The following is copied from a microfilmed copy of a 1910 issue of a Scott County newspaper and is presented here because of the many names of Cauthron Township residents listed as signing it. I feel some of the names were misprinted in the newspaper but they are copied as written.

The Advance Reporter
25 November 1910
A Petition

State of Arkansas, County of Scott:
To the Honorable Geo. W. Donaghey, Governor of the State of Arkansas:
We, the undersigned, citizens of Cauthron township, Scott County, Ark., respectfully ask that you grant to John M. Forman a full and complete pardon who was convicted in the Sebastian Circuit Court, in the Fort Smith District in October, 1910, of the crime of uttering a forged instrument and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary and is now serving his term for the following reasons, to wit:
1st. That he has always been a law-abiding boy and has never been charged with an offense before.
2nd. That he was raised a poor orphan boy, without the prayers and counsel of a mother.
3rd. That people who knew him best say that at times his mind is deranged to such an extent as to not know right from wrong.
4th. That he has already undergone sufficient punishment and no one has lost anything by his unlawful act, for which we will always feel grateful.

J.P. Hall

G.W. Carnett

W.R. Kirk

W.R. Bethel

J.H. Young

Waldo E. Huck

J.E. Jones

W.A. Crabtree, P.M.

J.Y.Stout, J.P.

J.T. Wood

W.M. Gilmore

W.B. Weekley

C.A. Gilmore

Eben Bethel

J.C. Clark

J.O. Lairemore

W.M. Gipson

C.R. Gipson

A.D. Baker

Joe Smith

G.D. Bucknor

S.T. Baker

J.C. Rogers

W.S. Norris

S.J. Park

W.L. Moore

T.M. Credem

J.H. Farmer

C.A. Rogers

B.R. Thaup

R.E. Nelson

J.H. Smith

C.G. Baker

Lewis Walker

W.D. Parent

J.B. Bass

F.E. Flowers

D.A. Rogers

D.M. Parent

M. Parent

A.D.D. Poe

R.P. Page

W.H. Nelson

W.H. Beauchamp

G.W. Shutts

J.W. Nelson

A.H. Ecqard

G.W. Eslinger

W.T. Stimmett

J.H. Beavers

J.W. Comb

L.W. Uokes

N.W. World

R.N. World

C.O. Upchurch

G.W. Chappell

L.C. Wooter

L.O. Larimore

C.J. Beauchamp

T.Y. Beauchamp

C.A. Atkins

Birt Baker

J.C. Baker

R.R. Johnson

G.A. Johnson

A.J. Forehand

W.J. Bennett

E. Kirk

E. Thompson

M.E. Gipson

J.R. Blansett

W.J. Wyatt

W.A. Jones, M.D.

B.H. Johnson

W.H. Brooks

Jesi Yeigsey

C.O. Jones

L. Matkins

S.M. Bailey

O.C. Walker

M. Larimore

W.K. Adkins

S.B. Chandler

G.L. Henley

J.C. Henley

W.M. Johnson

"and others"

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