Seated in front are James Julius Alley and his wife Serilla Cordilla Maybelle Blackwell. James Julius was born 12 October 1881 in Pike County, Kentucky, son of Martin VanBuren Alley and Sarah Angeline Maynard. Serilla was born 22 March 1891 in Boles, Scott County, Arkansas, daughter of John Hamilton Blackwell and Sarah Elizabeth Ward. James Julius and Serilla were married in Scott County 5 July 1908. Their children are pictured above with them, not in any particular order. Their children's names and birthdates as given by their oldest daughter, the late Roxie Marie Alley McCullah, were:

1. Roxie Marie Alley, born 6 November 1909 at Buck Knob, Scott County, Arkansas.
2. Marvin Edgar Alley, born 24 September 1911 at Parks, Scott County, Arkansas.
3. Dessie Matrel Alley, born 4 March 1914 and died 14 June 1917, is buried at Parks, Arkansas.
4. Gilbert Gordon Alley, born 8 November 1915 at Parks, Arkansas.
5. Oleana Mae Alley, born 20 April 1918 at Parks, Arkansas.
6. Bertie Addie Alley, born 21 September 1920 at Parks, Arkansas.
7. Ruby Edna Alley, born 25 November 1922 at Parks, Arkansas.
8. Clara Nadine Allen, born 15 February 1925 at Parks, Arkansas.
9. Talmadge Tillman Alley, born 21 September 1927 at Parks, Arkansas.
10. Helen Ruth Alley, born 28 January 1931 at Welty, Oklahoma.
11. James Julius Alley, Jr., born 14 September 1933 at Welty, Oklahoma.

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