 14, 1936 Bauxite Arkansas Richard Allen Nance September 4, 1962 Camp Zama Japan Michelle Lynn Nance May 24, 1965 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Heather Renee Nance September 4 1986 Benton Arkansas Kyle Alan Nance August 11, 1993 Little Rock Arkansas Makayla Lee Nance April 30, 1996 Benton Arkansas DEATHS Miles Jefferson Davis April 29, 1939 Bauxite Arkansas, Bauxite Cemetery Hester Ann (Georgie) Newcomb Davis February 24,1970 Benton, Arkansas, Bauxite Cemetery Winnie Davis Godfrey Aug 26, 1989 Delva Davis Wilson Cyrus Lee Bass June 12, 1995 Buried June 14, 1995 New Rosemont, Benton AR Minnie Davis Bass August 18, 1995 Buried August 19, 1995 New Rosemont, Benton AR
NANCE BIBLE Submitted by Pat Nance Births Chester Thomas Nance January 2, 1910 Missouri Frankie Jane Livingston Nance February 11, 1910 Dallas County Arkansas Willard Dean Nance Jan 11, 1934 Benton Saline County Arkansas Patricia Ann Bass Nance December 14, 1936 Bauxite Saline County Arkansas Cyrus Lee Bass Jr August 5, 1909 Little Rock Arkansas Minnie Davis Bass March 4, 1902 Dublin Erath Co Texas Richard Allen Nance September 4, 1962 Camp Zama Japan Michelle Lynn Moseley May 24, 1965 Pine Bluff Arkansas Heather Renee Nance September 4, 1986 Benton Arkansas Kyle Alan Nance August 11, 1993 Little Rock Arkansas Makayla Lee Nance April 30, 1996 Benton Arkansas Marriages Chester Thomas Nance and Frankie Jane Livingston Oct 1931 Dallas Co AR Willard Dean Nance and Patricia Ann Bass April 12, 1957 Bauxite Arkansas Michelle Lynn Nance and Michael Alan Moseley September 21, 1984 Benton AR Richard Allen Nance and Sharla Diane Brown November 23, 1984 Benton AR Divorced Nov 1996 Richard Allen Nance and Vicki Michelle Morgan May 3, 1997 Macon Georgia Deaths Kyle Alan Nance August 12, 1993 Little Rock Arkansas Cyrus Lee Bass Jr June 12, 1995 Little Rock Arkansas Minnie Davis Bass August 18, 1995 Benton Arkansas
Alphonzo P. Moore Family Bible Born Marriage Death A.P. Moore Dec. 3, 1858 Oct. 14, 1883 Nov. 17, 1929 Elizabeth Jul. 11, 1865 Apr. 28, 1943 May Aug. 16, 1884 1976 Frank Sep. 1886 May 18, 1908 Jun. 29, 1954 Rob Nov. 8, 1888 Lee Jan. 14, 1890 Mar. 6, 1890 Aug. 2, 1965 Tom Apr. 14, 1892 Al Aug. 6, 1896 Jan. 21, 1981 Betty May 8, 1899 Wilber Jul. 24, 1903 Jul. 13, 1923 Baby Dec. 26, 1908 Dec. 16, 1908
Mary S. Homan Family Bible Records J. W. Shoppach and Mary S. Homan was married Aug. 16th 1869 W. N. McCray Jr. and Letha Ada Kahn was married March 6th 1930 BIRTH Harris C. Rowland was born forth day of July 1831 Ruth V. Rowland was born A. July 13th 1814 Thomas R. Rowland was born April 30th 1821 Martha J. Rowland was born March 20th 1828 Harris C. Rowland was born July 4th 1831 Blackburn Rowland was born September 12th 1833 John R. Rowland was born March 13th A. 1836 L. P. Sims Rowland was born Feb. 6th 1826 John F. Shoppach was born April 15th 1849 Mary S. Shoppach wife of J.F. Shoppach was born Jan. 31th 1848 Emma Lula Shoppach was born March 15th 1870 John F. Shoppach Jr. was born Oct. 24th 1872 Fred McCray was born May 20, 1895 Maire McCray was born Nov. 20, 1897 Clifton McCray was born Aug. 9th 1900 Fay McCray was born Mch. 17, 1904 W. N. McCray was born Nov. 21st 1906 DEATH John R. Rowland departed this life September the 15th 1868 Emma Lula McCray (nee) Shoppach died June 1st 1926 Martha J. Homan departed this life May the 8th 1860 Aged Thirty two years and two Month [marked through eight day] And [Marked through da]
Family Bible Record of Asa Bertrand Hill and Elizabeth Daye Duncan Hill In Possession of Elizabeth Daye Porter Campbell of Hensley, Arkansas Submitted by Jim Porter of Los Angeles, CA and grandson of Asa Bertrand and Elizabeth Daye Hill. BIRTHS Grace Hill borned Jan 27, 1907 Palestine Hill bornd Oct 6, 1910 Mae Hill borned Oct 29, 1912 Hiram Hill born Jan 22, 1914 Mattie Hill born Jan 20, 1916 Raymond Hill born June 30, 1918 Harold Hill born Sept 2, 1921 Leo Hill born March 14, 1925 Mrs. Lizzie Hill born August 6, 1883 Mr. A. B. Hill born Dec 27, 1869 DEATHS Ivsan Duncan died April 4, 1899 Henry Duncan died July 1, 1900 Annie Duncan died Jan 8, 1919 NAMES OF H. C. DUNCAN FAMILY Henry Duncan Annie Duncan Lillie Mabel Carpenter Lizzie Day Duncan Eugene Taylor Duncan William Ivsan Duncan
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