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Section V by Mrs. W. Bernard Barber Chairman for Cataloging Cemeteries A Saline County Sesquicentennial Project Regent Provincia de La Sal Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1974 - 1978 and 1894 - 1986 The Saline County Coordinator for Rootsweb would like to thank Mrs. Barber for giving permission to post this cemetery on the Saline County Genealogy Page.

Hall Cemetery

Information from: Many senior adult citizens of Benton, who lived in the area bordered by Market, River, Pearl and Pine Streets.
Location: At the Southeast corner of what in now C. W. Lewis stadium, when it was built in 1934.

History: The Hall family, Lewis B. Hall and his wife Thursey A. Hall, and probably some of children were buried in this location, 
Lewis and Thursey were parents of Andrew Clarence Hall. Clarence never married and worked for the railroad most of his life.
When the stadium was built, the graves were moved to Old Rosemont Cemetery. We have not been able to locate the graves exactly. 
We do know the location of Clarence grave.Many citizens both then young and old, remember many people standing on the hill and 
watching the graves being dug up. Some of the stories collected were:

        1. Clarence Hall was a short, fat, clumsy man and he found a pretty stone while working on the other side of the river 
           in the curve of the railroad. He made a chain-bob out of it for his railroad watch
        2. A child was buried there that had been brought in an iron casket from Texas, traveling by wagon.Lewis B. Hall's Will 
           and Probate records are on file at the Saline County Court House,
           He died April 29, 1881.

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