This picture was taken about 1941-42, around Nola. Does anyone know which river this is, and who these people are? What church they were baptized from? Picture and information provided by Charlene Holland.

On 3/30/2009 Gary Allen writes "Myself and my brother Cecil Verdell Eppler both believe that from the right are our uncles, Bill Eppler, possibly Marlett Eppler, Vester Eppler, unknown bald man, and Royce Eppler. We also believe that the second woman to the left of Royce is our mother Nola Sara "Dolly" (Ashford) Eppler. The woman to her left my brother thinks is our Aunt Jonnie who was married to Uncle Vester Eppler. The rest are all unknown. Now we may be wrong about all of this, but they sure look like our relatives."

Please contact Barbara Hale Reynolds if you can add any information about this picture.

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