(Part 7)
Qualls thru Swor

Submitted by Deb Robinson

QUALLS, John J. &Michael Guardianship 1873
QUALLS, William M., Minerva &John M. Guardianship 1859
QUANTZ, A. E. Estate 1929
QUANTZ, Annie Insanity Commitment 1932
QUANTZ, Annie Estate 1953
QUANTZ, H. T. Estate 1918
QUINN, Elizabeth A. Estate 1866
QUINN, J. J. Estate 1939
QUINN, L. L. Estate 1925
QUINN, Mary A. Estate 1908
QUINN, Mary L. Estate 1932
RACHELS, C. C. Estate 1929
RAMICK, Reeda B. Estate 1949
RAMSEY, Birdie Insanity Commitment 1919
RAMSEY, J. R. Estate 1928
RAMSEY, Mrs. M. P. Estate 1926
RAMSEY, Mary F. Guardianship 1869
RAMSEY, Minnie Small Estate 1963
RAMSEY, Wilson L. Estate 1862
RANCH, Richard Estate 1931
RANEY, John C. Insanity Commitment 1914 FILE MISSING
RANEY, John C. Estate 1924
RANEY, John C., Jr. Estate 1924
RANEY, Jno. C., Jr. Insanity Commitment 1920
RANEY, R. C. Insanity Commitment 1937
RANDOLPH, G. L. Estate 1931
RANKIN, G. L. Commitment 1959
RANKINS, Carl J. Commitment 1962
RANSON, Louise Guardianship 1926
RANSONE, Beverly C. Estate 1860
RAPER, A. J. Pension Paperwork  
RAPER, Charles, Jr., Nellie Evlyn &Floyse Guardianship 1930
RAPER, G. C. Estate 1942
RAPER, Henry T. Estate 1937
RAPER, Henry T. Estate 1943
RAPER, Ida &Lousie Guardianship 1903
RAPER, J. Forest Estate 1912
RAPER, Laura F. Estate 1926
RAPER, Lou Estate 1920
RAPER, Louie Guardianship 1903
RAPER, Meredith Guardianship No Date
RAPER, N. J. Pension Paperwork  
RAPER, Neomi &Mary M. Guardianship 1912
RAPER, Onie Guardianship 1929
RAPER, Onie E. Insanity Commitment 1929
RAPER, William Allen Small Estate 1964
RATCLIFF, James Estate 1840
RAVER, William Coroner's Inquisition  
RAY, Baxter Estate 1867
RAY, Dorothy Fern Guardianship 1941
RAY, Elizabeth Estate 1929
RAY, J. F. Estate 1904
RAY, J. M. Estate 1902 FILE MISSING
RAY, Minors of Jacob Guardianship No Date
REA, Edwin G. Estate 1881
REA, Fred, Charlie, Gladys &Hattie Guardianship 1920
REA, H. F. Insanity Commitment 1930
REA, Hubert Small Estate 1962
REA, Leacie Insanity Commitment 1928 FILE MISSING
REAGAN, B. B. Estate 1921
RED, Billie Jean Guardianship 1942
RED, H. C. Insanity Commitment 1937
REED, Avery Estate 1942
REED, Burma Guardianship 1922
REED, Burma &Carl Guardianship 1914
REED, Etta Estate 1914
REED, Jane Insanity Commitment 1935
REED, Johnnie Clevland Small Estate 1955
REED, Lucille Estate 1967
REID, James Estate 1926
REID, Jesse S. Estate 1947
REILLEY, James Guardianship 1949
REVES, Ollie, Cecil, Jimie &Bessie Guardianship 1907
REXROAD, George W. Contract 1877
REYNOLDS, A. J. Estate 1864
REYNOLDS, Benjamin,John, Nancy &Balous Guardianship 1853
REYNOLDS, C. B. Guardianship 1902
REYNOLDS, James Estate 1880
RHINEHART, John Insanity Commitment 1917
RICHARDS, J. C. Estate 1883
RICHARDS, James Q. Estate 1857
RICHARDSON, Adolphus Ector Estate 1948
RICHARDSON, Ella Poe, Gordon &Audrey Guardianship 1901
RICHARDSON, Gordon &Audray Guardianship 1903
RICHARDSON, Maude Estate 1944
RICHEY, Don Guardianship 1940
RICHEY, W. M. Estate 1936
RICHIE, J. B. Guardianship 1893
RICHIE, John Brown Estate 1940
RICHMOND, J. H. Estate 1942
RICKARD, Eliza J. Estate 1917
RICKARD, Floyd Insanity Commitment 1938
RICKARD, Huston J. Insanity Commitment 1932
RICKARD, Joseph H. Insanity Commitment 1926
RICKARD, Joseph H. Guardianship 1930
RICKARD, Joseph H. Estate 1937
RICKARD, L. Insanity Commitment 1914
RICKARD, Samuel W. Pension Paperwork  
RICKARD, Zollie, Andrew, Ezaldie Ruby Mae Guardianship 1938
RIFFEL, J. K. Estate 1943
RINEHART, Francis, Florida, Arnez, Booker,&J. C. Guardianship 1922
RIPPLE, Emanuel Estate 1862
RIPPLE, Henry Guardianship 1865
RIPPLE, John Estate 1862
RIPPLE, John Estate 1853
RIPPLE, Miranda Estate 1860
RIPPY, Samuel H. Estate 1912
RITCHEY, Emma Insanity Commitment 1919
RITTER, W. M. Insanity Commitment 1936
RITZ, Mary A. Insanity Commitment 1916
ROACH, John M. Estate 1905
ROARK, William Guardianship 1856
ROBERTS, Charles F. Estate  
ROBERTS, Gratz, Ruf &Cora Guardianship 1902
ROBERTS, Milton W. Guardianship 1876
ROBERTS, W. S. Estate 1926
ROBERTS, W. S. &M. L. Guardianship 1922
ROBERTSON, C. B. Estate 1932
ROBERTSON, Edward Estate 1953
ROBERTSON, F. L. Estate 1950
ROBERTSON, Pearl Insanity Commitment 1931
ROBINETT, James M. Estate 1910
ROBINETTE, J. W. (John) Estate 1939
ROBINETTE, Ruth Moore, Ada Fowler, Evaline, Nora Rachael, Agnes, Opal Annie Guardianship 1920 FILE MISSING
ROBINSON, Daniel V. Estate 1936
ROBINSON, David Insanity Commitment 1926
ROBINSON, Dollie, Clay, Clebia Emogene Guardianship 1929
ROBINSON, Dyal Edgar Estate 1934
ROBINSON, Fannie &Ernest Guardianship 1922
ROBINSON, John Estate 1866
ROBINSON, Lula Insanity Commitment 1915
ROBINSON, Mary J. Estate 1862
ROBINSON, O. D. Insanity Commitment 1931
ROBINSON, Tom Estate 1920
ROBINSON, W. D. Estate 1946
ROBINSON, W. D., Jr. Guardianship 1927
ROBUCK, Raliegh Insanity Commitment 1845
RODD, Lorena Estate 1940
RODGERS, A. F. Estate 1921
RODGERS, Charlie &Ruthie Guardianship 1922
RODGERS, John A. Guardianship 1893
RODGERS, Lillie May Guardianship 1891
RODGERS, William A. Guardianship 1891
ROGERS, M. A. Estate 1946
ROGERS, W. P. Estate 1912
ROLAND, Gene Estate 1950
ROLAND, Green Guardianship 1874
ROLAND, Jeremiah Estate 1863
ROLAND, Martha Emory Estate 1937
ROOK, Eliza Insanity Commitment 1917
ROORK, William Insanity Commitment 1856 FILE MISSING
ROOTS, Horace S. Estate 1862
ROPER, Annie, Maggie, Louise &Ida Guardianship 1897
ROPER, Meredeth Estate 1897
RORIE, T. O. Estate 1945
ROSAMOND, William T. Estate 1935
ROSE, William F. Estate 1908
ROSMOND, W. T. Insanity Commitment 1935
ROSS, Bessie, Vernie, Joannah, Cleveland Guardianship 1890
ROSS, George Estate 1890
ROSS, Gordon &Audrey Guardianship 1902
ROSS, Ida &Ira Guardianship 1890
ROSS, Josie Estate 1902
ROSS, Lou E. Insanity Commitment 1914
ROSS, M. E. Estate 1932
ROSS, Ruth Insanity Commitment 1932 FILE MISSING
ROSS, Sam Guardianship 1897
ROSS, Samuel D. Estate 1891
ROSS, W. H. Estate 1887
ROTHENBERGER, Albert Benson Estate 1937
ROWAN, Amos Estate 1858
ROWAN, Ann Estate 1927
ROWAN, Harris, Martha &Cassandra Guardianship 1856
ROWAN, Hugh Estate 1912
ROWAN, Thomas Estate 1850
ROWAN, Thomas, Earnest &Charles Guardianship 1880
ROWAN, Thomas G. Estate 1877
ROWLAND, Alexander E. Estate 1877
ROWLAND, Archie Guardianship 1915
ROWLAND, Augustus Estate 1859
ROWLAND, Benson W. Guardianship 1867
ROWLAND, Carrie &Delbert C. Guardianship 1908
ROWLAND, Edwin Guardianship 1942
ROWLAND, Green L. Estate  
ROWLAND, Harris C. Estate 1872
ROWLAND, Joshua W. Power of Attorney 1860
ROWLAND, L. A. Estate 1916
ROWLAND, Little Pace Estate 1865
ROWLAND, Margaret, E. &L. Guardianship 1861
ROWLAND, Martha A. Estate 1934
ROWLAND, Mary I., Thomas L., &M. A. Guardianship 1860
ROWLAND, Mary Mahala Guardianship 1855
ROWLAND, Samuel S. Estate 1878
ROWLAND, Thomas L. & Margaret Guardianship 1871 FILE MISSING
ROWLAND, Thomas W. Estate 1894
ROWLAND, William G. Guardianship 1868
RUCKER, Enoch Estate 1919
RUCKER, Susan Estate 1948
RUCKER, W. A. Estate 1943
RUCKER, W. W. Estate 1918
RUCKER, William E. Estate 1928
RUDDER, William, Robert, Ruth, Sybil Guardianship 1946
RUDOLPH, Robbie L. Guardianship 1944
RUEBE, Elizabeth Estate 1942
RUPP, Matt Estate 1916
RUSHING, Mark &William Guardianship 1861
RUSHING, William M. Estate 1860
RUSHING, William M., Jr. Estate 1884
RUSSELL, Agnes, Robert, Milly, Elizabeth Guardianship 1872
RUSSELL, Alexander Estate 1905
RUSSELL, Anna E. Guardianship 1895
RUSSELL, Corry Insanity Commitment 1913
RUSSELL, J. J. Estate 1907
RUSSELL, Joseph J. Estate 1898
RUSSELL, Robert C. Estate 1882
RUSSELL, R. V. Estate 1939
RYALS, H. B. Estate 1943
RYAN, Albert R. Insanity Commitment 1953
RYE, Dick Guardianship 1890
RYE, Ellen Guardianship 1884
RYE, John R. D. Estate 1875
SACK, Mike Coroner's Inquisition 1911
SALLEY, Bernadine E. Estate 1936
SAMMONS, Wilburn Commitment 1962
SAMPLE, C. G. Estate 1937
SAMPLE, Margaret E. Pension Paperwork  
SAMPLES, Will or Bill Rape (See Flora Craft) 1926 FILE MISSING
SAND, Henry Etta Estate 1922
SANDERS, C. A. Estate 1950
SANDERS, C.A., L.A., J.E., &S.A. Guardianship 1890
SANDERS, D. C. Estate 1893
SANDERS, Delia N. Estate 1929
SANDERS, E. W. Estate 1929
SANDERS, Eiler Estate 1916
SANDERS, Elmer Guardianship 1922
SANDERS, Georgia L. Insanity Commitment 1940
SANDERS, J. C. Estate 1938
SANDERS, Joe S. Estate 1940
SANDERS, John W. Guardianship 1868
SANDERS, Laura V. (versus Mike Collins) Circuit - Bastardy 1894
SANDERS, M. N. Estate 1926
SANDERS, Matilda Estate 1929
SANDERS, S. H. Estate 1919
SANDERS, S. N. Estate 1924
SANDERS, W. A. Estate 1937
SANDIEFOR, Hermon Estate 1940
SANFORD, F. M. Estate 1878
SANNONER, Nannie L. Estate 1941
SAUGEY, Marius Estate 1947
SCHAAD, Oscar A. Estate 1944
SCHADER, Gladys M. Guardianship 1924
SCHEEL, Oscar, Carl &John Guardianship 1929
SCHLEISSER, Mary Estate 1914
SCHLEISSER, Rudolph Estate 1924
SCHMULTZLER, C. A. Estate 1939
SCHMULTZLER, Ernest Frederick Estate 1941
SCHMULTZLER, M. A. Estate 1939
SCHNEYER, C. B. Estate 1942
SCHURCH, Bernhardt Estate 1916
SCHUTTE, William Estate 1941
SCOFIELD, John Estate 1863
SCOTT, A. P. Estate 1899
SCOTT, Dollie Wessiebelle Guardianship 1920
SCOTT, Ernest Windfield Small Estate 1956
SCOTT, Euel H. Estate 1941
SCOTT, Henry B. &Winfrey Guardianship 1857
SCOTT, J. B., Dr. Insanity Commitment 1921
SCOTT, Mrs. Joe Pension Paperwork  
SCOTT, M. F. Estate 1918
SCOTT, Martha Jane Insanity Commitment 1915
SCOTT, Mary J. &James W. Guardianship 1866
SCOTT, Milton P., Cynthea A., Reuben C.&Eliza Guardianship 1858
SCOTT, Milton &William Guardianship No Date
SCOTT, Nancy Estate 1918
SCOTT, Patrick H. Estate 1935
SCOTT, R. M. Estate 1924
SCOTT, W. H. Estate 1911
SCOTT, W. H. Estate 1931
SCOTT, Walter Guardianship 1910
SCOTT, William M. Estate 1857
SCOTT, William M., Jr. Estate 1862
SEAMAN, Ernest Guardianship 1928
SELLERS, Georgia K. Estate 1949
SELPH, Linda Lee Guardianship 1953
SEWARD, John Estate 1938
SHAW, Elizabeth Estate 1896
SHAW, H. C. Notice 1877
SHAW, Hiram C. Estate 1877
SHAW, James H. Estate 1862
SHAW, Martin A. Estate 1862
SHAW, Myrtle Insanity Commitment 1914
SHAW, W. D., M. M., J. T., R. E., J. F., N. E. &W. H. Guardianship 1917
SHELLS, Willie Estate 1932
SHELTON, Alaminia Jane Estate 1937
SHELTON, G. A. Pension Paperwork  
SHEPHERD, Copeland Guardianship 1858
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth &Irby Guardianship 1896
SHEPHERD, I. H. Estate 1939
SHEPHERD, Irby Estate 1895
SHEPHERD, J. G. Estate 1907
SHEPHERD, J. H. Insanity Commitment 1940
SHEPHERD, Jasper N., George W., &James W. L. Guardianship 1863
SHEPHERD, Mary J. Pension Paperwork  
SHEPHERD, Verta &Ethel Baldridge Guardianship 1903
SHEPERD, Sam Guardianship 1929
SHEPHERD, William S. Estate 1862
SHERIDAN, H. M. Estate 1917
SHERIDAN, O. J. Pension Paperwork  
SHERMON, Samuel B. Estate 1862
SHERROD, William G. Original Will 1862
SHIPP, Benjamin A. Estate 1919
SHIPP, C. E. Insanity Commitment 1934
SHIPP, Herbert, Charlie, Lawrence &Ethel Guardianship 1919
SHIPP, J. B., S. O., C. L. &M. S. Guardianship 1871
SHIPP, S. M. Insanity Commitment 1937
SHIPTON, J. A. Estate 1929
SHOBE, C. Estate 1951
SHOEMAKER, James H. Estate 1860
SHOEMAKER, William W. Guardianship 1876
SHOPPACH, Emily Estate 1937
SHOPPACH, James H. Letter on Estate 1902
SHOPPACH, John W. Estate 1861
SHOPPACH, Mary J. (Mollie) Estate 1937
SHORE, J. P. Guardianship 1927
SHORT, L. Thomas Estate 1861
SHRADER, G. W. Estate 1915
SHROUT, J. J. Estate 1926
SHULZE, Amelie Guardianship 1929
SIDDELL, Edward Guardianship 1910
SIDDELL, Henry Albert Guardianship 1899
SIDDELL, William H. Estate 1884
SILBERNAGELS, Ernest Guardianship 1887
SIMMERY, John (State of AR versus) Assault Suit 1889
SIMMONS, Beulah &Ola Guardianship 1909
SIMMONS, Elbert E. Estate 1954
SIMMONS, J. H. Coroner's Inquisition  
SIMMONS, Lee A. Guardianship 1948
SIMMONS, Thomas L. Guardianship 1922
SIMMS, Marvin &Daniel Guardianship 1903
SIMPSON, John Estate 1872
SIMPSON, Ollie &Bithal Guardianship 1919
SIMPSON, Thomas R. Estate 1910
SIMS, Ben B. Estate 1942
SIMS, Oliver Criner Small Estate 1949
SIMS, Ruth B. Estate 1952
SINGLETERRY, J. H. Estate 1923
SINGLETERRY, Merle &Jessie Guardianship 1927
SINGLETON, Clinton, CLyde, Cleora &Roy Guardianship 1919
SINGLETON, J. H. Estate 1916
SINGLETON, J. H. Estate 1923
SISK, J. B. Guardianship 1935
SLACK, R. M. Estate 1950
SLOAN, Aura V. Commitment Release 1946
SMALL, L.N. Estate 1933
SMART, William Guardianship 1930
SMITH, Bradford Estate 1899
SMITH, Catherine Insanity Commitment 1927
SMITH, Clarisa, Charles, Effie &Gilbert Guardianship 1904
SMITH, E. H. Pension Paperwork  
SMITH, Effie &Gilbert Guardianship 1905
SMITH, Elizabeth Insanity Commitment 1916
SMITH, Fred &Others Guardianship 1920
SMITH, H. A. Estate 1930
SMITH, Dr. H. H . Estate 1944
SMITH, H. J. Estate 1936
SMITH, Helen Guardianship No Date
SMITH, I. H. Estate 1895
SMITH, J. H. Estate 1897
SMITH, J. N. Estate 1926
SMITH, Jake O. Guardianship 1945
SMITH, James Estate 1866
SMITH, James Phillips Estate 1920
SMITH, James W. Criminal - Bastardy 1951
SMITH, Jim Insanity Commitment 1905
SMITH, Jim Coate Affidavit 1926
SMITH, Joe Estate 1933
SMITH, John D. Estate 1948
SMITH, Julia F. Estate 1886
SMITH, Luther H. Estate 1943
SMITH, Mary R. Estate 1944
SMITH, Nathan &Henry Removal of Disabilities 1906
SMITH, Oscar Estate 1911
SMITH, Robert W. Small Estate 1955
SMITH, Royce Guardianship 1952
SMITH, Ruth Insanity Commitment 1920
SMITH, S. C. Coroner's Inquisition  
SMITH, Sam A. Estate 1928
SMITH, T. E. Estate 1934
SMITH, Thelma Guardianship 1933
SMITH, W. C., Jr. Guardianship 1945
SMITH, Dr. Wells Ferrin Estate 1936
SMITH, Willie Insanity Commitment 1919
SMITH, Willie Small Estate 1961
SMITHSON, Georgia M. Small Estate 1966
SNEPP, John Payne Estate 1919
SNODGRASS, Floyd W. Small Estate 1963
SNOW, Mary J. Pension Paperwork  
SNOW, Solomon J. Estate 1874
SNYDER, L. B. Pension Paperwork  
SORRELLS, Mary U. Estate 1935
SORRELLS, W. S. Estate 1930
SOUTH, Fleming T. Estate 1881
SPANN, C. S. Estate 1944
SPANN, Charley, Katie &James Guardianship 1933
SPANN, ELizabeth Jane Insanity Commitment 1906
SPANN, Hezekiah Estate 1879
SPANN, Ozzie J. Small Estate 1960
SPANN, William Estate 1877
SPARKS, Jonas &Frank Guardianship 1930
SPEARS, David Franklin Estate 1936
SPEARS, Thelma Marie Insanity Commitment 1926
SPEER, J. C. Estate 1922
SPEER, William S. Insanity Commitment 1914
SPENCER, Edna, Mildred &Harvey Guardianship 1934
SPENCER, J. Ellen, J. J., &W. F. Guardianship 1867
SPENCER, Jesse Estate 1862
SPENCER, Mattie C. Insanity Commitment 1934
SPIVEY, William Estate 1864
SPOHN, Richard Estate 1947
STAFFORD, Eunie Estate 1932
STAFFORD, Mahlon Estate 1909
STAFFORD, Robert J. Hugh Guardianship 1932
STAINER, Conrad Estate 1857
STAINER, Delila Estate 1858
STAINER, William &Thomas Guardianship 1859
STANER, Mc. Henry Estate 1910
STANER, Peter Estate 1908
STANLEY, Wells V. Estate 1945
STARNES, Rosa Insanity Commitment 1914
STAYTON, J. T. Estate 1898
STEDMAN, W. P. Estate 1936
STEED, C. J. Estate 1946
STEED, Ellen, John, George &Ruth, Adaline Guardianship 1917
STEED, I. J. Estate 1915
STEED, W. M. Estate 1926
STEED, Mrs. W. M. Petition to Correct Assessment No Date
STEED, William, et al Guardianship 1861
STEEL, Elbert Insanity Commitment No Date
STEEL, George I. Estate 1908
STEEL, Samuel B. Estate 1871
STEEL, Samuel B., Jr. Guardianship 1884
STEEL, Thomas Estate 1862
STEELE, Albert Guardianship 1952
STEELE, Franklin Estate 1930
STEELE, R. D. Estate 1914
STEELE, Treby &Ray Guardianship 1930
STEIGER, Christiana Estate 1909
STENT, George Estate 1948
STEPHENS, Rachel Pension Paperwork  
STERRETT, James Oliver Estate 1947
STERRY, Margaret Sterry Estate 1945
STEVENS, Wm, Lee Roy &Annie Lee Guardianship 1919
STEWART, A. L. Pension Paperwork  
STEWART, Clomer T. Small Estate 1962
STEWART, D. L. Estate 1946
STEWART, M. E. Pension Paperwork  
STEWART, Roy L. Estate 1950
STIFF, Robert Scott Guardianship 1942
STINSON, Anderson Estate 1864
STIRMAN, Arthur L. Petition 1899
STIRMAN, Pheby J. Pension Paperwork  
STOBALL, Ralph Guardianship 1913
STORCH, Freda Guardianship 1911
STORCH, John Estate 1931
STORCH, Louise Estate 1942
STOVALL, Ralph &McKenley Joiner Coroner's Inquisition 1907
STOWER, C. G. Guardianship 1870
STOWERS, Charles Estate 1867
STOWERS, G. C.   1882
STOWERS, Garvin C. Bond for Title 1874
STOWERS, Harris, Henry &Maud Guardianship 1899
STOWERS, Henry Coroner's Inquisition 1912
STRATMAN, George Henry Petition 1858
STRAUSS, Fred Estate 1906
STRIBLING, Eliza J. Insanity Commitment 1912
STRICKLAND, Thomas Notice  
STROOP, L. L. Estate 1876
STUBBLEFIELD, Sarah, Martha, Peter &George Guardianship 1849
STUBBS, J. W. Estate 1912
STUBBS, Roy Insanity Commitment 1937
STUCKEY, Chris Estate 1911
STUDER, Alfred Insanity Commitment 1938
STUDER, Alfred Commitment 1960
STUDER, Caroline Guardianship 1886
STYERS, Helen Estate 1937
STYERS, J. A. Deed 1946
STYERS, W. A. Guardianship 1932
STYERS, Willie Arlet Insanity Commitment 1932
STYERS, Willie A. Guardianship 1953
STYERS, Willie A. Estate 1954
SUDBURY, J. H. Estate 1908
SUDDETH, Ewell Dean Guardianship 1930
SUDSBERRY, Pearl &Ollie &Homer Guardianship 1909
SUGGS, Ben Insanity Commitment 1925
SULLIVAN, Charles Insanity Commitment 1916
SULLIVAN, Susie Insanity Commitment 1935
SUMMERVILLE, Fred C. Insanity Commitment 1906
SUMMERVILLE, James Insanity Commitment No Date
SUMMERVILLE, Robert Estate 1934
SUTTON, Doise Guardianship 1937
SUTTON, Sarah A. Estate 1929
SUTTON, Vernon &Maxine Guaridanship 1933
SWAFFORD, Charlotte Estate 1867
SWAFFORD, James T. Estate 1864
SWAFFORD, William Estate 1865
SWAN, Pete Insanity Commitment 1932
SWANSON, Johnnie Estate 1909
SWEENEY, Fred Guardianship 1901
SWEETEN, C. C. Estate 1873
SWEETEN, Ernest, Margaret &John Ella Guardianship 1930
SWEETEN, Isaac N. Estate 1866
SWIFT, Dean Estate 1911
SWOR, W. H. Estate 1867

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