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Personal Tax Book 1889

Extracted and published by
Dr. Caroline Earle Billingley.
The CC wishes to thanks her for permission to post this to the web site.

State of Arkansas}      The State of Arkansas. To the
County of Arkansas}     Collector of Saline County:

You are hereby authorized and commanded to collect of the several persons named in the annexed tax book of Saline County for the year of 1889. the per cipata (sic) tax and the tax on personal property money and credits wherewith each stands assessed. Arid if after the time allowed by law for the payment of such taxes Any shall remain unpaid then you are commanded to levy and make such unpaid per capita tax and tax on personal property moneys and credits with costs. out of the goods and chattels of the persons charged therewith, and You are further commanded to account and pay to the proper officers the ammounts by you collected in the marinur and in the time required by law. and pay same over to the proper officer authorized by law to receive the same.

In testimony whereof I John L. Parham, clerk of the circuit court and exofficio clerk of County court of said county, have hereto set my hand and the seal of the said Saline County on this last day of Jerry. 1889

John L. Parham Clerk

Grand Recapitulation

No. of                                  Persons liable to pay a Poll Tax 2258
No. of                                  Horses                                  1796   (Val. $81,247) 
No. of                                  Neat Cattle                             11,270 (Val. $70,263
No. of                                  Mules & Asses                           1324   (Val. $87,055)
No. of                                  Sheep                                   2742   (Val. $3,166)
No. of                                  Hogs                                    14,231 (val.$16,787) 
No. of                                  Carriages or Wagons                     1.239  (val.$27,109) 
No. of                                  Gold & Silver Watches                   310    (val. $3,243)
No. of                                  Piano Fortes                            21     (val. $2,795)
Value of Other Goods & Merchandise      $46,290
Total Valuation of Personal Property    $544,710


Alley, John P.
Ashby, W. D.
Bagley, R. J.
Bass, John
Bass, Mrs. P. A.
Bass, R. R.
Cameron, D. A.
Cameron, J. H.
Cameron, W. J.
Carmichael, Mrs. Josie 
Davidson & Russell
Davidson, W. A.
Douglas, A. N.
Douglas, J. N.
Kesterson, Sam
Martin, A. F.
Martin, G. B.
Martin, J. W.
Martin, W. P.
Mullins, J. B.
Mullins, J. W.
Mullins, L. B.
Orr, T. A.
Pritchett, James P.
Pritchett, Rhoden
Russell, H. B.
Scott, A. W.
Scott, J. B.
Scott, John M.
Scott, Patrick
Scott, R. A.
Terry, Wm.
Watson, 0. E.
Webb W. M.
Zinn, George


Boon, Joe
Callison, L. W.
Cameron, Ewing
Cline, J. M.
Ellis, J. C.
Ellis, J. T.
Elrod, A. F.
Elrod, G. J.
Elrod, Joel
Freeman, C. C.	                      No Property Found
Freeman, T.	                      No Property Found
Hickman, J. W.
Hogue, T. N.
Jenkins, L. W.
Lowrance, J. W.
McNeill, Joshua
McNeill, M. J.
Mewer, A. J.
Page, Mrs. M. L.
Russell, Alex
Russell, Alex, as exr. 
Russell, E. C.
Russell, J. M.
Russell, Jas. A.
Russell, W. A.
Schalchlin, Henry
Scott, W. H.
Thompson, A. M.
Thompson, R. P.
Thompson, T. L.
Watson, W. A.


Allen, Aaron
Alley, W. H.
Bacon, Mrs. Ann	& Catharine Acres (Receipt Bk) 
Balous, Mack (Baylis)
Banks, W. F.
Besancon, Frank
Briner, Henry
Broom, E. E.
Broom, R. N.
Broom, W. F.
Broom, W. H.
Carmichael, J. D.
Carmichael, S. L.
Catten, Charles
Chenault, Mrs. Mattie 
Clack, John
Crawford, A. A.
Crawford, Mack
Dobbins, D. F.
Dodd, Henry
Dodd, Sara	                      Minor
Dodginj A. D.
Dunlap, Wm.
Ehrbar, Jacob
Elrod, Mrs. Sarah Jane
Gamble, James	                      Gone
Gee, John
Gensley, C.
Glidewell, James M.
Glidewell, John G.
Glidewell, W. H.
Hall, Rabe	                      No Property Found
Haman, Wm.
Henry, Jeff
Hermann, J. G.
Hermann, Wm.	                      Not Found


Boon, Joe
Callison, L. W.
Cameron, Ewing
Cline, J. M.
Ellis, J. C.
Ellis, J. T.
Elrod, A. F.
Elrod, G. J.
Elrod, Joel
Freeman, C. C.	                      No Property Found
Freeman, T.	                      No Property Found
Hickman, J. W.
Hogue, T. N.
Jenkins, L. W.
Lowrance, J. W.
Herndon, J. L.
Hubman, Adolfe 
Hubman, John
Hudson, Wm.
Hull, Anderson
Hunter, Andrew
Hunter, W. P.
Jameson, Frank	                      Gone to Lonoke County
Johnson, John	                      Not Found	Gone
Johnson, Mrs. Mary A.
Kelley, Wm
Killey, R. L.
Kull, Rudolph
Laqua, Eugene	  (Lequieu) 
Laqua, Julius	  (Lequieu) 
Laqual Mrs. Alice (Lequieu) 
Lewis, F. W.
Littlejohn, Mrs. Lucy
Littlejohn, Richard
Littlejohn, Thomas
Lockert, Henry
Medlock, B. S.
Medlock, J. A.
Medlock, J. N.
Miller, Fritz	                      No Property Found
Nolting, C. H.
Patterson, W. H.
Pernott, H.
Phillips, A. L.
Phillips, Chas.	                      No Property & a Cripple
Schneyer, C. B.
Studor, W. J.
Studor, Wm.
Suggs, Leslie
Suttle, James
Thomas, Charles T.
Thomas, D. L.
Thomas, Henry G.
Thomas, S. S.
Timms, Henry
Tomlinson, T.
Ulmer, A. B.
Verden, J. H.
Walker, J. A.
Wattsi E. T. N.
Wilhelm, Herman
Williams, Harrison
Winckler, Earnest
Worth, J. C.
Zeigler, Clem 

Not Found - Gone


Blalock, L. W.
Brewer, M. C.
Caldwell, W. P.
Cate, P. L.
Cheunault, J. P.
Cheunault. Jno. S.
Cheunault, Jos. M.
Edgin, Thomas E.
Barrett, Ruben
Gentry, A F.
Gentry, Mrs. Mary
Bill, William
Guertin, Mrs. E. E.
Hunt, 0. W.
Hymus, S. J.
James, Gm I.
James, Lewis F.
James, Matt
McKeown, James
Robinson, John L.
Robinson, W. D.
Spencer, J. J.	                      Gone to Texas
Staner, McH. 
Staner, W. M.
Tillery L. T.
Tillery, R. H.


American Mining Co.
Barnett, W. A.
Bradfield, D. B.
Bradfield, F. A.
Deaton, Russ
Dodd, Elijah
Dodd, I. M.
Dodd, J. M.
Dunn, 1. W.
Garwood, J. C. 
Gates, P. W.
Guest, 0. F.	                      Gone to Garland County
Guest , J. S.
Hunter, W. H.
Jones, W. J. D.
Lindsey, Harrison
Littlejohn, J. R.	              Gone to Garland County
Logan, David
Lovelace, Henry M.
Milliner, Joseph
Murphy, A. H.
Owen, Those M.	                      Gone to Garland County
Poole, Oliver
Roberts, T. J.
Roberts, W. S.
Tillery, C. F.
Tillery, C. T.
Tillery, Hugh
Tillery, T. L.
Tillery, Mrs. Martha
Turner, Robert B.
Vaughn, J. M.
White, Jas. A.
Wiesse, C. A.
William, Mrs. Nancy J.


Barron, J. T. 
Blalock, J. B. 
Brown, J. W. 
Burruss, John 
Burruss, W. M. 
Chennault, Mrs. E. 
Clayton, Jesse 
Coburn, A. B. 
Cockerham, D. H. 
Doering, Paul 
Dyer, Mrs. S. J. 
Evans, J. W. 
Fallett, W. A. 
Fooler, Leonard 
Gilbert, J. M. 
Goodwin, Henry 
Grimmett, Jno.F. 
Grimmett, John 
Hamilton, A. M. 
Henderson, C. B. 
Henderson, J. C. 
Henderson, J. H. 
Hensley, Jesse 
Herring, S. B. 
Hickman, Frank 
Hooper, G. W. 
Hutchingson, J. F. 
Jarnigan, A. J. 
Lancaster, A. L. 
Lewis, J.C. 
McAllister, J.N. 
McAllister, Mrs.Margaret N. S.	     
McAllister, W. M. 
McBurnett, Thomas 
Milligan, S. A. 
Mitchell, J. D. 
Mitchell, J. M. 
Pope - on Henderson farm              Skipped - Not Found 
Ray, B. R.
Ray, J. D. 
Ray, R. H. 
Rowan, J. P. 
Sarber,	D. J.  (Also Sarver)
Sarber, Isaac  (Also Sarver)
Sharp, John                           Gone
Sharp,	Polk	                      Gone -Dead - No Property Found 
Sharp, W. M.
Shaw, W. B.	                      Deff 
Stukesberry, R.
Thomas, S. A. 
Thomas, W. D. 
Thomas, W. L. 
Thompson, J. C. 
Tucker, J. B.	                      No Property Found 
Ware, C. L.
Wilson, Frank 
Wilson, J. J. 
Witham,	Geo. W. 
Wornock, C. C. 
Wornock, T. R. 
Wornock, W. H. 
Wray, A. C. 
Wray, J. C. 
Wray,	S. A. 
Wray, W. D.


Adams, J. L. 
Adams, James 
Adams, Jonathan 
Baxley,	A..P. 
Baxley, J. A.
Baxley,	W. D. 
Bumgardner, J. H. 
Davis, J. B.
Dobkins, W.	J. 
Eskridge, B. J. 
Harris, G. F. 
Henry, D. B. F. 
Hughes, W. W. 
Moren, M. S. 
Morgan, R. 0. 
Penny, Isom 
Penny, John 
Prickett, W. D. 
Reed, W. M. 
Spann, H. K. 
Spann, U. R. 
Thompson, D. S.	                      Gone to Pulaski County


Adams, J. W. 
Adams, M. P. 
Alexander, Henry 
Ard, J. W. 
Arthur,	A. J. 
Ashby, J. W.
Atkinson, J. W.
Bagby, N. P.
Barksdale, C. R.
Barnett, B.
Bayliss, C. A.
Beavers, Mrs. F. A.
Bell, C. W.
Bell, J. K.
Bell, W. A.	By H. S. G.
Bennett, H. A.
Bennett, M. A. J.
Bennett, T. M.
Bennett, W. H.
Bingham, Jno. A. P.
Blakeley, E. P.
Brence, Wm.
Brents, R. E.
Brents, Wm.
Bridges, Ira
Brooks, H. J.
Bryant, J. M.
Bryant, T. A.
Bundy, E. C.
Burns, Titus
Bush, Fred W.
Caldwell, H. T.
Caldwell, Mrs. Laura C.
Caldwell, R. W.
Carr, R. T.
Carroll, John
Carter, Mrs. Tennie 
Cawns, Harry
Chandler, H. H.
Cloud, D. M.
Cloud, J. F.
Collatt, W. H.
Cooper, W. J.
Cotten, M. M.
Crawford, J. B.
Crawford, James
Crawford, Mrs. S. H.
Crawford, S. R.
Crawford, W. A.
Creasman, B. C.
Crouch, Lee S.
Cunningham, D. M.
Davenport, John C.
Davis, G. D.
Davis, B. D. & J. C. Glass
Davis, Lee. R.
Davis, W. A.
Diles, Eli
Diles, James
Donnelly, A. L.
Dougan, B. F.
Easley, Dan
Emerson, Henry
Erie Telephone Co                     By H. T. C.
Faist, Bernhardt
Faust, J. W.
Ferguson, S.
Fewell, A A.
Foster, Hugh
Gasser, George                        Not Found
Gee, Albert
Gee, John A.
Gelman, H. C. D.                      Not Found
Gibson, 0. 0.
Giles, Henry
Glass, J. C.                          Error - Was Not of Age
Glass, T. D.
Glenn & Bell
Glenn, h. S.
Glidewell A H.
Glidewell, Thos. 
Godbey, F. A.
Grimes, L. A.
Hackett, L. M.
Haley, W. T.
Hall, J. W.
Hall, N. H.  
Hamilton, J. A.
Hammond , J. W.
Harrell, J. A.
Harrell, L. M.
Harrell, T. A.
Hart, M.
Hart, R.
Hart, Samuel R.
Hartnett, C. H.                       Not Found
Hartry, Frank
Hartry Mrs. Mary
Harvey, Dr. Thos. A.
Harvey, Joe C.
Hays, D.C. 
Henderson, S. M.
Henson, W. C.
Herrick & Davis                       Erroniously Assessed
Herrick, A. L.
Hockersmith, A. C.
Hockersmith, D. C.
Hockersmith, L. A.
Hockersmith, Mrs. Mary
Holford, C. N.
Holleman, M. H.
Hope, G. J.
Hope, Mrs. Nancy
Hopkins, W. N.
House, J. W.
Howe, Chas.
Huey, Jas. W.
Hughes, George
Hughes, John L.
Hunt, J. S.
Hutchingson, Chas. A.
Hutchins, R. L.
Jeffries, James
Johnson, C. L.
Johnson, Ed
Johnson, H. H.
Johnson, J. A.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, W. P.
Jones, A. D.
Jones, J. H.
Jones, Mrs. Mary J.
Jones, R. E.
Jones, W. B.
Keller, C. W.
Keller, Otto
Kirkpatrick, Joe
Lashley, John W.
Lawrence, W. H.
Layman. T. H.
Leach, Finis 
Leach, Jno. J. A.
Leather & Harness Mfg. Co.
Ledbetter, J. H.
Lee, W. S. E.
Lemon, R. J. P.
Lett & Grimes
Lett, John W.
Lett, Mrs. E.
Litchens, J. N.
Martin, J. S.	                      Not Found
Martin, James G.
Martin, S. R.
Martin, Thomas
Mason, C. H.
Mays, T. C.
McAdoo,, J. R.
McAdoo, Lee
McCray, Jno. F.
McCray, Mrs. M. J.
McCray, Mrs. Olivia
McCray, W. N.
McGrew, Lemuel M. C.
McKelvey, R. B.
McKinley, G. B.
McKinley, John J.
McKinley, W.. L.
McMillan, L. E.
McMillan, M. T.
McPherson, Mrs. S. E.
Mehaffy, T. M.
Mercer, H. H.
Milhaus, J. M. 
Moore, H. B.
Moore, J. K.
Moore, Jno. F.
Moore, W. N.
Morgan, W. M.
Morris, A. H.
Oliver, W. J.
Pacific Express Co.
Pack, Thomas
Page, W. S.
Parham, Ed H. M.
Parham, John L.
Payne, R. W.
Perryman, A.
Petty, M.
Raper, A A
Raper, M. A.
Raper, M. F.	                      Brenta is to pay
Raper, R. L.
Raper, R. T.
Ray, Sim 
Ray, W. A.
Ray, W. S.
Rea, B. W.
Reed, A W.
Rhinehart, Ben
Rhinehart, Burrell
Rhinehart, Jack
Rhodenbaugh, Charles
Rhodenbaughh, H. A.
Rhodenbaugh, H. A. & Co.
Richey, W. M.
Riddle, Samuel 
Biopsy, M. E.
Biopsy, Sam
Rye, W. L.
S.L.I.M.& S. Ry. Co. 
Sanders, E. M.
Sanders, Sam H.
Satterwhite, H. E.
Schroeder, G. W.
Scott, We B.
Shellnut, A W.
Shoemaker, John F.
Shoppach, C. C.
Shoppach, John F.
Smith & Co.	                      Little Rock
Smith, A P.
Smith, A P. & Co.
Smith, Jas. W.
Smith, M. W.
Smith, Mrs. P. A.
Smith, Sep
Speer, A. C.
Stark, N. B.
Steam Heating Evaporating Co.
Steel, Aex
Steerman, Mrs. Jane
Stowers, 8. C.
Studer, Ed
Sweeten, S. M.
Terry, Jno. A.
Thomas, John A.
Thompson & Hughes
Thompson, J. P.
Thompson, J. W.
Thompson, W. A.
Thompson, W. W.
Threat, W. M.
Tomlinson, A. R.
Townsend, H.
Trammell, Mrs. Lucinda
Tudor, J. M.
Tyson, Alfred
Watson, Enoch N.
Watson, Ezekiel N.
Western Union Telegraph Co.
White, H. H.
White, Jno. G.
Whitthorne, M. J.
Whitthorne, S. H.
Whitthorne, T. K.
Wilkerson, John A.
Willis, Eli S.
Willis, J. C.
Willis, J. W.
Wilson, Ed
Womack, D. H.
Wright, C. C.
Wright, J. F.
Wright, W. H.
Wylie, C. F.
Young I F. M.
Young, John
Young, R. B.
Young, W. B.


Claghorn, Mrs. S. E.
Curtis, A. L.
Cusick, G. W.
Priest Green F.
Ewell, C. D.
Sentry,, S. W.
Green, J. L.
Greenway, C. G.
Hale, Hugh L.
Harris, Jessie	                      Gone
Hester, W. B.
Hickman, W. A.
Howard, A. J.
Howard, Abraham
Howard, W. Fe
Jackson, A. S.
Lindsey, Sam
Lindsey. J. Y.
due, M.
Overtures, John
Riley, George
Riley, W. J.
Rose, W. F.
Snyder & Hale
Snyder, L. B.
Sleight, Paul
Tillery, John
Tisdale, Wilson
Wallis, J. H.
Williams, William


Adams, James
Barron, Mrs. Martha
Blake, Mrs. Sarah
Blalock, Mrs. M. E.	              Got No Property
Blalock, Wm.
Crossland, C. A.	              Pay This For Harris
Ferguson, Emmett
Fuller, W. W.
Graves, G. R.
Graves, James M.
Grimmett, S. G.
Hyatt, W. E.
Lancaster, A. J.
Lancaster, B. R.
Lancaster, J. T.
Linchard, C. B.
Mitchell, James F., Est.
Mooney, W. A.
Needham, John
Open, Chas.
Parton, J. F.
Ray, Alex
Ray, W. A.
Rowland, Thomas L.
Schubert, Earnest
Simmons, J. H.
Smith, J. C.
Smith, J. H.
Smith, J. M.
Starks, Walter                        Call on Col. Thos. Fletcher For This Tax
Strube, John
Sutton, M. 0.
Thomas, Mrs. E.
Thompson, Jno. D.
Wills, Mrs. Frank L.
Wray, J. A. H.


Brown, W. L.
Campbell, Gas. W.
Cate, 0. L.
Collatt, Jno. L.
Collatt, W. R.
Craig, Mrs. Mary
Croxton, J. J.
Dean, A. J.
Dean, J. P.
Dean, S. W.
Dean, W. T.
Dobbs, B.
Dobbs, Gas. M.
Dobbs, J. H.
Dobbs, J. P.
Hendrix, H. C.
Hood, F. B.
Jolliet, P. W.
Keesee, J. P.
Kasten, E. F.
Landers, John J.
Landers, W. A.
Lemmons, Abel
Longwood, David J.
Longwood, T. W.
Longwood, Thomas,
McElroy, Judson
Mitchell, L. F.
Mitchell, Sam. A.
Montgomery, J. C.
Nelson, Gas. W.
Robinson, J. H.
Robinson, T. M.
S.L.I.M.& SIR. Co.	              Ass Rolling Stock-This Dist.
Sanders, Joseph             	      Gone To Texas
Smith, H. A.
Vann, John W.
Walker, David	                      Skipped
White, G. W.
White, John A.
White, T. C.
White, W. W.
Wood, Isaiah


Beatty, N. W.
Bunch, Mathew
Burks, G. W.
Burks, J. M.
Burks, S. J.
Cornett, A. B.
Edwards, John	                      One Arm	Very Poor
Elliott, R. S.
Ernest, J. U.
Ernest, W. P.
Harris, R. P.
Hunnicutt, E. M.
James, J. C. M.
James, J. Y.
James, Wm. T.
Masoner, Jno. A.
Melton, J. A.
Moore, J. R.
Self, H. M.
Staner, Peter
Welch, J. C.
Wright, Jno. F.


Addy, W. J.
Bowen, Joseph
Bowen, Seth
Bowen, W. F.
Buckalew, John
Burks, W. M.
Burrow, E. H.
Cash, D. C.
Earnest, R. G.
Edwards, C. C. 
Ernest, John B.
Ernest, Wm. M.
Ewing, F. A.
Ewing, T. N.
Hendrix, W. T.
Jones, H. C.	                      Gone to Hot Springs
Jones, W. G.
Nelson, F. B.
Nelson,  P. H.
Nelson, W. H.
Orr, Mrs, Mary E.
Smith, Isaac
Smith, J. T.
Smith, John
Strickland, Joseph L.
Summerville, John C.
Tanner, G. R.
Vance, R. C.
Webb, K. P.
Young, P. A.


Acres, W. T.
Arnold, William	                      For H. R. gooey 
Brazil, C. C.
Claiborne, R. F.
Claiborne, R. W.
Clemmons, Leonard
Cassock, Gas. W.
Couch, Lindley	                      (Crouch on Receipt Book)
Crouse, Henry	                      (Krause on Receipt Book)
Harris, A. R.
Harris, L. F.
Hensley, William	              Error - Was Not of Age
Jamerson, William
Kirk, L. A.	Dead
Lantz, John E.
Laster, J. T.
McClain, Andrew	                      Gone to Pratte County
McClain, Jno. C.
Nethercutt, George
Nethercutt, Sol
Norwood, Frank
Norwood, J. W.
Sand, John
Shaw, D. H.
Stroup, John	                      No Property Found
Stroup, Sam
Stocks, C., Jr.
Stocks, C., Sr.
Taliaferro, J. B.	              Gone to Grant Co.
Thompson, D. L. B.
Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Vinson, A. F.	                      (Vincent on Receipt Book)
Vinson, Mrs. M. J.	              (Vincent on Receipt Book)


Allen, F. S.
Allen, W. S.	                      Estate
Bullock, B. 6.
Calhoun, W. J.	                      Dead - No Property Found
Carson, H. D.
Carson, J. H.
Carson, J. H. D.
Carson, W. E.
Chambers, Jas. A.
Crouton, A. J.
Crouton, E. H.
Dobbins, J. M.
Fulcher, H. C.
Garrett, John
Huey, J. D.
Miller, Henry F.
Miller, Jas. B.
Moose, J. W.
O'Kelley, J. H.	                      By Rucker
Ramsey, D. Sam
Ramsey, J. S.
Ramsey, James M.
Ramsey, M. C.
Ramsey, T. F.
Ramsey, W. T.
Rucker, C. H.
Rucker, P. W.
Shaw, H. C.
Steel, T. M.
Walker, H. P.
Young, M. L.
Young, S. J.
Young, Sam

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