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Saline County, Arkansas Jurors Claims 2

Submitted by Deb Robinson

Juror's Name Type of Jury Date of Claim
Bullock, B. G. Petit Jury 2-12-1915
Cameron, D. B. Witness 12-7-1915
Cooper, A. Witness 3-27-1923
Baxter, D. (See A. Cooper) Witness 3-27-1923
James, Izard (See A. Cooper) Witness 3-27-1923
Dodson, G. E. Witness 3-29-1915
Glidewell, W. H. Petit Jury 4-5-1915
Godfrey, W. H. Special Jury 2-18-1915
Martin, A. V. Grand Jury Witness 6-2-1909
Hoffman, Maggie Witness 8-5-1911
Steinhill, O. S. Petit Jury 3-20-1915
Warnock, Chas. Witness 4-24-1915

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