John W. Shoppach

Charles Franklin Moore

John H. Shoppach

John W. Shoppach
County Clerk 1852-1866

Rev. Charles Franklin Moore
County Treasurer 1866 - 1868

James H. Shoppach
County Clerk 1874-1879

State Representative 1887-1889

James W. Adams

Judge Jabez M. Smith

John F. Shoppach

Dr. James Wyatt Adams
Saline County Judge from 1874 to 1878
Member of the State Legislature 1880 to 1884
City Alderman of Benton from 1885 to 1886

Jabez M. Smith
Circuit Judge 1874 - 1882

John F. Shoppach
County Sheriff 1880-1893

Judge James B. Wood

Judge A. M. Duffie

Herb Green

James B. Wood
Circuit Judge October 31, 1882 - 1890

A. M. Duffie
Circuit Judge 1890 - 1906

H. Green
Saline County Judge from ____ to _____

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