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Section IV by Mrs. W. Bernard Barber Chairman for Cataloging Cemeteries A Saline County Sesquicentennial Project Regent Provincia de La Sal Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1974 - 1978 and 1894 - 1986 The Saline County Coordinator for Rootsweb would like to thank Mrs. Barber for giving permission to post this cemetery on the Saline County Genealogy Page.

Johnson Graves

Range 17W - Township 1S Section 6

Information from:  Gary Lovell, November 1986

Directions and Historical Information:  From Benton, you would take Highway 5 (Old Hot Spring Highway) to Colonial Nursing Home at the 
Garland County Line.  Just past the nursing home is a road known as the Antioch Road for it leads to Antioch Cemetery.  
You should travel this road 3 or 4 miles and you will come to a Weyerhauser road that leads to Cedar Bluff Hole Road, which leads to 
the Middle Fork of the Saline River.  Enroute you will pass the old McVaughn home place, (Ethel Shell was reared there).  
Past it, go to the third gravel road on the right, turn there and it will take you to a bluff on the river.  Just before you get to the 
bluff, the graves are about 100 to 150 yards off the road to the right by a little road that goes down to the river.  
There are two unmarked graves of some JOHNSONS.  There were funeral home markers on the graves until recently, but have since been 
removed.  Another point of location is the graves are near the old Buck Clare place, where just beyond is where Alvin Farrell was 
ambushed by moonshiners.  

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