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Saline County Cemeteries
Section II
Mrs. W. Bernard Barber
Chairman for Cataloging Cemeteries
A Saline County Sesquicentennial Project
Provincia de La Sal Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
1974 - 1978 and 1894 - 1986

Unmarked Graves On Williams Creek

Range 16W-Township 1S Section 26

Cataloged by: Dorris Barber
Directions: Highway 5 West-past Kentucky Baptist Church. Williams Creek Bridge is the 1st metal bridge- old Stage coach house is on the right. House is now built on to and has a rock fence in front. 3 or 4 Unmarked graves were in the field in front of the house. People died there while they were on their way to Texas. The Creek has washed the graves away.
Information from Dr. Paul Hogue.