I have a bunch of names listed in the Diary of Henry Clay Bethel, Scott County 1887. I have him living south of the Poteau River Near Cauthron, because they would get blocked by the river on the way to Cauthron. He kept weather conditions, funerals, activities and people he had contact with. He raised tobacco, farmed and did survey work. He surveyed the Blackfork and Rich Mountain area July 1887 with several people from the same area.

Some names noted:
	Sheriff Vise
	Will Vise
	Reed Vise
	W.B. Dozier ( Waldron )
	S.A. Robinson
	Lish Miller
	Bud Gibson
	Wilse King
	Marado King
	H.H. Justice
	Justices Store
	Gibson's Store
	Lewis Chrip ( sold peanuts )
	Dyer's Sawmill
	Kilgos Sawmill
	W.H. Stinson
	T.J Weeks
	Filmore Shiery
	Fud McAleb
	Coley Bird
	Ples Walker
	J.A. Spanger
	Henery Page
	A.F. Johnson
Several doctors, (Dr. Kilgo, Dr.Dunn, Dr. Dyer) gives some funerals (Dr. Taff died Apr 6 Funeral April 9 1887 with Masonic Honors) and some other deaths / causes.

Steve Watson
Rich Mountain Country Store
Mena, AR

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