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Surveyed as of April 16, 1999.
Submitted by Katrina Johnson

This cemetery is located near the old Janeway Lumber Camp. Before other lumber companies destroyed it there had been about 65 known graves, 
you can find pieces of headstone in this area today and 3 remaining readable stones. Take highway 5 to highway 9 out of Benton, go north on 
9 until you reach the Sulphur Springs Road on the left, the you will take the second road on the right, cross Alum Fork on a low water slab 
bridge, go to the crossroads at the top of the hill, these crossroads are 17 miles from Hillcrest Grocery in Benton, you will take the left 
hand crossroad up until you come to a split in the road and on the right hand split there is a large water bar and you walk from here 
following a dim old road crossing the water bar into the woods and if you don't watch for the remaining stones you will walk right past them.


  Silvester A. daughter of S. A. and L. A. V. Moon

    January 21, 1863 - March 22, 1869


  John M. son of James and Virginia Hutchingson

    Died November 190?


    Died March 1880 age 23 years and 22 days


  William F. Spencer father of Sarah, Nancy, Lona Virda, William La Vander, John Samuel husband 

of Jemima James Spencer they were married on January 1, 1885 he was born February 23, 1857 and 

died March 20, 1924

  Jemima James Spencer wife of William F. Spencer also known as Minny

  Sarah Elizabeth Spencer born September 16, 1885 and died at a young age.

  My father-in-law says that he remembers some other people by these last names that had been 

buried here also but the stones were destroyed: Quinn, Bagley, Spencer, more Moons. 

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