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Saline County Cemeteries
Section V by Mrs. W. Bernard Barber Chairman for Cataloging Cemeteries A Saline County Sesquicentennial Project Regent Provincia de La Sal Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1974 - 1978 and 1894 - 1986

Crouch Cemetery

Cataloged by: Dorris and Bernard Barber, June 3, 1975

Location: South Street at Interstate 30 in Benton

Oldest Marked grave: Oscar Crouch, died, January 9, 1898

Crouch Jethro Judson (Father) June 22, 1859 - December 26, 1929
       Mary R. (Krebs) (Mother) January 29, 1867 - August 22, 1940
       Oscar (Broken Marker) June 28, 1879 - January 9, 1898

There are, as best as we could determine, a total of six (6) unmarked graves. DB

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