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This cemetery was copied from Saline County Cemeteries
Section V
Mrs. W. Bernard Barber Chairman for Cataloging Cemeteries
A Saline County Sesquicentennial Project
Provincia de La Sal Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

1974 - 1978 and 1894 - 1986

Thomas or Leatherwood Cemetery

Pt. NW1/4 NE1/4
Section 15 Township 1N
Range 16W

Photo by Katrina Johnson

Cataloged by: Mrs. Chris Lancaster, Mrs. Albert Thomas, Mrs. Oscar Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard Barber, Completed July 1975.

The oldest marked grave if that of William Leatherwood, 1875. The family Bible indicates his death to have been in 1867.

Directions: From Benton, out Highway #5 to Kirk Road, the Cemetery is located off Kirk Road near Paron.

Historical information: William Leatherwood was half Indian and lived in the area and owned the property on which the cemetery is located overlooking the North Fork of the Saline River. He chose the site and took his wife up the small mountain overlooking the river and his farm. He told his wife this was the spot he had selected for his burial. His wife told him she did not think she would be able to find the spot later, he assured her he had blazed a trail and she would have no difficulty when the time came to bury him. He also told her that he had selected the spot, not only for its beauty, but so he could "watch over the children as they work the farm". This information was provided by Mrs. Chris Lancaster, a granddaughter.

Aldridge (unmarked)


No dates



May 24, 1882-October 22, 1938

Lula Ann

August 14, 1890- June 19, 1929


        Clark G.


Cora E.


Wordie, son of Clark and Cora

                No dates, about 1907 - 1918

Unmarked Grave

Harley M.

                Texas, Pvt. 93 Chemical Service Co. WW II

                        September 1, 1915 - September 14, 1962


        Mrs. Van (Unmarked) wife of John

        Jane, wife of William

                Died, 1903



                Died, 1875, family Bible shows 1867

        S. A.   (Sarah Ann) wife of William

                Died, 1910


        Lucy Leatherwood (unmarked)

        No known dates


        Mollie L.

                Died, 1890



                November 4, 1904-1904


                May 5, 1882-August 18, 1885





 There were a number of Unmarked Graves, some Adults, many
Children, known to be Thomases and Leatherwoods, but uncertain.

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