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Photo by Katrina Johnson
Range 17 W - township 1S Section 19
From Riverside Grocery on Hwy 5 about 16 miles on the right before you get to the old Colonial Nursing Home. 
It is located just 3/10 of a mile inside Saline County from the Garland County Line. An old wire fence around part of it, 
deep depressions in the area around the fence on the left as you pull into the old gate. Limbs had been cut and left lying 
on graves and there was a pile of white gravel, some had been used on a few of the graves. There is a Phillips Real Estate 
sign on the road where you pull off of the Highway marked for commercial property. Surveyed the first time on 
March 14, 2000. Second survey done on March 31, 2000 completed on this date and also photos were taken. Anyone 
wishing to view a photo or anything to add can contact me: 
Katrina Johnson
22749 Wesley Chapel Rd.
Paron, AR 72122
(501) 594-5459 

Four graves marked with rocks between Henry's and Infant son of David Neal


    Henry; Arkansas Private 3 Training Regiment

        October 11, 1918

    Elmer C.

        Born on October 8, 1894 and died on March 13, 1962

    Ora Mae (located at head of Henry's) on foot marker has mother

        Born on September 11, 1897 and died on September 4, 1922

Unmarked grave next to hers (white gravel had been used on the unknown

   grave next to hers a long with hers and the other Rigsby graves


    Mary A. (located next to Sarah Edds)(In bottom corner R. Tunnah L. Rock Ark.)

        "She died as she lived trusting in God"

        Born on September 18, 1856 and died on November 5, 1887


    Sarah A. Pierce wife of Moses

        Born on April 24, 1827 and died on March 16, 1898

    Moses H. husband of Sarah A.

        Born in 1829 and died on September 20, 1885

Unreadable rock next to his

    A. F. husband of Mary Ann (these two were located at head of Moses)

        "Kind father of love thou art gone by thy rest forever to bask mid

        the joys of the blest"

        Born on January 6, 1837 and died on April 20, 1914

    Mary Ann wife of A. F. age of 83 years

        "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend

        to all"

        Born on June 10, 1840 and died on June 9, 1923


    Sarah E. erected by her son Fred Elza wife of Greenville B. Elza and also

        of David J. James

        "In memory of my mother"

        Born on December 31, 1858 and died on September 16, 1894

Grave with rock marker next to hers (located next to Moses Edds)


    Sarah Jane daughter of Bennett and Mary Malone (2 rock markers next to her)

        Died on December 6, 1876 at the age of 22 years 7 months and 9 days

    John T. son of Bennett and Mary Malone


    Lucinda wife of David J. Robinson erected by her daughter Ellen James

        (located at foot of Missouri's grave)

        Born in 1823 and died on May 17, 1901


    Rock Marker

    Missouri Boran wife of G. D. children M. J. and T. J.

        Born on August 26, 1848 and died in November 1877

    Rock Marker

    G. D. (George Dallas) husband of Missouri and Alabama

        Born on January 1, 1846 and died on September 1, 1916 (Mason)

    Rock Marker

    Alabama Boran wife of G. D.

        "In memory of our mother C. E., P. H., F. J., N. W."

        Born on January 17, 1854 and died on July 8, 1935

    Henry (located next to Alabama)

        Born on November 22, 1881 and died on January 11, 1962


    Rock marker with Mary scratched on it located next to Charley's

    Charley L.

        Born on March 1, 1872 and died on February 13, 1904

    Bessie Lecie Delda (located next to Charley)

        Born on October 15, 1900 and died on October 21, 1904


    Bert (on metal funeral Marker along fence) (funeral marker from Caruth in

        Hot Springs)

        Died on July 2, 1965 at the age of 73 years 9 months and 27 days


    Albert (on metal funeral marker along fence)

        Died on October 1, 1964 at the age of 76 years


    Clarinse (on metal funeral marker along fence)

        Died on July 26, 1966 at the age of 60 years

The following two graves are located at the foot of Sarah E. Malone and next to

    Missouri Boran

    "In memory of _?ander B. Bora" on the foot marker reads N. B. B.

    this stone was broken and laying flat

The one next to this reads M. B. on the foot marker and on the broken headstone

    reads Mary daughter of ?(broken)

Old child's stone with foot marker reading J. H. G. B.

James son of James & ? born in Aug and died in Jan? (located next to a stump)


    T. J.

        Born on September 19, 1830 and died on February 3, 1886

Grave next to his with letters scratched into cement Sam Clair


    Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. David Neal

        Born and died August 27, 1918

Slate rock next to the above with just a readable J. C. R? (this is in line

    with Rigsby graves)


    Rosa A.

        Born on October 2, 1903 and died on September 21, 1908


    Li_e Caldwell

        Born in 1910 and died in 1912

On the same stone the following is carved Walter and Dora children boy and girl

    Mary Caldwell

        Born in 1904 and died in 1906

Rock marker

A foot marker with these letters found M. S. E. there are graves marked with rocks all around this one


    Rev. Aaron Ball (located on far side of cemetery, large stone very little

        wear, easy to read)

        Born on August 17, 1821 and died on October 16, 1887

Also on far side 5 graves surrounded by white rock and an old wire fence

This is a fairly large cemetery with many graves marked with rocks, took 
photos from the corners so a person could see just how large it was, very 
close to the highway, I don't see how they could build any commercial 
property here without disturbing the cemetery.

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