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Wesley Chapel Cemetery is located on the banks of the Alum Fork of the Saline River. There use to be a swinging bridge
that crossed Alum at the end of the cemetery so people could attend church and school when the creek was too high to
cross the crossing that is located down below the cemetery. The old road that leads to the crossing is no longer in use.

The old road use to go down and you could cross Alum and end up coming out on the Sulphur Springs Road. The church
building use to sit in front of the cemetery but was moved across the road to be used as a barn. The building is still standing
and is used for storage. It was used as a meeting place for church, school, and mason meetings. It is a very old cemetery
with about 171 graves marked with slate rocks and other type of rocks. On closer inspection in recent days I have found
that there are at least seven rocks with letters or markings that are still readable. I am working on cleaning the slates to find
additional information on people that were buried here. I know back in the older days there were graves that were dug into
when digging a new grave. It is a beautiful old cemetery with many large cedar trees located in it. I have added personal
information with the thought that it might help someone that is doing research. If you would like further information on
how to reach the cemetery I would not mind phone calls. If you have additional information that you can provide to me or
any photos please let me know,I would like to make this as complete as possible. The information that follows is up to date
as of November 1, 1999. To get to the cemetery from Benton you can take Highway 298 to Highway 9 go directly across to
Unity Road and go about 8 miles, the road will fork and you take the left hand fork, you will cross a cattle guard and the road
will dead end at the cemetery, there are quite a few dirt roads that turn off of Unity Road just stay on the main road.


Eli H. Hinson

Born on March 15, 1855 and died September 14, 1926 husband of Martha

Martha Hinson

Born on December 16, 1854 and died on October 6, 1931 wife of Eli

Fairley Hinson

Born on October 7, 1879 and died on September 15, 1900 child of Martha and Eli

Filmore Hinson

Born on May 6, 1877 and died on August 6, 1891 child of Martha and Eli

Daisey Hinson

Born on January 27, 1887 and died on June 14, 1895 child of Martha and Eli

James A. "Jim" Hinson

Born on December 28, 1895 and died on April 28, 1986 husband of Flossie E.

Parents were Eli and Martha

Flossie E. Hester Hinson

Born on September 14, 1902 and died on March 12, 1983 wife of Jim

Jayme Kay Hinson

Born on August 13, 1964 and died on March 1, 1999 she was the wife of Alex

and the mother of Weston Alexander


Willie Belle Speight

Daughter of Aleather Elliott Speight (no dates)

Dewell Speight

Son of Aleather Elliott Speight (no dates)

Aleather Elliott Speight

Born on August 20, 1888 and died on April 4, 1911


Belle Elliott

Born on August 3, 1886 and died on May 2, 1915

(this grave was next to Aleather)


James W. Elliott

Born in the year of 1863 and died in the year of 1934 husband of Mary R.

Mary F. Elliott

Born in the year of 1872 and died in the year of 1922 wife of James


Faithe Vance

Born on April 20, 1865 and died on October 5, 1901

(located next to Philip Bradfield)


Philip J. Bradfield

Born in 1862 and died in 1898

Leon L. Bradfield

Born on December 18, 1889 and died on April 18, 1925 husband of Mary

Sarah E. Bradfield

Born in 1835 and died in 1916 wife of John H.

John H. Bradfield

Born in 1830 and died in 1882 husband of Sarah E.

Hazel Bradfield

Born in 1908 and died in 1909 daughter of Leon and Mary

M. Bradfield

No dates this is a slate rock located at the head of Leon

Susannah Bradfield

Born on February 27, 1805 and died on January 5, 1887 wife of Rev. John Bradfield

She was born in Anderson County Tennessee


Frank W. Johnson

Died on June 20, 1894 at the age of 65 years


Elizabeth A. Hickman

Died on January 21, 1874 wife of Martin

Nancy A. Hickman

Died at the age of 3 years 1 month and 22 days

Two children's graves next to Nancy's

Milburn H. Hickman

Born on October 8, 1897 and died on October 23, 1897 son of J. J. and H. E. Hickman

Milton Hickman

Born on October 8, 1897 and died on October 29, 1899 son of J. J. and H. E. Hickman

Addie E. Hickman

Born on January 14, 1902 and died on November 1, 1902 daughter of J. J. and H. E.


There are at least 5 graves marked with stones located by the three children listed above.

Polly Hickman

Died on January 9, 1842

J. W. Hickman

Born on July 11, 1831 and died on January 26, 1888 next to Elizabeth's

Elizabeth Hickman

Born on January 1, 1833 and died on January 20, 1924 next to J. W.'s


Lydia R. Taylor

Born on August 26, 1881 and died on August 31, 1885 daughter of H. R. and

M. E. Taylor

Carol Frank Taylor

Born on November 29, 1896 and died on November 20, 1983 husband of Lona

Lewis Taylor, parents were Peach and Laura Taylor from Tennessee, which are

Buried at Bolin Cemetery, he was a mason and a deacon at Unity Missionary

Baptist Church

Lona Lewis Taylor

Born on February 19, 1900 and died on November 29, 1985 wife of Carol, parents

Were Jesse Lewis and Tura Thomas Lewis

Junior Franklin Taylor

Born on December 6, 1925 and died on March 19, 1926 parents were Carol and Lona

Robert M. Taylor

Born on October 20, 1866 and died on May 28, 1948 brother to John M.

John M. Taylor

Born in 1872 and died in 1915 brother to Robert M.

J. M. Taylor

This grave is 2 graves left of John M. Taylor's grave it is a stone bad faded

And all that is readable is died ___ 5, 187?


Cleytus Eugene Lewis

Born on September 12, 1928 and died on August 21, 1956 husband of Doris

Hoppkins married in Lubbock Texas on May 5, 1956 parents were Harvey

And Delia Lewis

Alta Doris Lewis

Born on February 14, 1930 and died on October 15, 1933 parents were Harvey

And Delia Lewis

Harvey Cloyce "Slim" Lewis

Born on November 18, 1933 and died on March 2, 1996 husband of Edna

Parents were Harvey and Delia Lewis

Jessie Loyce Lewis

Born on February 28, 1936 and died on April 29, 1991 parents were Harvey and Delia

Ernest Harvey Lewis

Born on May 30, 1905 and died on February 14, 1988 husband of Delia

Father of Cleytus, Alta, Johnny, Slim, Franky, Oliver, Loyce, Juanita, and J. D.

Delia Modeny Willis Lewis

Born on March 16, 1912 and died on December 21, 1986 wife of Harvey

Children listed above parents were John T. Willis and Kizzy Hovater

Tura A. Thomas Lewis

Born on April 3, 1865 and died on March 16, 1950 wife of Jesse

Mother of Charlie, Harvey, Frank, Lona, Dora, Sallie, Neely, Calvin, and Allen

Jesse Calvin Lewis

Born on January 16, 1860 and died on September 24, 1918 husband of Tura

Children listed above

Sallie Jane Lewis

Born on February 4, 1895 and died in 1907 parents were Jesse and Tura

Charlie Crawford Lewis

Born on December 3, 1888 and died on August 28, 1980 parents were Jesse and Tura


Dora F. Lewis Spencer

Born on July 23, 1903 and died in February 1932 Mother of Samuel, Mildred, and Edna,

Wife of John Samuel Spencer she died from pneumonia, her parents were Jesse Lewis

and Tura Thomas


Willie Coburn

Born on October 11, 1892 and died on November 21, 1893 son of William and Dora

Joe Coburn

Born on June 19, 1895 and died on September 13, 1896 son of William and Dora

Margaret Coburn

Born on March 24, 1902 and died on September 24, 1902 daughter of William and Dora

W. E. Coburn

Died in the year of 1903

John Coburn

Born on October 9, 1899 and died on December 18, 1902 son of William and Dora

William Franklin "Frank" Coburn

Born on March 24, 1858 and died on March 2, 1905 husband of Dora Johnson

Dora Parthina Johnson Coburn

Born on August 6, 1866 and died on November 8, 1919 wife of Frank

Married on November 16, 1886 sister to Tom Johnson parents were Henry Lazarus

Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Jones Johnson

Sarah A. White Coburn

Born on July 17, 1898 and died on June 22, 1929 wife of Gilbert "Bert" married on

January 7, 1917 mother of Geneva S. Coburn Allen and Bernice Coburn Kelly


Martha E. Rice Johnson

Born on March 13, 1871 and died on May 2, 1895 wife of Tom parents were J. G.

And Sarah

Infant grave next to Martha's

Gertrude Harris Johnson

Born on February 22, 1875 and died on October 1, 1933 wife of Tom

She was born in Yell County

Thomas Paul "Tom" Johnson

Born on December 3, 1869 and died on January 31, 1951 parents were Henry

Lazarus Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Jones Johnson

Jeffrey Jay "J. J." Johnson

Born on October 8, 1970 and died on September 25, 1998 father of Tyler Davis

Johnson, son of Anthony and Liz, brother of Edwin, Kevin, and Tony grandson

Of Ezra and Ethel Johnson, and Frank and Annie Smith

Ezra Johnson

Born on October 22, 1901 and died on November 12, 1970 husband of Lilly Ethel

Nethercutt they were married on June 28, 1924 son of Gertrude and Tom


William B. Williford

Died in September 1913

Unknown Williford


Eliza Jane McKown

Born on August 2, 1856 and died on August 24, 1888 wife of James


John Calvin Curtis

Born on February 22, 1810 and died in March 1858 Husband of Mickie Garrett, his

Parents were Alexander H. Curtis from Pennsylvania and Martha M., John had a son

William Rushing Curtis that married Arabell Davis parents of William Gentry Curtis, she

is buried in Stainer Cemetery, John Had a granddaughter named Arrena, her son is Carlee

Brown and also a grandson Delton Brown. There are suppose to be some immediate

family members of John's buried here next to him.


Ida Garrett Coburn Curtis Williams

Born on December 19, 1888 and died on September 11, 1956 wife of Henry Coburn,

William Gentry Curtis, and Ess Williams daughter of Reuben Garrett mother

Of Velva Coburn, Bert Coburn, Bernette Coburn, Lorene Coburn, Harold Williams,

Fay Williams, Little Ess Hershell Williams, and Leoda, Etta Curtis

Fay Williams

Died on May 8, 1941 at the age of 14 years old sister of Harold Williams and daughter of

Ida and Ess Williams

Little Ess Hershell Williams

Born when snow was on the ground son of Ida and Ess Williams lived just a few hours


Spillsbury Garrett

Born in 1830 in Tennessee Stone Marker husband of Elizabeth, father to Reuben,

Jacob, Robert, Charles, Sarah, Mary, Nancy, John, and Mickey his grave has irises

Planted on it

Elizabeth Smith Garrett

Born in 1838 stone marker next to her husband, wife of Spillsbury, children listed above

Unknown child's grave

Four graves marked with stones located at the head of Spillsbury's and Elizabeth's


Mary Telitha Quinn

Born on April 5, 1850 and died on May 15, 1911 wife of J. J.

John J. Quinn

Born on October 26, 1857 and died on May 20, 1939 husband of Mary

Emma Quinn Rice

Born on July 24, 1878 and died on April 6, 1906 daughter of J. J. and Mary

Unknown Quinn Child

M. A. Quinn

Died on May 24, 1897 son of J. J. and Mary




Tabitha Wallas

Slate rock has her name scratched into it with March 4, 1885

One Grave on mound next to Sarah Coburn's that has the following information:

Sarah Adeline Ellis Clements Wilson James

Born in September 1843 and died in June 1917 wife of James Clements and

daughter of Silas and Martha Ivey Ellis

One grave in back corner that stands alone is that of a slave that died while a pioneer family was

Passing through the area.

Slate rock that has V. W. scratched into it.

Child's grave near the gate that stands alone has F scratched into it.

Rock with B. F. H. scratched onto it.

Rock next to this one with W. T. on it.

Believed to be buried here because of information found from the Arkansas Methodist is the following:

Mrs. Florence Higginbotham Crawford

Born on December 31, 1880 and died on September 6, 1898 she was the wife of William Sidney

"Sid" Crawford, mother of Myrtle Henry Crawford

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