Scott County Arkansas
Civil War Biographical Memoranda
1911 Civil War Veterans Census
Isaac Jefferson Houston
Contributed by Kim Mauney

Please also see Isaac Jefferson Houston Pension File for further information and photographs.

The following information is from the 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans. Kim ordered this file from the Arkansas History Commission. The title on the first page reads:

Biographical Memoranda

Questions have been transcribed in italics. Answers are in bold print.

1. Full Name (Do not use initials): Isaac Jefferson Houston
2. Present P.O. (Give last address, with date of death if dead): Waldron, Ark.
3. Exact date and place of birth: Tipp(ah) Co., Miss. 1845, Jan. 27 at Tipp(ah) Co. Miss. in the county of Tipp(ah) State of Miss
4. Full name of the subject's father: Joesiah Houston born at Benton Co. in the County of Benton State of Tenn. He lived at (Blank). He was the son of James Houston and his wife Does not know who lived at (Blank)
5. Maiden name in full of the subject's mother: (Blank) She was the daughter of (Blank) and his wife (Blank) who lived at (Blank).
6. Remarks on ancestry. Give here any and all facts possible in reference to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., not included in the foregoing, as where they lived, offices held, Revolutionary or other war service; what country the family came from to America, where first settled, County and State; always giving full names (if possible) and never referring to an ancestor simply as such without giving the name. It is desirable to include every fact possible, and to that end the full and exact record from old Bibles should be appended on separate sheets of this size, thus preserving the facts from loss: (Blank)
7. Early education--where obtained, incidents, names of teachers: None
8. College education--where attended, and year of graduation, with college honors and degrees: None
9. Professional education, if any--where obtained, date of graduation, with degrees: None
10. Profession or occupation--date entered upon, where practiced, and incidents of: Farming
11. Every civil office held--City, County, State or National, with exact dates as far as possible. If ever a member of the Legislature, give date of session: None
12. Military offices held--exact rank, name of command, and dates of service, as full as possible: None
13. Political party--official position, committee work in, etc: Dem.
14. Church connection--with official position, if any: Baptist
15. If a member of the Masons, Odd Fellows, or other secret order, give names, with official position, if any: Farmers Union
16. Titles of books written or edited. Give exact copy of title, with number of pages the book contains: None
17. Maiden name in full of the subject's wife, with date and place of marriage: Mary C. Styles. She was the daughter of John Styles and his wife Margrett Styles who lived at Miss. Give also other and full particulars of wife's ancestry, as far as possible: (Blank)
18. Miscellaneous: Add here any facts not embraced in the foregoing inquiries, as reform movements instituted by, influence on affairs, etc., so that this blank will contain all necessary facts for a full sketch: (Blank)
19. Full list of the children (if any) of the subject of this sketch, with full names of husbands and wives of each, in case of marriage, with present place of residence and P.O., numbering them in regular order, viz:
1. W.S. Houston, married Leonie Jones
2. J.W. Houston, married Pearl Johnson
3. Viola Houston, married J.M. Morgan

I, G.E.Crowley, Assessor of Scott County, hereby certify under sanction of my official oath that the above is a true and correct copy of the original memoranda prepared by me.
G.E. Crowley

Confederate Military Service Memoranda
Supplement to Form 1

Accuracy and care should be exercised in filling out blanks. The data given will be used as the basis of historical work. When in doubt about a statement of fact do not give it.

1. Full name and present P.O.
Isaac Jefferson Houston, Waldron, Ark.
2. If officer, give rank in Company, Regiment or Brigade None
3. Company in which enlisted, original name, official designation after joining Regiment C 18th Miss. Cavalry, Parolled on May 11, 1865
4. County, City, Town or Community from which Company was enlisted All pts. from Miss. and Ark.
5. Officer receiving Company into service Does not know.
6. Place and date of enlistment, length of active service, parole Miss. June 1863, 2 ys.
7. Regiment to which Company was assigned, when, where, Infantry, Artillery or Cavalry Cavalry, 18th Miss.
8. Name of Company Commissioned Officers, 1861 to 1865 Capt. Carrell, C.T. Smith, Joe Lawshen, Clate Jones, Tom Jones, Jim Jinks, Jim Hughes
9. Name of Company Non-Commissioned Officers, 1861 to 1865 Jim Britt, W.A. Roberts
10. Names of Companies in Regiment, Original Names, Names after joining Regiment, Captains of each Does not know.
11. Names of Regimental Officers, 1861 to 1865 Does not know.
12. Original strength of Company, Names of private soldiers which are remembered accurately From 75 to 150
13. List of Battles in which Company engaged, killed, wounded and captured in each; strength of when paroled; incidents of camp life or battlefield; gallantry or heroism or other data of interest.
1. Battle of Brice Cross Rode
2. Battle of Salem, Miss. None killed, 2 wounded
3. Battle of Fort Pillow. None killed, 1 wounded
4. Battle of Harrisburg. 1 wounded
5. Battle of Harris Creek. 2 or 3 wounded
6. Battle at Johnsville. Capt. Gunboats
7. Nashville. 2 men killed
8. Maplesville, Alabama. 1 man killed, 15 wounded
9. Fall of Celmer, Ala.

I, G.E. Crowley , Assessor of Scott County, hereby certify under sanction of my official oath that the above is a true and correct copy of the original memoranda prepared by me.
8-5, 1912
G.E. Crowley

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