(Part 8)
Talley thru Zoellner

Submitted by Deb Robinson

TALLEY, James E. Estate 1867
TANKERSLEY, Delilah Estate 1926
TANNER, L. F. Guardianship 1913
TARLTON, Mary A. Estate 1927
TARLTON, Stanley Guardianship 1929
TARVER, Sam P. Estate 1909
TARVER, Sam S. Guardianship 1908
TATUM, Joe, Maybelle, Vernice &Will Guardianship 1914
TATUM, Tom, et al Guardianship 1910
TAYLOR, Dewey, Fredelee &Elmo Guardianship 1919
TAYLOR,John, Julia, William S., Susan M., Mary A. &Franklin Guardianship 1919
TAYLOR, Joseph Estate 1931
TAYLOR, Malinda K. &S. G. Guardianship 1861
TAYLOR, Malinda Estate 1858
TAYLOR, Ruby, Jerleen, Mildred &Dewell Guardianship 1932
TAYLOR, Susie Insanity Commitment 1931
TAYLOR, William &J. N. Guardianship 1861
TELFRED, Frederick R. Estate 1866
TERRY, Bettie Pension Paperwork  
TERRY, Robert Guardianship 1861
TERRY, Stephen Estate 1838
TERRY, Telford Estate 1861
TERRY, William J. Guardianship 1866
TERRY, W. J. &Mary J. Guardianship 1861
THIEL, Herman Estate 1945
THOMAS, A. J. Insanity Commitment 1905
THOMAS, Andrew J. Insanity Commitment 1900
THOMAS, Andrew J. Indenture 1883
THOMAS, Arthur C. Estate 1937
THOMAS, Charles T. Estate 1933
THOMAS, David K. Estate 1867
THOMAS, Fannie Estate 1922
THOMAS, Fannie Small Estate 1967
THOMAS, Floyd L. Estate 1939
THOMAS, George Noise Guardianship 1929
THOMAS, Henry P. Guardianship 1878
THOMAS, Inez Bennett Estate 1938
THOMAS, Lida Rogers Estate 1933
THOMAS, R. Estate 1938
THOMAS, Samuel M., et al Guardianship 1879
THOMAS, Sarah Thorpe Estate 1902
THOMAS, Susie &Florence Guardianship 1890
THOMAS, Thornton Bond 1878
THOMAS, W. A. Estate 1939
THOMAS, W. C. Estate 1900
THOMAS, W. L. Estate 1929
THOMAS, Will J. Estate 1900
THOMAS, William Daniel Estate 1910
THOMAS, William S. Estate 1910
THOMAS, Wilson E. Estate 1948
THOMPSON, Abrose M. Estate 1909
THOMPSON, Benjamin F. Estate 1862
THOMPSON, Daniel A. Estate 1921
THOMPSON, Elizabeth Pension Paperwork  
THOMPSON, G. R. Estate 1931
THOMPSON, Harriet C. Estate 1883
THOMPSON, J. &A. C. Guardianship 1879
THOMPSON, J. H. Estate 1949
THOMPSON, J. P. Estate 1921
THOMPSON, James M. Estate 1914
THOMPSON, John Estate 1874
THOMPSON, John H. Estate 1860
THOMPSON, John W. Estate 1905
THOMPSON, Katie Estate 1915
THOMPSON, L. H. Coroner's Inquisition 1913
THOMPSON, Mrs. M. E. Estate 1899
THOMPSON, Mary Alice Estate 1944
THOMPSON, Olivia Insanity Commitment 1932
THOMPSON, R. M. Estate 1920
THOMPSON, Rosa Guardianship 1899
THOMPSON, Sarepta Guardianship 1871
THOMPSON, Tom Estate No Date
THOMPSON, W. A. Estate 1946
THOMPSON, W. H. Guardianship 1875
THOMPSON, W. W. Estate 1891
THORN, Willie Coroner's Inquisition 1927
THREADGILL, E. J. Estate 1861
THURMOND, Willis &Frank Guardianship 1913
THURSTON, Imogene K. Estate 1950
THURSTON, James E. Guardianship 1950
THURSTON, John Robert Estate 1950
TILGHMAN, John Hendrick Estate 1951
TILLERY, C. T. Insanity Commitment 1934
TILLERY, Canfield Estate 1881
TILLERY, Enis T. Insanity Commitment 1929
TILLERY, J. L. Estate 1896
TILLERY, John Estate 1876
TILLERY, John F. Estate 1907
TILLERY, John S. &Thomas H. Guardianship 1855
TILLERY, Leon Criminal - Bastardy 1932
TILLERY, Leonard B. Estate 1872
TILLERY, Mary J., L. R. &F. D. Guardianship 1881
TILLERY, Octavia Insanity Commitment 1937
TILLERY, Robert Harve Estate 1943
TIMMONS, W. W. Estate 1945
TINKLE, James M. Estate 1861
TINKLE, John Y. &M. A. Guardianship 1867
TINKLE, Robert W. Estate 1867
TINCY, James Insanity Commitment 1921
TIPPS, W. L. Estate 1945
TITTLE, Burneice Guardianship 1915
TITTLE, J. B. Estate 1910
TITTLE, Olie Guardianship 1916
TITTLE, Tommie Estate 1940
TOMLINSON, A. R. Estate 1936
TOMLINSON, Lutie L. Insanity Commitment 1912
TORREY, Mrs. E. F. Estate 1909
TOWNLEY, Frankie J. Pension Paperwork
TOWNSEND, J. F. Estate 1939
TOWNSEND, Roumania W. Estate 1953
TOWNSEND, Viola, Willis, Earnest &Arthur Guardianship 1920
TRAMBLE, D. Alpheus Guardianship 1873
TRAMMELL, C. P. Petition 1897
TRANUM, Clem (See Margaret George)   1946
TRINDER, Page Insanity Commitment 1937
TUBBS, Bobby Doyle Guardianship 1945
TUBBS, Charlia J. &Bobby Doyle Guardianship 1950
TUCKER, Elnora Estate 1922
TUCKER, Geneva H. Guardianship 1883
TUCKER, John Guardianship 1887
TUCKER, O. D. Estate 1943
TUCKER, R. S. Estate 1887
TUCKER, Sand &Gravel Company Petition 1921
TUCKER, Will &Steve Guardianship 1910
TUDOR, J. M. Estate 1925
TUDOR, Jarrett M. Estate 1860
TUDOR, Whinney Estate 1848
TULL, Abraham Estate 1862 FILE MISSING
TULL, Mrs. C. E. Estate 1932
TULL, H. H. Insanity Commitment 1924
TULL, Henry Estate 1893
TULL, Hunter H. Insanity Commitment 1914
TULL, L. H. Estate 1877
TURBYFILL, Ilar Guardianship 1934
TURNER, A. J. Insanity Commitment 1915
TURNER, Alma V., Oscar C., Edison S. Guardianship 1902
TYNDALL, John S. Estate 1912
TYSON, Clara, Ernestine, Ray G. &Joe J. Guardianship 1924
TYSON, Jane Estate 1862
UEBERGANG, August Estate 1888
UEBERGANG, Ida L. Estate 1944
ULMER, Hulda B. Estate 1942
ULMER, James V. Estate 1863
ULMER, Mattie Guardianship 1889
ULMER, Mattie Guardianship 1889
ULMER, T. H. Insanity Commitment 1929
UTLEY, W. A. Estate 1941
VAILES, Ruth Jeannettie Insanity Commitment 1921
VALKELBERG, Clara Leannah Estate 1950
VALKELBERG, Rene Estate 1950
VANCE, Alice Coroner's Inqusition 1886
VANDERGRIFT, Robert L. Estate 1936
VANN, Tanner Receipt 1878
VANN, W. C. Estate 1881
VAN NORMAN, Robert Insanity Commitment 1932
VAN NORMAN, Robert Insanity Commitment 1934
VAN NORMAN, Robert L. Guardianship 1933
VAUGHN, Roy Lee Guardianship 1937
VELIS, Pedro Estate 1926
VINSON, A. P. Estate 1868
VOWELL, Hiram V. Coroner's Inquisition 1891
WADE, E. J. Estate 1882
WADE, Edward Mormon Insanity Commitment  
WADE, Eunice L. Guardianship 1883
WAGES, John Culp Estate 1931
WAKEFIELD, Lillie Guardianship 1886
WALCH, Sarah A. Estate 1933
WALDEN, Allie Insanity Commitment No Date
WALDEN, Sam Insanity Commitment 1913
WALKER, Anita Watkins Estate 1941
WALKER, Clarence E. Estate 1946
WALKER, Dave Coroner's Inquisition 1892
WALKER, Elizabeth N. Guardianship 1851
WALKER, Mary Helen &Barbara Guardianship 1948
WALL, R. E. Estate 1895
WALL, William L. &Joe Ann Guardianship 1941
WALLACE, Martha Estate 1912 FILE MISSING
WALLACE, Myrtle Insanity Commitment 1915
WALLACE, Royce Ray Custody 1947
WALLACE, Sing &Joseph Guardianship 1912
WALLACE, W. C. Estate 1926
WALLEY, T. B. Estate 1926
WALLIS, John E. Insanity Commitment 1937
WALSH, James Estate 1896
WALTERS, Francis M. Estate 1862
WALTON, J. W. Estate 1928
WARD, David Estate 1902 FILE MISSING
WARD, Emma Guardianship 1879
WARD, Lillian Estate of Incompetent 1921
WARD, Rosa, John &Taft Guardianship 1917
WARE, Catharine Estate 1883
WARFORD, Albert Insanity Commitment 1916
WARFORD, Amanda Insanity Commitment 1914
WARFORD, Eli Estate 1865
WARFORD, Jehu Estate 1866
WARFORD, John F., E. L., &H. H. Guardianship 1875
WARFORD, John H. Estate 1860
WARFORD, Sarah, Lucinda, Cynthia &Mary Guardianship 1860
WARFORD, Wiley Estate 1923
WARFORD, William Estate 1875
WARFORD, William P. Guardianship No Date
WARFORD, Willie Estate 1923
WARNKE, Charles G. Sommers Guardianship 1927
WARREN, Alfred Coroner's Inqusition 1914
WASHINGTON, Emmett, Claude, Ida &Calvin Guardianship 1933
WASHINGTON, Sherman Estate 1933
WATERS, Willie Lee Insanity Commitment 1932
WATKINS, Louis M. Estate 1938
WATLEY, R. A. Insanity Commitment 1917
WATLEY, R. D. Insanity Commitment 1917 FILE MISSING
WATSON, Alice &Harvey Guardianship 1920
WATSON, H. H. Estate 1920
WATSON, James B. Estate 1928
WATSON, James B. &Louisa E. Guardianship 1860
WATSON, Jimmie P. Guardianship 1945
WATSON, Joab Estate 1859
WATSON, John O. Guardianship 1860
WATSON, Louisa Estate 1921
WATSON, Mary Francis Guardianship 1862
WATSON, Mary Jane Estate 1860
WATSON, Nancy Guardianship 1860
WATSON, O. E. &William Guardianship 1881
WATSON, Sarah E. Guardianship 1860
WATSON, Dr. Thomas C. Estate 1938
WATSON, William Estate 1845
WATTERS, J. J. Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpis 1900
WAWAK, Joseph Estate 1943
WEBB, A. H. S. Guardianship 1866
WEBB, James W. Estate 1931
WEBB, K. P. Pension Paperwork  
WEBB, K. P. Estate 1921 FILE MISSING
WEBB, Lon E. &Polly Guardianship 1891
WEBB, Mary Jane Estate 1927
WEBEL, Will Estate 1936
WEIR, Fannie E. Estate 1918
WEISE, Amelia Estate 1894
WEISE, Paul Guardianship 1947
WELCH, James Estate 1896
WELLS, Emily F. Gilchrist Estate 1944
WEST, George W. Estate 1918
WEST, J. S. Estate 1916
WESTBROOK, A. W. Insanity Commitment 1934
WESTBROOK, A. W. Estate 1935
WESTBROOK, Archie Grover Guardianship 1903
WESTBROOK, Cassander Estate 1880
WESTBROOK, H. M. Estate 1924
WESTBROOK, Hattie Guardianship 1908
WESTBROOK, Mrs. J. J. Estate 1927
WESTBROOK, M. P. Estate 1938
WESTBROOK, Robert, Claude &Archie Guardianship 1895
WESTBROOK, W. C. Guardianship 1933
WHATLEY, R. D. Insanity Commitment 1917
WHEELER, Clyde Insanity Commitment 1938
WHEELER, Magnolia Guardianship 1914
WHEELER, Margaret Insanity Commitment 1938
WHITAKER, Olive P. Estate 1865
WHITE, Charles F. Guardianship 1942
WHITE, Elizabeth Estate 1950
WHITE, Elizabeth M. &John H. Guardianship 1859
WHITE, Francis Emily Insanity Commitment 1920
WHITE, G. M. Insanity Commitment 1917
WHITE, George Estate 1895
WHITE, George D. Estate 1897
WHITE, George H. Estate 1920
WHITE, George W. Estate 1936
WHITE, Jane &Frances Guardianship 1857
WHITE, John Estate 1859
WHITE, John F. Oath 1862
WHITE, John G. Pension Paperwork
WHITE, John R. Guardianship 1854
WHITE, Mrs. Lee Insanity Commitment 1936
WHITE, Louisa (Lizar Jane) Estate 1859
WHITE, M. S. W. Estate 1906
WHITE, Mary J., Nancy D. &John Guardianship 1883
WHITE, Michael Estate 1859
WHITE, Montique Insanity Commitment 1926
WHITE, Montique Small Estate 1960
WHITE, Montique Small Estate 1960
WHITE, Mrs. Lee Insanity Commitment 1936
WHITE, Mrs. P. A. Estate 1922
WHITE, P. P. Estate 1883
WHITE, Roy Insanity Commitment 1922
WHITE, Sarah E. Estate 1917 FILE MISSING
WHITE, Thomas Newton Guardianship 1931
WHITE, W. W. Estate 1909
WHITE, William Guardianship 1886
WHITE, William, Fred, Bessie &Alter Guardianship 1910 FILE MISSING
WHITEHEAD, William &Jane Guardianship No Date
WHITLEY, Cassie 1920
WHITLEY, M. W. Estate 1920
WHITLEY, Marion Estate 1918
WHITLEY, Marvin, Herbert &Mahlon Guardianship 1921
WHITLEY, Myrtice, Tressie &Cassie Guardianship 1918
WHITLOCK, Floyd Thomas Estate 1921
WHITLOCK, Henry B. Insanity Commitment 1914
WHITLOCK, Thomas Estate 1932
WHITMORE, J. C. Estate 1946
WHITTAMORE, William &Linda Bright Commitment 1966
WHITTMORE, J. B. Trial 1889
WHITTHORNE, Robert Lee Guardianship 1883
WIGHTMAN, May G. Estate 1954
WILBANKS, A. B. Guardianship 1932
WILBANKS, Geoge A. Insanity Commitment 1901
WILBANKS, Hazel Estate 1918
WILBANKS, J. W. Estate 1918
WILBANKS, Nina &Lyda Guardianship 1922
WILBURN, G. W. Estate 1951
WILDER, F. H. Insanity Commitment 1928
WILHELM, H. Estate 1936
WILHITE, John F. Estate 1864
WILKERSON, Evelyn Ann, Otho Howard, Jr. &Thomas Clark Guardianship 1936
WILKERSON, John L. Insanity Commitment 1941
WILKERSON, John R. Estate 1945
WILKERSON, Jno. A. Estate 1919
WILKERSON, Otho H. Estate 1936
WILKERSON, Sarah E. Original Will 1919
WILKERSON, W. A. Insanity Commitment 1932
WILKERSON, W. A. Estate 1942
WILKERSON, Walter Estate 1921
WILKS, Earl Coroner's Inquisition 1911
WILLIAMS, Adrian Commitment 1961
WILLIAMS, Alfred E. Estate 1946
WILLIAMS, Billy Ray Guardianship 1944
WILLIAMS, Della Insanity Commitment 1935
WILLIAMS, Elijah B. Estate 1892
WILLIAMS, E. D. Estate 1950
WILLIAMS, G. W. Estate 1919
WILLIAMS, Gladys &Lillie May Guardianship 1912
WILLIAMS, Ira Lee Estate 1944
WILLIAMS, James Estate 1862
WILLIAMS, James T. Guardianship 1878
WILLIAMS, Jeraldine Guardianship 1942
WILLIAMS, Martha Insanity Commitment 1915
WILLIAMS, Rebecca, et al Guardianship 1841
WILLIAMS, Roma A. Estate 1937
WILLIAMS, Samuel Guardianship 1854
WILLIAMS, Sarah Insanity Commitment 1857
WILLIAMS, Sarah Estate 1936
WILLIAMS, Sid, Tevice, Emma, Deloice, Curtis &Hallie Guardianship 1920
WILLIAMS, Sidney Insanity Commitment 1918
WILLIAMS, Thomas Estate 1840
WILLIAMS, Thomas E. Estate 1950
WILLIAMS, Thomas E. Guardianship 1954
WILLIAMS, Vergil &Verney Guardianship 1923
WILLIAMS, William Lee &Archibald Buel Guardianship 1918
WILLIAMS, William T. Estate 1897
WILLIAMSON, Pauline Cole Guardianship 1923
WILLIFORD, Asa Guardianship 1869
WILLIS, Charles Insanity Commitment 1928
WILLIS, Charles "Boots" Insanity Commitment 1944
WILLIS, Dave Guardianship 1912 FILE MISSING
WILLIS, Dave &George Guardianship 1909
WILLIS, Jennie Insanity Commitment 1914
WILLIS, John T. Estate 1946
WILLIS, Thelma Commitment 1962
WILLMON, Walter Estate 1946
WILLS, Elizabeth Ann Guardianship 1866
WILLS, Virginia Guardianship 1928
WILMON, Jeraldine Guardianship 1942
WILMOTH, Floyd Estate 1928
WILMOTH, Floydell Guardianship 1928
WILMOTH, W. H. Estate 1941
WILSON, A. S. Estate 1867
WILSON, Benjamin F. &W. C. D. Guardianship 1857
WILSON, Charles R. A. Estate 1937
WILSON, J. B. Coroner's Inquisition 1890
WILSON, J. B., Sr. Estate 1945
WILSON, John W. Estate 1875
WILSON, Mary A. Estate 1907
WILSON, Mary Isbell Estate 1915
WILSON, Neoma, Samuel, David, James, Garland &Thelma Guardianship 1930
WILSON, Porter Estate 1946
WILSON, Roy Allison Guardianship 1928
WILSON, Sarah, Columbus, Ella &B.G. W. Guardianship 1889
WILSON, Silas B. Guardianship, Incompetent 1937
WILSON, W. N. Estate 1945
WILSON, W. W. Estate 1940
WINCHESTER, C. A. Pension Paperwork  
WINCHESTER, James Estate 1917
WINDHAM, Leslie Guardianship 1924
WINDOM, Elzy Insanity Commitment 1913
WINKLER, Ernest Estate 1919
WINKLER, Willie, Mary &Anna Guardianship 1909
WINTERS, Carrie Estate 1937
WINTERS, G. W. Pension Paperwork  
WINTERS, John A. Estate 1917
WINTERS, Lucille Insanity Commitment 1927
WISE, Ernest E. Guardianship 1928
WISE, J. B. Pension Paperwork  
WISE, J. B. Estate 1929
WISE, J. E. Insanity Commitment 1910
WISE, John B. Pension Paperwork  
WISHART, Georgia Ann Guardianship 1883
WITHAM, George W. Estate 1861
WITHAM, Lawrence Commitment 1956
WITHAM, Lucinda Guardianship 1860
WITHEM, William Franklin Estate 1930
WITHROW, Harriet Estate 1924
WITTEN, Coke Estate 1864
WITTEN, Sarah Estate 1863
WOFFORD, Jehu Estate 1867
WOLFE, Jane E. Estate 1857
WOMACK, Mary Estate 1916
WOOD, Charles M. Estate 1912
WOOD, Charles &Walter Guardianship 1913
WOOD, David O. Estate 1875
WOOD, Isaah Insanity Commitment 1914
WOOD, James H. Estate 1937
WOOD, W. E. Estate 1915
WOODAL, Jou Estate 1843
WOODALL, J. W. Pension Paperwork  
WOODALL, Nettie Guardianship 1929
WOODALL, Nettie Insanity Commitment 1930
WOODALL, Rebecca J. Guardianship 1888
WOODMANSEE, Florence Estate 1938
WOODSIN, George &Sarah Guardianship 1847
WOODWARD, Earl Insanity Commitment 1941
WOOTEN, Clement Guardianship 1840
WORKMAN, Maria Estate 1874
WORKMAN, Nathan Estate 1866
WORTHERN, John C. Estate 1865
WORTHINGTON, Lula Duff Estate 1943
WRAY, Coran Estate 1940
WRAY, Florence Guardianship 1882
WRAY, Joseph H. Estate 1929
WRAY, Kirk T. Guardianship, Incompetent 1942
WRAY, Lewis Removal of Disabilities 1900
WRAY, Louis D. Estate 1940 FILE MISSING
WRAY, Marsha E. &Lewis D. Guardianship 1897
WRAY, Mary J. Estate 1894
WRAY, Mollie Insanity Commitment 1915
WRAY, Roy Allison Guardianship 1934
WRIGHT, B. T. &S. L. Guardianship 1883
WRIGHT, Bob Insanity Commitment 1932
WRIGHT, Deliah A. Estate 1888
WRIGHT, George W. Guardianship 1873
WRIGHT, John Guardianship of Incompetent 1925
WRIGHT, John Small Estate 1957
WRIGHT, John M. Insanity Commitment 1924
WRIGHT, John T., Henry &Elizabeth W. Guardianship 1857
WRIGHT, Katherine Guardianship 1930
WRIGHT, Matison, Clemmie &John Guardianship 1891
WRIGHT, Nelson Estate 1873
WRIGHT, Parlee Insanity Commitment 1932
WRIGHT, Roxie Estate 1943
WURZ, Karl Estate 1902
WURZ, Lena, Clara &Max Guardianship 1903
WURZ, Max Removal of Disabilities 1910
WYATT, La Grone Guardianship 1942
WYLIE, Della Insanity Commitment 1922
WYLIE, Mrs. E. J. Estate 1926
WYLIE, Levi Estate 1875
WYLEY, CREDE F. Pension Paperwork  
YANDELL, Ervin R. Estate 1946
YARBROUGH, Richard M. Estate 1948
YATES, Edith, Mildred &Clares Guardianship 1943
YATES, Harrison Estate 1943
YELL, A. W. Estate 1930
YORK, Thomas E. Estate 1861
YOUNG, A. B. &Sallie Guardianship 1893
YOUNG, Annie E. Estate 1924
YOUNG, D. H. Estate 1947
YOUNG, E. M. Pension Paperwork  
YOUNG, Etta Estate 1942
YOUNG, Gordon &Logan &(Harvey, Laura, Gertrude, Lula and Ruth Hart) Guardianship 1913
YOUNG, Lester Guardianship 1928
YOUNG, Mills Estate 1866
YOUNG, P. A. Estate 1905
YOUNG, Rachel L. Estate 1932
YOUNG, Sam Estate 1919
YOUNG, Samuel R. Estate 1920
YOUNG, Sarah E. Pension Paperwork  
YOUNG, Tulula A. Young Estate 1952
ZIEGLER, E. C. Estate 1912
ZIEGLER, Mrs. George Estate 1932
ZIEGLER, J. T. Estate 1910
ZIEGLER, Joe T. Pension Paperwork  
ZIMMERMAN, George Edmund Estate 1953
ZINN, Fred J. Appointment Oath 1917
ZINN, George A. Estate 1941
ZINN, George Willis Estate 1946
ZINN, George &George Kelley Mechanic's Lien 1912
ZOELLNER, Emel A. Estate 1952

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