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Deaton Cemetery

Range 15W - Township 1S Section 28

Photos by Marlo Krueger

UpDated, Catalogued & Photos by: Marlo Krueger November 2007 and March 2009.
Directions: Highway 5, four miles west of Benton, on right Side of highway on top of hill. Oldest marked grave: Sarah
Caldwell, November 25, 1837. Deaton Cemetery is the site of burial of Honorable Charles Caldwell, who introduced a bill
in the Territorial Legislature creating Saline County, which was portions of Pulaski and Hot Spring Counties.

On August 2, 1975 Mrs. W. Bernard Barber surveyed the cemetery, and reported that there were many, many unmarked      
graves throughout the entire cemetery. It was also distressing to see the apparent disregard for the sanctity of the      
area, tombstones were piled in a large pile in the middle of the cemetery, and an area appeared to have been graded 
and plowed.

BRAZIL Pamela Tombstone Image  June 21, 1969-April 23, 2003 "Our Angel"

CARTER Carolyn A. Tombstone Image born Oct. 6, 1943 Married Nov. 25, 1960
       Richard L. Tombstone Image Aug. 6, 1940-April 30, 1999

DODSON Tommy Tombstone Image Dec. 16, 1879-June 9, 1910

DUMOND Illa Jean Tombstone Image July 26, 1938-Jan. 24, 2001 Married Feb. 19, 1957
       James Carl  Sept. 20, 1937-Dec. 24, 2005

GOINES Carroll Wayne (US Navy) Tombstone Image June 23, 1951-Aug. 18, 2003

HARRISON Billy T. (Dad) Tombstone Image July 16, 1928-July 7, 2002 Married May 29, 1965
         Haydee N. (Mom)  born Aug. 5, 1933

NEIGHBORS Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip, Tombstone Image April 7, 1969 "Another flower is blooming"

MASON Infant son of W.F. & Fannie  Tombstone Image born Dec. 9, 1898 [Note:  Only the top half of
      the numeral in Dec 9 remains, but it look to be more the top of a 9 than 
      the top of an 8, since the top of an 8 is smaller.]

{Mason C. H.  Tombstone Image Feb. 8, 1848-Jan 4, 1894  "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep" 
{Mason Charles H. Tombstone Image Co. H, 53 Ky. Mtd. Inf., Union, No dates

MOODY Charlie L. (Daddy) Tombstone Image Oct. 25, 1921-Oct. 5, 2005 Married June 28, 1941-Parents of Velma & Darlene Tombstone Image Tombstone Image
      Margie L. Tombstone Image (Mother) born Jan. 9, 1927

Harrison Lena Tombstone Image October 8, 1895-October 25, 1957
         Bill August 23, 1891-November 30, 1952
         William (Broken Tombstone) Tombstone Image Born in Cook County, Tenn. August 28, 1827 Died in Saline County, Ark. March 31, 1902
         Louisa, wife of William, Tombstone Image born in Tennessee Died March 3, 1886, age 56-11-3
         Frances Louretta, daughter of Wm. And Louisa Tombstone Image Died, September 12, 1875, age 16-1-29
         Isaac Wood, son of Wm. And Louisa (Broken Tombstone) Tombstone Image Born in Hot Spring County, February 12, 1862
         Died in Saline County, February 11, 1888

Deaton William M. Tombstone Image January 28, 1875-January 7, 1960
       Sarah Etta Tombstone Image August 5, 1875-November 16, 1941

Deaton, Josephine Ray Tombstone Image Nov. 6, 1900, Apr. 8, 1977

Dunnahoo J. N., (Baptist Preacher) Tombstone Image April 30, 1830-June 19, 1911

Deaton Lutie May Tombstone Image March 4, 1899-March 9, 1899

Milliner Joseph L. (Masonic Marker) Tombstone Image Died, February 7, 1859, age 34-11-4

Fletcher Henry L., son of C. L. and H. Tombstone Image January 3, 1853-April 24, 1870
         Caleb L. Tombstone Image November 6, 1825-May 3, 1868
         Mary, daughter of C. L. and H. Tombstone Image December 25, 1860-October 10, 1863
         Hannah E., wife of C. L. Tombstone Image April 20, AD 1833-July 18, AD 1861

Nethercutt Frank C., Tombstone Image son of Maggie and Sol September 28, 1880-March 9, 1909

Caldwell Honorable Charles Tombstone Image December 12, 1785-December 20, 1844
         Sarah No date of birth-November 25, 1837
         This monument was erected by their only living child.  Rev. James E. Caldwell

Richards James Q. Tombstone Image Died, April 13, 1857, age 52 years 

Ivy William B. Tombstone Image Pvt. 5 Regt. Ga. Inf., CSA December 12, 1844-October 13, 1930

Dodson John Tombstone Image September 20, 1895-November 22, 1922

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