The following is copied from a microfilmed copy of a 1904 issue of a Scott County newspaper and is presented here because of the many names of local residents listed as signing it. I feel many of the names were misprinted in the newspaper but they are copied as written. Some of the obvious errors are Back=Black; Castlebey=Castleberry. The letter "J" was often misread as an "I." If you are looking for a specific name, you may want to use the "Edit" and "Find" functions on your browser.

Waldron Reporter
10 May 1904
Petition For Pardon

To Hon. Jeff Davis,
Governor of the State of Arkansas.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Scott County, Ark., represent to your Honor that Jasper Haney was at the Feb., 1902, term of the Scott Circuit Court, convicted of the crime of murder in the 2nd degree, and was sentenced to a term of ten years in the State Penitentiary. That he has now served more than two years of said term. That there are reasons to believe that said killing was in necessary self-defense and that if he be pardoned justice will be fully meted out; wherefore we pray that he be granted a full and complete pardon:

J.G. McEntire

Aug. Viefhouse

C.A. Yandell

A.B. Hunt

J.F.P. Payne

Mills Gettys

M.R. Calahan

L.D. Tolison

Claude Hunt

S.L. Thresher

J.N. Slater

J.O. Hise

J.S. Lowe

A.B. Stewart

J.M. Haloway

W.F. Newborn

W.A. Shore

M. Parto

J.H. Forestine

J.B. Pagan

J.M. Russell

A.L. Butler

E.F. Caft

George Self

J.L. deNeuman

J.T. Teagle

B.B. Naught

I. Brothers

J.F. Sims

J.F. Clower

R.P. Ennis

J.D. Morris

S.G. Stacks

J.W. Burns

D.W. Davis

O.V. Daniel

P. Wommight

H. Lundia


J.A. Carter

J.F. Phillips

J.W. Waminkle

J.T. Teagle

J.S. Smith

Willie Pasard

M.C. Yandell

T.B. Stanford

D.J. Bohnstehn

L.B. Wright

W.R. Lacefield

J.T. Shore

G.W. Cornelius

B.W. Duncan

F.J. Monroe

R.L. Monroe

Knox Monroe

W.S. Jones

J. Haney

J.H. Stewart

S.W. Haley

Charley Harrell

E.G. Kilburn

C.B. Ham

R.J. Cooley

W.S. Jones

J.W. Wilburn

L.B. Jones

E.R. Jones


B. Oller

J.C. Tate

H.M. Chattain

G.W. Williams

W.S. Ennis

M.A. Ennis

J.A. Ennis

R.M. Harris

C.F. May

E.F. Garner

R.A. Oller

T.B. Bailey

John Henson

J.S. Woodall

J.T. Harris

J.M. Beard

A.A. Pitts

W.A. McCormack

R. Holly

C.G. Ostie

K.R. Hale

R.A. Neely

D.W. Martain

F.M. Cain

J.Z. Crowley

J.W. Coston

C.F. Comack

John Hale

John Beard

W.F. Blagg

J.B. Blagg

D.W. Harris

G.E. Crowley

P.M. Riggs

W.P. Cooley

J.W. Cain

A.J. Yandell

E.R. South

S.O. Smith

J.L. Kelley

Elmer Blackwell

W.T. Burk

A.J. Harrell

S.M. Stringer

Geo. W. Swain

S.H. Herrin

J.L. Herrin

Henry Barrick

Andrew McClain

T.F. Wasson

M. Harpy

T.B. Wason

J.C. Herrin

J.W. Bailey

W.F. Cornelius

J.A. Boucher

Andy Jones

T.C. Kahill

J.A. Bailey

J.E. Boice

M.R. Wilson

W.L. Cumings

G.W. Terry

S.W. Lee

S.J. Smith

J.M. Hamilton

W.U. Sanders

Ralph Purvis

J.H. Millard

Isaac Towers

Thomas Walker

Sam Galts

B.F. Lemon

T.P. Smith

A.T. Smith

I.S. Simmons

W.T. Adams

F.M. Smith

L.D. Duncan

L.M.B. Aden

E.D. Crutchfield

W.T. Autis

H.C. Hinds

J.T. Hill

J.B. Price

W.S. Cox

T.E. Jonson

W.E. Farmer

S.A. Neel

J.J. Back

W.T. Sisemore

C.W. Dipboye

G. Cox

L.L. Beavers

A. Sullivan

R.L. Jinkins

W.H. Partain

Mont Smith

B.N. Hews

D.S. Mitchell

G.P. Epler

M.F. Simmons

R.S. Caerl

L.P. Boren

J.S. Morrison

S.J. Atrey

Wm. Moore

S.J. Byrg

J.W. Gipson

J.G. Neely

D.F. Monroe

W.F. Kilburn

W.P. Austin

J.N. Austin

B.Y. Nevils

R.Y Patterson

G.W. Camden

E.L. Gallimore

S.J. Bullard

Dave Louis

G.W. Stewart

J.M. Hale

J.W. Hale

J.P. Hale

A.D. Crenshaw

J.L. Price

Israel Brother

J.L. Terry

D.L. Hale

I.V. Vaughn

Thos. Halihon

W.J. McClain

J.S. O'Nail

B.F. Stals

Jrs. Vohn

J.S. Starr

J.T. Jones

G.W. Myres

Joe Hope

J.W. Jones

J.B. Benara

J.A. Howerton

V.S. Self

J.S. Lee

I.C. Richmon

I.W. Richmon

J.H. Whuter

G.W. Roland

T.J. Mantooth

P.E. Gipson

W.L. Roland

J.H. Hall

D.C. Brooks

I.S. Johnson

T.B. Brooks

J.J. Wright

A.L. Wright

Michael Kelley

Joe W. Johnson

F.P. Williams

J.M. Epler

W.H. Tate

W.G. Freeman

G.W. Yandell

E.D. Yandell

J.D. Roland

Lee Eplar

W.T. South

W.D. Parks

T.T. Payne

W.R. Payne

J.W. Martin

Tom Evatt

L.L. House

P.A. Williams

Jess Talor

I.H. Harper

I.H. Rose

M.F. Simmons

W.A. Allen

W.A. Pitts

W.F. Robertson

J.W. Anesley

John Allen

W.A. McIntire

C.S. Morris

J.M. Martin

D.C. Blakely

J.R. Davis

J.E. Castlebey

John Purvis

W.D. Back

H.D. Hines

T.N. Bottoms

W.B. Alexander

S.I. McMath

N.W. Euchord

G.W. Stringer

I.F. Smith

G.W. Cappell

A.W. Holden

T.I. Hall

P.S. Allen

J.P. Dunkan

W. Stafford

Willie Crolley

Sallie Coley

Buena Croley

Mary Hammock

Mary A. Cain

Mary Kelley

Molia Galimore

Ethel Horland

H.A. Blackwell

Ader Bullard

Nola Monroe

Nancy Monroe

Ellen Monroe

W.S. Kilburn

Lue Kilburn

M.B. Patterson

M.A. South

M.G. Patterson

Nancy Clymer

Mae Chancy

M.E. Camden

S.T. Camden

M.A. Camden

B.V. Horn

Annie Bullard

L.M. Cornelius

Lizzie Hale

Dollie Monroe

Lucy Dunken

Ida Jones

Rebecca Stewart

M.G. Morgan

M.A. Morgan

M.C. Shore

M.J. Shore

M.A. Martin

A.H. Milner

Martha McLemore

Mirie Harrell

Vennis Hanney

Lastimio Neely

Francis Neely

M.L. Neely

W.D. Utley

J.A. Bates

A.J. Neely

W.J. Neely

Will Goodwin

G.H. Epperson

W.L. Sherrill

John Atchley

Julius Martin

Albert Martin

G.P. Cates

F.P. Gill

J.T. Rice

H.W. Miner

J.J. Frost

W.B. Brazell

G.W. Rose

S. Blackwell

J.F. Blackwell

F.C. Hawkman

Tom Martin

James Martin

W.A. Shore, Jr.

S.B. Thomas

L.L. Phillips

N.D. Gilbreath

J.S. Phillips

R.C. Auldridge

J.C. Burris

W.W. Shores

G.L. McLemore

Han Clymer

J.F. Morgan

B.F. Kelley

J.T. Austin

P.N. Cardiff

W.T. Barrick

J.H. Tailor

J.H. Miller

William Arington

Arthur Defoor

G.W. Smith

James Sanders

M.M. Gilbreath

S.S. Nelson

H.A. Martin

H.H. Frost

W.M. Filpot

Z.Z. Milburn

George Frost

M.F. Frost

John Tompson

Charles Blankenship

L.C.R. Botenn

Willis Bevins

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