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Saline County, Arkansas Chancery Court Loose Files #1

Submitted by Deb Robinson

Case No. Plaintiff Defendant Cause of Action Date Type of Case
CR Arkansas, State of Dickinson, W. N. Penetentiary Commitment 10-15-1915 CHANCERY
CR2133 Arkansas, State of Grant, Herman Burglary 10-24-1949 CHANCERY
CR679 Arkansas, State of Rankin, W. M., Clifton Evans & Brunson Tunnah Writ of Certiorari 4-1-1922 CHANCERY
PR Tarver, Sam P. Estate 10-24-1908 PROBATE
PR Hendrix, J. S. Estate Estate 2-27-1929 CHANCERY
PR Mashburn, Sarah L. Ulmer, A. L. - Guardian Guardianship 4-30-1921 CHANCERY
70 Dotson, D. P. Dotson, Millie G. Divorce 8-30-1913 CHANCERY
91 Fones Brothers Hardware Company Davis, G. D. Complaint in Equity 12-13-1913 CHANCERY
123 German Trust Company Hastings, W. S., Mary J. Hastings, Tom Haliburton & Mattie C. Haliburton Complaint in Equity 7-22-1914 CHANCERY
128 Epstein Mercantile Co. Perkins, J. H. Complaint in Equity 10-8-1914 CHANCERY
134 DuVall, E. A. Scott, Ella Complaint in Equity 11-28-1914 CHANCERY
137 Beaver, Joe Bame, R. L. Complaint in Equity 12-11-1914 CHANCERY
138 Almon, R. V. Bame, R. L. Complaint in Equity 12-11-1914 CHANCERY
139 Northcutt, Mart Bame, R. L. Complaint in Equity 12-11-1914 CHANCERY
141 Howard, J. G. Cuff, George & S. S. Mashburn Petition to Quiet Title 1-5-1915 CHANCERY
153 Andrews, W. C. Andrews, Mary Divorce 3-10-1915 CHANCERY
165 Spann, W. A. Spann, Lula Divorce 5-29-1915 CHANCERY
168 Manning, Thomas Walton, J. W. Complaint in Equity 6-22-1915 CHANCERY
170 Hall, Effie Hall, Walter Divorce 7-10-1915 CHANCERY
183 Scott, M. F., Curator of Willis & Frank Thurmond, Minors Cockerill, S. P., C.C. Baldeauf and J. B. Sudduth Complaint in Equity 10-30-1915 CHANCERY
185 Byers, Jamie Byers, Clinton Divorce 11-13-1915 CHANCERY
187 Ashley, Wes Ashley Divorce 1916 CHANCERY
207 The Capital Security Company Cunningham, B. H. & Mattie E. Cunningham 3-3-1916 CHANCERY
208 Marvel, Thos. R. Marvel, Anna E. Divorce 3-7-1916 CHANCERY
224 Davis, Maud Davis, James Divorce 5-23-1916 CHANCERY
225 Lena Lumber Company Signoracci, A & J. R. Gibbons Petition for Judgment 5-27-1916 CHANCERY
233 Bank of Benton Hopkins, R. L., et al Complaint in Equity 6-17-1916 CHANCERY
257 Davis, Dovie Davis, Charley Divorce 9-2-1916 CHANCERY
258 Antonacci, Emilio Faisst, B. & Max Mayer, Trustee Petition to Quiet Title 7-7-1916 CHANCERY
265 Stuckey, William Hawkins, Emma (Guardian of Stuckey minors), et ux & L. B. Horn, John E. Parsons, C. C. Pate & American Bauxite Company Partition 10-7-1916 CHANCERY
277 Starcks, Mary A., J. W. Wheeler, Lewis Moore, Pearl Griffis, Laura James, Elmer Skinner, Lennie Whittenburg Caldwell, Isaac, James Wright, Bessie Skinner & S. Hockom Partition 12-6-1916 CHANCERY
281 Tarver, Sam S., Payton L., Loie, Neil, Viola & Mollie Lee, J. F., R. M. Fletcher, M. F. Scott, F. H. Petts, E. Y. Stinson, Geo. Hughes, J. W. Walton & W. C. Caldwell Petition to Set Aside Probate Order 1-4-1917 CHANCERY
306 Sheridan, Dillie Sheridan, J. C. Divorce 4-3-1917 CHANCERY
307 Smith, Isaac Smith, Biner Divorce 4-7-1917 CHANCERY
309 Bank of Benton Brazil, A. D. & Nora Brazil Petition for Judgment 4-20-1917 CHANCERY
317 Atkinson, J. W. Baldridge, Ella Petition for Judgment 5-28-1917 CHANCERY
320 Richey, J. B. Green, Ada B. & H. R. Green Judgment 6-30-1917 CHANCERY
323 Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. Baldridge, A. F. Judgment 7-3-1917 CHANCERY
327 Spann, W. A. Spann, Lula Divorce 7-14-1917 CHANCERY
328 Shelnut, Mary Shelnut, Henry Divorce 7-28-1917 CHANCERY
330 Foley & Company Harrington, L. M., T. W. Whitlock & F. T. Whitlock Petition to Set Aside Sale 8-9-1917 CHANCERY
332 Powell Grocery Company Harrington, L. M., Benton Hardware Company & Benton Merchantile Company Judgment 8-23-1917 CHANCERY
335 Cole, John Gulley (Ex Parte) Petition to Confirm Title 10-4-1917 CHANCERY
339 Cole, John Gully (Ex Parte) Petition for Confirmation of Title 10-30-1917 CHANCERY
342 Ashcraft, E. T. Harrington, L. M. , Eunice Harrington & H. W. Perkins Petition for Judgment 11-7-1917 CHANCERY
345 Poe, A. B. Corzine, C. M., Edgar Westerman & I. W. Blacklock Petition for Judgment 11-16-1917 CHANCERY
346 Jorden, Gussie Jorden, W. D. Divorce 11-27-1917 CHANCERY
347 Bagby, Dona Bagby, John Divorce 11-28-1917 CHANCERY
349 Childress, L. A. Childress, N. B. Divorce 12-26-1917 CHANCERY
352 Peoples Merchantile Co. and C. C. Brazil & J. R. Gibbons (Ex Parte) Petition to Appoint Receiver 1-18-1918 CHANCERY
353 Butner, R. M. S. Spann, W. A. Judgment 2-6-1918 CHANCERY
354 Chambers, Rhona, Vera Donham, Lula Acre, Annie Akins, Amanda Harris, Ida Harris & William Garrett Garrett, Belle & Fred Garrett Petition to Assign Dower 2-28-1918 CHANCERY
356 Coffman, Jean H., Alice Hearne Engle, Harold Hearne, Cannon C Hearne, Susie Hearne Washburn, Frank P. Hearne, Jr., Bernice Hearne, Katharine McCommon, Joseph McNeil, Eleanor McNeal, George M. Hearne, Luther Hearne, Eleanor Hearne, Eliza W. Hearne Carter, E. L. & J. R. Wilson Petition to Sell Lands 3-7-1918 CHANCERY
357 Martin, Tom M. Martin, Arkie, Minnie, Pearle, Henry, Albert, Emma, Hellen & Ernest Petition to Quiet Title 3-18-1918 CHANCERY
358 Loney, Dora P. Loney, M. Divorce 3-18-1918 CHANCERY
360 Stotts, Dollie Stotts, W. M. Divorce 3-19-1918 CHANCERY
361 Buck, Ella Buck, Earl Divorce 3-23-1918 CHANCERY
362 Hill, Beatrix B. Rucker, C. L., Olivia P. Rucker, J. R. Waits, Lula H. Waits, Owossa Man. & Arkansas Fertilizer Company Judgment 3-25-1918 CHANCERY
363 Henry, Chalmer Henry, Mattie S. Divorce 3-26-1918 CHANCERY
364 Key, W. J. Treadwell, R. S., J. A. Cunningham & W. O. Church Complaint in Equity 4-4-1918 CHANCERY
365 Otis W. Caldwell, Morgan Brooks, A. N. Talbot, Joe C. Grout, Ida M. Fisk, Charles A. Ewing, Flora Wells, Mary Busey, W. A. Henry, D. L. Fairchild, F. L. Reardon, J. P. Kratz, Frank D. Wilbur, E. J. Townsend, J. Otis Humphrey, A. A. Hinckley, W. A. Henry & New York & St. Louis Mining and Manufacturing Company Foreclosure 4-13-1918 CHANCERY
366 Moody, Zora Moody, Ben Divorce 4-15-1918 CHANCERY
369 Galligan, Rose A. Justice, John, W. E. Justice, P. E. Justice & J. P. Kirby Judgment 4-26-1918 CHANCERY
370 Carger, Ida Carger, Louis, C. D. Harris & Floy Ola Harris Petition to Quiet Title 4-30-1918 CHANCERY
371 High, Dalsey High, Rich Divorce 5-2-1918 CHANCERY
372 Smith, W. P., L. H. Carlisle & George Hughes (Ex-Parte) Petition for Confirmation 5-6-1918 CHANCERY
373 Spencer, Lottie Middleton, Henry L., Effie Middleton, H. B. Reed, Mary Reed & T. J. Monahan Petition for Judgment 5-4-1918 CHANCERY
374 Tete, Charles, Jr., Executor Arkansas Soapstone & Refractory Manufacturing Company Petition to Set Aside Lease 5-8-1918 CHANCERY
376 Lena Lumber Company Sissell, W. F. Complaint in Equity 5-6-1918 CHANCERY
377 Lena Lumber Company Pierce, R. L. Complaint in Equity 5-6-1918 CHANCERY
378 Shellnut, Henry L. Shellnut, Mary Divorce 5-27-1918 CHANCERY
378 1/2 Caldwell, Walter & J. W. Melton (Ex Parte) Petition to Confirm Title 5-30-1918 CHANCERY
379 Williamson, D. J. Williamson, Dora Divorce 5-22-1918 CHANCERY
380 Cox, Alma Cox, Robert Divorce 6-5-1918 CHANCERY
381 Efird, J. F. Efird, Olie Divorce 6-6-1918 CHANCERY
382 School Fund Bingham, A. H., Belle Bleidt, Margaret A. Bush, Fred C. Bush, Ernest J. Bush, Johanna E. Bailey, Fred Harvill, W. H. McDonald, Mary E. McDonald & Lutie Belle Holland Complaint in Equity 6-7-1918 CHANCERY
383 Watson, J. B. Wallace, Maude, W. C. Wallace & Bank of Benton & First National Bank Complaint in Equity/Injunction 6-29-1918 CHANCERY
384 Withrow, E. J. Withrow, Theresa Divorce 1-12-1919 CHANCERY
385 Walker, J. A. L. Walker, S. J. Divorce 7-2-1918 CHANCERY
386 School Fund Short Leaf Lumber Company Complaint in Equity 7-2-1918 CHANCERY
387 Addy, J. W. Addy, Sarah Divorce 7-15-1918 CHANCERY
388 Willis, Sallie & Mollie Skaggs Jim Puthuff, et al Judgment 7-18-1918 CHANCERY
389 Miller, Delia Miller, Frank Divorce 7-24-1918 CHANCERY
390 Furr, Sarah Furr, Rosco Divorce 8-3-1918 CHANCERY
391 Orr, W. S. (Trustee) of Otis W. Caldwell, Morgan Brooks, A. N. Talbot, Joe C. Grout, Ida M. Fisk, Charles A. Ewing, Flora Wells, Mary Busey, W. A. Henry, D. L. Fairchild, F. L. Reardon, J. P. Kratz, Frank D. Wilbur, E. J. Townsend, J. Otis Humphrey, A. A. New York & St. Louis Mining and Manufacturing Company, et al Complaint in Equity 8-3-1918 CHANCERY
392 Carrington, Elbert Carrington, W. H. Divorce 8-14-1918 CHANCERY
393 McCright, S. B. & G. H. McCright Cannady, R. H. Petition for Judgment 8-17-1918 CHANCERY
395 Howard, Sonoma Howard, W. A. Divorce 8-21-1918 CHANCERY
396 Butler, W. D. Butler, Mary Divorce 8-21-1918 CHANCERY
397 Hogue, W. R. Hogue, Rosa Divorce 8-23-1918 CHANCERY
398 Leonard, Susie Lenard, Johnsohn Divorce 8-24-1918 CHANCERY
399 Jones, Mattie Jones, John Divorce 9-3-1918 CHANCERY
400 Cate, Julia Cate, W. D. Divorce 9-11-1918 CHANCERY
404 Horn, L. R. & J. E. Parsons Donham, M. M., Plumer Green, Mrs. Laura Ball, Sam Magsby, J. L. Copeland & M. A. Copeland Complaint in Equity 9-17-1918 CHANCERY
405 Clark, James Leather Company & Voss Barbee Manufacturing Company Conway, Luther E. & W. O. Hiel Petition to Set Aside Sale 9-18-1918 CHANCERY
406 Taylor, Ada Taylor, Harrison Divorce 9-19-1918 CHANCERY
407 Geyer & Adams Company Besancon, C. L. & Louise Besancon Petition for Judgment 10-7-1918 CHANCERY
408 Dobbs, J. P. (Ex Parte) Petition to Confirm Title 10-10-1918 CHANCERY
408 Dobbs, J. P. (Ex Parte) Petition to Confirm Title 10-10-1918 CHANCERY
409 Kinney, Ms. Fannie as Next Friend of Bertha Steward Petition to Remove Disabilities 10-18-1918 CHANCERY
410 McCray, Pert McCray, Pearl Divorce 11-21-1918 CHANCERY
411 Clemons, W. A. Clemons, Martha F. Divorce 11-12-1918 CHANCERY
412 Wallace, Jno. Henry Petition for Removal of Disabilities 11-18-1918 CHANCERY
413 Thompson, W. W. Collier, W. F. Petition for Confirmation of Title 11-18-1918 CHANCERY
414 Howell, T. E., Receiver Brisby, J. C. & Stella Foreclosure 11-20-1918 CHANCERY
415 Cate, J. W. Meriweather, Laura, Ollis, Alfred, Lena, Robert, Jessie, Labe, Vernen, Charley & Viola Complaint in Equity 12-14-1918 CHANCERY
416 Armstrong, Dora May Armstrong, Walter Eugene Divorce 12-4-1918 CHANCERY
417 Childress, Bettie Childress, Henry Divorce 12-4-1918 CHANCERY
418 McStaner, Ms. Henry, Walter Allen Wilkerson, Edna Cleo Wilkerson & Hubert Wilkerson Cook, Robert L. 12-7-1918 CHANCERY
419 Vance, Pearl C. Vance, Perry Divorce 12-11-1918 CHANCERY
420 Gurnee, Susan F. as Guardian of Bryan Pulley Petition to Remove Disabilities 1-3-1919 CHANCERY
421 Burt, Lillie Burt, Dave Divorce 1-3-1919 CHANCERY
422 Chalkley, H. G. Sherida, E. W., Henry M. Sheridan, E. A. Ubergang & Ms. E. A. Ubergang Petition for Judgment 1-3-1919 CHANCERY
423 Deiure, Vito Signoracci, Augustus Petition for Judgment 1-10-1919 CHANCERY
424 Clemmons, A. J. Clemmons, Annie Divorce 1-16-1919 CHANCERY
425 Rook, Leona, et al Rook, J. W., Administrator Petition to Cancel Claim on Title 1-10-1919 CHANCERY
426 Smith, Chancie Webster, W. B. Petition for Judgment 1-25-1919 CHANCERY
427 Martin, Edith & William Martin Martin, Ellen Partition 1-30-1919 CHANCERY
428 McCray, Pert McCray, Pearl Divorce 2-4-1919 CHANCERY
429 Brown, Adah Brown, Page Divorce 2-14-1919 CHANCERY
430 Mathews, Allie Matthews, C. W. Divorce 3-3-1919 CHANCERY
431 Stark, Mary A. Stark, Unknown Heirs of Valentine Petition for Judgment CHANCERY
432 Cox, L. E. Cox, John Divorce 3-15-1919 CHANCERY
433 Wilkerson, A. J. Wilkerson, Arlevia Divorce 3-17-1919 CHANCERY
434 May, Tinnie May, Joe Divorce 3-17-1919 CHANCERY
435 Shelton, Robert G. Banks, Ms. C. W. & R. Braun Petition for Judgment 3-18-1919 CHANCERY
436 Cearley, Della Cearley, J. F. Divorce 3-19-1919 CHANCERY
437 Dunnavant, Sallie Dunnavant, R. F. Divorce 7-18-1919 CHANCERY
438 Miller, Mellie Miller, B. F. Divorce 3-21-1919 CHANCERY
439 Raney, Nila Raney, John C. Divorce 3-21-1919 CHANCERY
440 Guyse, J. T. R., J. T. Guyse and Jennie Gilmore Ross, Emily L. & Thurmon Guyse Complaint in Equity 3-31-1919 CHANCERY
441 Caradine, G. H. (Ex Parte) Petition for Confirmation 5-19-1919 CHANCERY
444 Bank of Benton Williams, Joe & Julia Williams Complaint in Equity 4-9-1919 CHANCERY
445 Neely, Fannie H. Neely, T.J. Divorce 4-10-1919 CHANCERY
446 Adamson, W. C. Spann, W. A. Petition for Judgment 4-11-1919 CHANCERY
448 Winters, Geo. W. as Next Friend of William A. Quantz Petition to Remove Disabilities 4-18-1919 CHANCERY
449 Womack, C. H. Bennett, W. H., et al Injunction 4-23-1919 CHANCERY
450 Wells, W. H. as Next Friend of Mamie V. Smith Smith, Carl E. Divorce 5-1-1919 CHANCERY
451 Wells & Stanley Guile, A. M. Injunction 5-3-1919 CHANCERY
452 Freeman, Virgie Freeman, Paul Divorce 5-10-1919 CHANCERY
453 Leech, Mollie Leech, Charlie Divorce 5-12-1919 CHANCERY
454 Wilbanks, W. E., Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 1919 CHANCERY
455 Lee, Ellen Lee, Geo. A. Petition for Alimony 5-24-1919 CHANCERY
456 Davis, W. A. Davis, Mary Divorce 5-31-1919 CHANCERY
457 Mills, Ruby Mills, Walter Divorce 7-16-1919 CHANCERY
458 Reed, Annie Reed, Leonard Divorce 6-26-1919 CHANCERY
459 Mingea, Hazel Mingea, Fred Divorce 7-25-1919 CHANCERY
461 Howell, J. S. Stark, Mary E. & E. B. Butler Petition for Specific Performance 8-2-1919 CHANCERY
462 Jones, T. S. Jones, Thracy B. Divorce 8-4-1919 CHANCERY
463 Scott, Ruby Scott, Walter Divorce 8-4-1919 CHANCERY
464 Ball, Esther Kelley Ball, Thomas E. Divorce 8-5-1919 CHANCERY
465 Wilkerson, T. W. & Lizzie Bradshaw Wilkerson, Fred, Executor Injunction 8-6-1919 CHANCERY
467 Ivy, Nora Ivy, Henry Divorce 8-13-1919 CHANCERY
468 Howard, Lucille Howard, Henry A. Divorce 8-18-1919 CHANCERY
470 Inman, A. M. Inman, Melinda Divorce 8-25-1919 CHANCERY
471 Whitlock, Mrs. Annice Bill for Review 8-29-1919 CHANCERY
472 Wade, James A. Wade, Tempie Divorce 8-29-1919 CHANCERY
473 Stainer, May Wilkerson Stainer, M. H. Divorce 8-30-1919 CHANCERY
474 Carpenter, M. T. Sweeney, Frank, Beulah Sweeney & Elizabeth Sweeney Petition to Reform Deeds 8-30-1919 CHANCERY
475 Mower, C. L. Mower, Vera Mae Divorce 9-4-1919 CHANCERY
476 Homan, R. B. McCray, W. N. Injunction 9-10-1919 CHANCERY
477 Gabatheuler, Lizzie Gabatheuler, Fred Divorce 9-10-1919 CHANCERY
479 Brickhouse, B. D. & Son Benton Gravel & Construction Company Foreclosure 9-13-1919 CHANCERY
480 Leonard, Johnson Leonard, Susie Divorce 9-17-1919 CHANCERY
481 Landreth, Sarah T. Landreth, B. F. Divorce 9-26-1919 CHANCERY
482 Finney, Mary Finney, John Divorce 9-29-1919 CHANCERY
483 Doyle, J. M. Doyle, Josephine Divorce 10-1-1919 CHANCERY
484 Tankersly, Enoch O. Petition to Confirm Title 10-1-1919 CHANCERY
485 Butler, W. D. Butler, Mary Divorce 10-4-1919 CHANCERY
486 Smith, S. C. Petition to Confirm Title 10-15-1919 CHANCERY
487 Grasty, W. M. Leeper, M. L., Robert F. Leeper, Marvin T. Leeper, Catherine J. Leeper, Virginia C. Leeper Partition 10-28-1919 CHANCERY
488 Bright, Erey Bright, Jim Divorce 11-3-1919 CHANCERY
489 Ard, Fannie Ard, Henry Divorce 11-5-1919 CHANCERY
490 Adams, F. W. Adams, Marguerette Divorce 11-4-1919 CHANCERY
491 Thacker, James Jowel Thacker, Emma E. Divorce 11-6-1919 CHANCERY
492 Collier, J. M. Hobbs, Claud & J. A. Cunningham Judgment 11-7-1919 CHANCERY
493 Cobb, Jessie Cobb, Evan Divorce 11-12-1919 CHANCERY
494 Perry, Mamie Ball Benton Gravel Company Judgment 11-13-1919 CHANCERY
495 Wilmoth, Claud Wilmoth, Annie Divorce 11-17-1919 CHANCERY
496 Hale, Ethel Hale, Frank Divorce 10-4-1919 CHANCERY
497 McCray, P. M. McCray, Pearl Divorce 11-24-1919 CHANCERY
498 Ransom, Annie Ransome, Hughes Divorce 12-8-1919 CHANCERY
499 Wills, M. J., Mary McKeown, Rose Wills, Martin Wills, J. T. Wills, Rachel Pitts & Eva Wilson Thedford, James Henry & Daisy Lee Thedford & Monroe Thedford, Guardian Partition 12-15-1919 CHANCERY
500 Godfrey, Amelia Ann, J. N. Godfrey, Mrs. Mary McAdoo, Willie Whitley & John Godfrey Gray, Edgar Injunction 12-15-1919 CHANCERY
501 Tull, C. E., Rena Andrews, Lillie Clift, D. G. Tull, Lilburn Tull & M. A. Tull Tull, John A., Bertha Burrow, Walter Tull, Curtis F. Tull & Joseph C. Tull Petition to Reform Deed 12-16-1919 CHANCERY
503 Lokey-Burton Company Marvel, T. R. & Annie Marvel Judgment 12-23-1919 CHANCERY
504 Marvel, T. H. Marvel, Annie Bill to Cancel Deed 12-23-1919 CHANCERY
505 Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad Co., et al Road Improvement District #2 Petition to Set Aside Assessment 1-3-1920 CHANCERY
506 Johnson, D. A. Johnson, Hettie Divorce 1-14-1920 CHANCERY
507 Tarver, Mollie, Ex Parte Petition to Remove Disabilities 1-16-1920 CHANCERY
508 Nethercutt, Earl, Ex Parte Petition to Remove Disabilities 1-16-1920 CHANCERY
510 Butler, Anthony F. Butler, Vera J. Divorce 1-27-1920 CHANCERY
511 Boyles Farrell Land Co., Ex Parte 2-13-1920 CHANCERY
512 Hockersmith, Phillip, Ex Parte Petition to Remove Disabilities 2-13-1920 CHANCERY
513 Quantz, A. E., Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 1-8-1920 CHANCERY
514 Lealie, Janie Lealie, Bobo Divorce 2-17-1920 CHANCERY
515 Jefferies, Roy Jefferies, Ambrillo Divorce 2-17-1920 CHANCERY
516 Hamilton, George Blagg, A. G. & S. S. Mashburn Petition for Judgment 2-26-1920 CHANCERY
517 Robertson, Laura Robertson, Richard Divorce 3-1-1920 CHANCERY
518 Denson, Robert L. Richey, D. B. & Bank of Benton Complaint in Equity 5-3-1920 CHANCERY
519 Burton, Angie Burton, C. C. Divorce 3-11-1920 CHANCERY
520 McAlester, Ben McAlester, Nora Divorce 3-31-1920 CHANCERY
521 Beaty, J. A. Beaty, Edna Divorce 3-13-1920 CHANCERY
522 Ewell, Charles D., Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Title 4-7-1920 CHANCERY
523 Caldwell, Charles H., Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Title 4-7-1920 CHANCERY
524 Howard, Sonoma Howard, W. A. Divorce 4-13-1920 CHANCERY
525 Wright, M. L. Duvall, E. A., E. J. Ingram, Virginia Scott & Dollie Scott Petition in Equity 4-21-1920 CHANCERY
526 Farchman, John Lenggenhager, Mary B. Complaint in Equity 4-22-1920 CHANCERY
527 Heerey, C. J. Johnson, C. M., Beulah Johnson & John A. and Ora Melton Complaint in Equity 4-23-1920 CHANCERY
528 Walters, Mrs. Margery Walters, Jim W. Divorce 4-26-1920 CHANCERY
529 Tyre, Mattie Tyre, A. W. Complaint for Alimony 4-30-1920 CHANCERY
530 Kinney, Fannie Crow, Jehu J. & Ben W. Durham Petition for Restraining Order 5-4-1920 CHANCERY
531 Gatlin, G. B., Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Title 5-6-1920 CHANCERY
532 Rodgers, Sloan Carson, J. H. D. Petition in Equity 5-7-1920 CHANCERY
533 Jones, M. E. Jones, B. C. Petition for Alimony & Child Support 5-7-1920 CHANCERY
534 Carter, G. G., Ex Parte Petition for Removal of Disabilities 5-10-1920 CHANCERY
535 Lokey Burton Company Melton, J. A., Ora Melton & H. L. and Lona Fox Complaint in Equity 5-24-1920 CHANCERY
536 Garris, Cornelia Garris, Alvin Petition for Alimony 5-27-1920 CHANCERY
537 Harris, Myrtle Harris, A. V. Divorce 6-1-1920 CHANCERY
538 Lee, Minnie Lee, J. Divorce 6-12-1920 CHANCERY
539 Wilson, J. B. Wilson, Nan Divorce 6-21-1920 CHANCERY
540 Jordan, Lee & Howard Cook Claimants...... Petition in Equity 6-21-1920 CHANCERY
541 Hicks, John G., Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Title 6-30-1920 CHANCERY
542 Gray, Willie Gray, Charley Divorce 7-3-1920 CHANCERY
543 Williams, Julia Williams, Joe Divorce 7-6-1920 CHANCERY
544 Landreth, B. F. Landreth, Sarah T. Divorce 7-14-1920 CHANCERY
545 McAllester, Maggie McAllester, C. D. Divorce 7-21-1920 CHANCERY
546 McAdoo, T. F., Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Title 7-28-1920 CHANCERY
547 Kevil, Georgie, et al Brown, Robert A., Mabel J. Brown & Bank of Fordyce Petition in Equity 8-2-1920 CHANCERY
548 Dodson, W. F. & Rosa L. Newcomb Dodson, Ed, Tony Kelley & Jennie Kelley Complaint in Equity 8-2-1920 CHANCERY
549 Scott, Dorothy Scott, John Divorce 8-2-1920 CHANCERY
550 Hendricks, Lizzie Hendricks, Willie Complaint for Alimony 8-6-1920 CHANCERY
551 Womack, C. H. Kelly, Dr. W., et al Complaint in Equity 8-17-1920 CHANCERY
552 Cole, Lewis & Sam Boytte, Fred, Emer, Virgil, Victory, Lottie, Mertice, Bertha, Garlin & Robert and Nezzie & Gladies Weaver 8-31-1920 CHANCERY
553 Godfrey, J. E. Godfrey, Gertrude Pauline Divorce 9-3-1920 CHANCERY
554 Orr, Will S. Hall, R. M., et al Petition for Confirmation of Title 9-1-1920 CHANCERY
555 Gifford, Rose Simpson Horton, W. P. and George A. Matthews Petition in Equity 9-9-1920 CHANCERY
556 Hyten, L. E. Hyten, Gladys Divorce 9-10-1920 CHANCERY
557 Cahill, J. W. & Margaret E. Cahill LR&HS Highway District Complaint in Equity 9-16-1920 CHANCERY
563 Hester, D. B., et al Jefferson Highway District Complaint in Equity 3-9-1920 CHANCERY
564 Davidson, Ruth Davidson, Carl Divorce 9-29-1920 CHANCERY
565 Henry, Beryl Whitt, Clay & Ellen Whitt & Bank of Benton Complaint in Equity 9-29-1920 CHANCERY
566 Faisst, G., et al Faisst, Herbert, et al Complaint in Equity 10-5-1920 CHANCERY
568 Scheel, Henry Certain Lands Petition to Quiet Title 10-13-1920 CHANCERY
569 Wallace, George W. Wallace, Lula Divorce 10-19-1920 CHANCERY
570 Turner, W. C. Smithers, J. W. Petition for Confirmation 10-25-1920 CHANCERY
571 Thomas, Louisiana Blagg, A. G. & A. F. Blagg Petition for Injunction 11-1-1920 CHANCERY
572 Masters, Fay Masters, C. N. Divorce 11-9-1920 CHANCERY
573 Spann, C. S., et al Road Improvement District #2 Complaint in Equity 11-15-192011-15-1920 CHANCERY
574 Shepherd, Virgil Shepherd, Charlie Divorce 11-18-1920 CHANCERY
575 Livingston, Jessie Livingston, Burt Divorce 11-19-1920 CHANCERY
576 Comstock, Maude Comstock, H.T. Divorce 11-23-1920 CHANCERY
577 Johnson, Henry, Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 11-29-1920 CHANCERY
578 Rodman, E. S. Lee, J. F. Petition to Receive Judgment 12-11-1920 CHANCERY
579 Rogers, Rosa Rogers, J. R. Divorce 12-14-1920 CHANCERY
580 LR&HS Highway District Oliver Construction Company Complaint in Equity 12-21-1920 CHANCERY
581 Beaty, J. A. Beaty, Edna Divorce 12-24-1920 CHANCERY
582 Oliver, Mary Oliver, J. H. Divorce 12-29-1920 CHANCERY
583 Racer, W. C. & Wife Martin, B. J. & R. J. Fields Petition to Confirm Title 1-12-1921 CHANCERY
584 Thompson, T. L., Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 10-19-1920 CHANCERY
585 Kelley, W. M. & Orlando Millender, John, Jr. Petition to Confirm Title 11-4-1920 CHANCERY
586 Simmons, Henry S. Simmons, Angie Divorce 1-18-1921 CHANCERY
587 Caldwell, J. M. & F. C. Bush Young, A. M. & Laura Young Complaint in Equity 1-27-1921 CHANCERY
588 Rowland, C. A. & J. W. Kellems Walker, J. H., et ux Complaint in Equity 1-29-1921 CHANCERY
589 Guest, Hattie Guest, Wylie Divorce 2-3-1921 CHANCERY
590 Caldwell, J. M. Rhodes, C. C., Esther Childress & Hattie Westerman Complaint in Equity 2-5-1921 CHANCERY
591 Capsilidakis, Grace Capsilidakis, Nick Divorce 2-8-1921 CHANCERY
592 Stephens, Kathryne F. Stephens, Hugh J. Divorce 2-8-1921 CHANCERY
593 Lewis, C. W. Lumber Co. Preddy, W. A. Complaint in Equity 2-11-1921 CHANCERY
594 Masters, C. N. Masters, Agnes Fay Divorce 2-18-1921 CHANCERY
595 Marion Hotel Company Whitlock, J. F., Annice R. Whitlock & Geo. W. Rogers Petition for Judgment 2-21-1921 CHANCERY
596 Lokey-Burton Company Crabb, I. E. & Blanche Crabb Complaint in Equity 2-26-1921 CHANCERY
597 Winters, G. W. - Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation 4-15-1921 CHANCERY
598 Harrell, J. T., et al Mason, J. H., et al 3-5-1921 CHANCERY
599 Cox-Hayes Auto Company Sanders, L. H. Attachment 3-19-1921 CHANCERY
601 McFarland, Agnes McFarland, Jesse Divorce 4-9-1921 CHANCERY
602 Rhea, Austin & Oscar and Lillie Rupp and Birdie Shelito Hubanks, Mary Shelito and Frank Shelito and Andrew McCauley Partition 4-13-1921 CHANCERY
603 Hall, J. W. - Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 3-7-1921 CHANCERY
604 Inman, A. M. Inman, Jessie Divorce 3-1921 CHANCERY
605 Coughlin, Elizabeth Coughlin, Malley Divorce 3-16-1921 CHANCERY
606 Turner, W. G. - Ex Parte Petition for Confirmation of Tax Title 4-23-1921 CHANCERY
607 Crow, Jehu J. - Ex Parte Petition to Confirm Title 4-23-1921 CHANCERY
608 Garris, Cornelia Garris, Alvin Divorce 5-2-1921 CHANCERY
609 Kelley, J. M., et al Road District #4 Injunction 5-3-1921 CHANCERY
610 Parker, E. A. Barber, James & W. H. Evans Complaint in Equity 5-10-1921 CHANCERY
611 Murry, Cora Murry, Otis Divorce 5-10-1921 CHANCERY
612 Gaunt, Virginia Gaunt, Gervise Divorce 5-12-1921 CHANCERY
613 Coburn, J. A. Dobbs, T. N. & Leona Petition to Quiet Title 5-23-1921 CHANCERY
614 Finley, R. W. Myers, George & Sarah Petition for Judgment 5-26-1921 CHANCERY
615 Kelly, Elmer Kelly, Donnie B. Divorce 5-27-1921 CHANCERY
616 Kinney, Marie Kinney, Ed Divorce 5-31-1921 CHANCERY
617 American Bauxite Company Preddy, W. A. Complaint in Equity 6-8-1921 CHANCERY
618 Timms, Lizzie Timms, John Divorce 6-11-1921 CHANCERY
619 Stinson, E. Y. Kelly, Dr. W., Bud McKewen, W. E. Carson, Donald Pitcock, W. H. Shoppach, N. A. Martin, Jewell Simmons, D. O. Dyer, Lewis Smith Complaint in Equity 6-14-1921 CHANCERY
620 Clevidence, Leah B., Executor Harter, Virgil E., et al 9-14-1921 CHANCERY
621 Curtis, W. G. Wells, F. L. & Johnhnie Wills & John Shaw Complaint in Equity 6-23-1921 CHANCERY
622 Easley, J. W. & Clyde Easley & Fred Easley Thompson, J. W. Complaint in Equity 7-11-1921 CHANCERY
623 Gatlin, A. H. Crawford, Unknown Heirs of Louis Petition to Quiet Title 7-13-1921 CHANCERY
726 Georgia State Savings Asso. Womack, C. H. Petition to Set Aside Sale 4-13-1923 CHANCERY
1135 Hester, Joe McDonald, Sam Commissioner's Report of Sale 5-17-1928 CHANCERY
1272 Ray, Willie Ray, J. C. Divorce 5-29-1929 CHANCERY
1335 Chicago Title & Trust Company Haskell School Districts Bond Petition 4-18-1930 CHANCERY
1452 Water & Sewer Improvement District Dickinson, Mrs. Nannie Complaint in Equity 9-8-1931 CHANCERY
1587 Taylor, Walter Martin, A. V., W. E. Carson, W. J. Cox, R. F. Lambeth & H. H. Thompson Complaint in Equity 12-22-1932 CHANCERY
1587 Wasson, Marion Martin, A. V. - Garnishees (Dr. F. M. Fulmer, Mr. & Mrs. Phil Hobbs, E. J. Bush, Wade Winburn, J. B. Milham, Sarah French, Bill Russell, Fred Crew, Dr. Thomas C. Watson, W. H. Evans, H. H. Thompson, Sam Cox, Kenneth G. Coffelt, Jim P. Carter, Wright Chevr Garnishment 5-2-1935 CHANCERY
1629 Arkansas, State of Delinquent Lands & Mr. and Ms. A. V. Martin 11-19-1934 CHANCERY
1888 Welch, Maggie Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railway Company Answer 9-8-1914 CHANCERY
2041 Wright, D. C. American Bauxite Company Answer 3-6-1916 CHANCERY
3107 Dodson, Ganum LRHS Highway District Complaint in Equity 8-5-1920 CHANCERY
3323 Ingram, George H. Arkansas Power & Light Co. Complaint in Equity 2-22-1923 CHANCERY
3707 Anderson, H. W. Couch, N. D. Petition to Quiet Title 5-18-1949 CHANCERY
5623 Taylor, Walter A. V. Martin Answer 9-5-1932 CHANCERY
Caldwell, R. W. Kiel, A. J. Complaint in Equity 11-17-1930 CHANCERY
Hardin, Ulric Hardin, Clara Divorce 11-23-1916 CHANCERY
Hopkins, Jack by Mrs. Mary Glover Petition for Removal of Disabilities 2-1-1934 CHANCERY
Baxter, R. D. LRHS Highway District Damages 5-1-1922 CHANCERY
Patman, M. C. & J. B. Henderson M. L. Caraway Note 6-1-1922 CHANCERY
Bean, Audrey Petition to Remove Disabilities 6-8-1937 CHANCERY
Howard, John L. & H. Augustus Petition to Remove Disabilities 7-16-1921 CHANCERY
Garrett, J. V. Garrett, Iora Ship Deposition 7-18-1930 CHANCERY
May, Anne Willett Eldridge, Mary Answer to Complaint 8-19-1925 CHANCERY
Benton, City of Mills, T. E. Transcript 8-26-1924 CHANCERY
Mezick, Wm. L. Estate Baldwin, L. W. & Guy A. Thompson Complaint in Equity 9-10-1934 CHANCERY
Moore, Wendell H. Moore, Willie Deposition 9-6-1943 CHANCERY
Hutchingson, Elbert Petition to Remove Disabilities No Date CHANCERY
Pekin Cooperage Company & M. L. Campbell Lewis, G. A. Complaint No Date CHANCERY
Rose, Lillie M. Howard, J. G., Mary Howard, W. H. Nield, W. E. Dodd, L. J. Valega and E. J. Reep Decree No Date CHANCERY

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