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Hunnicutt Cemetery

Range 16W - Township 2S-Section 27

Cataloged by:  Mrs. Lloyd Hunnicutt in 1975

Directions:  From Benton, out the old Malvern Highway to Graham Cemetery, turn right off Malvern Highway, go across Interstate 30, turn left 
and take the first right turn.  Go about 2 miles, when coming to a residence on the right the cemetery is across the road on top of a hill.

Historical Information:  The cemetery was started about 1839 when four (4) year old Cora Hunnicutt, daughter of Buck Hunnicutt, died and was 
buried on a hill in front of the house.  Besides Hunnicutts and Edwards, there are several from the neighboring community.  Names and dates 
unknown. William (Buck) Hunnicutt and Mary McRay Hunnicutt migrated to Arkansas from South Carolina in 1836. Mary died and was buried in 
Hunnicutt Cemetery in 1839. William then married Martha Warford. William Buck Hunnicutt was buried in Mississippi while on a trip taking 
horses to Confederate Soldiers from Saline County.

Hunnicutt Mary 1839

        E. M. No date

        E. N. No date

        Emily No date

        Martha Warford 1880

        George CSA Sgt Major February 6, 1843 - July 11, 1927

        Ella Wood Hendricks Died 1908

        Sarah Died 1871

        Unnamed Child Died 1876

        Unnamed Child Died 1878

        Edna 1881

        Arthur 1889

Edwards John J. CSA Sgt No Dates

        Mary Chatherine Hunnicutt November 28, 1832 - May 22, 1917

Hunnicutt Margaret No Dates

        Dick No Dates

        William T. No Dates

        Duncan No Dates

Edwards William August 19, 1861 - June 22, 1929

        James March 24, 1877 - July 16, 1958

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