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Page Owner Surnames
Patti Vance Hays Vance, Wilson, Hays, Matthews and Allied Families
Charlotte Curlee Ramsey Kent, Davis, Curlee, St.Clair/Sinkler, Browning, Nicholas, Wainscott, Elrod,
March, Roberts, Sammons, Bell/Perry, Ramsey, Lewis, Bell, Altom, Brown,
Arthur, Moss, Arbogast.
Gloria (Arnold) Conn (LINK NOT WORKING) Vinson / Carpenter / Davidson / Dortch / Gilzow / Quinn / Williams / Arnold
Carole Mayfield James / Mayfield / Terry / Garner / Eldridge
Herbert Giles Giles / Crawford / Kennedy / Rodrforde
Carolyn Earle Billingsley Earle / Keesee / Billingsley
Pauline Brandy              (LINK NOT WORKING) Ratcliff
Chris Walters Kesterson
Chris Walters             (LINK NOT WORKING) Kesterson / Cadwell / Courtney / Hopper
Chird Bobbitt Bobbitt
Glenda Jenkins Addy--Carpenter--Dobbs--Henry--White--Moore