Thursday, April 6, 1967
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Arthur L. (Buster) Sherrill was inducted into the U.S. Army May 7, 1918. He was born on the old Sherrill place just north-east of his present home. He was married January 26, 1924 to Miss Lucy Staner by a Methodist minister, W.J. Faust, and on a marriage license issued by County Clerk, H.L. Fuller. There are a few people here who remember the charavari and party on the night of the marriage at the home of the brides' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Staner, who lived in a house where the S and B Garage is now located. Buster is known for many different things. His occupations include cooking, butchering and farming. Many people have hunted Buster out to butcher a hog or a calf and Buster and his wife, Lucy, dressed chickens for Mr. Hinkle for several years. Lucy worked for J.B. Cox, Sr., setting type by hand from 1918 through May 1924, at the Advance Reporter. Buster farmed the old Sherrills' place and also rented land. He once had a nice herd of good red polled cattle, that being his favorite breed, and some remember his dog pen where he had perhaps 10 good coon and mink hounds. In cooking, he worked for such old timers as Earl McGaugh, Oss Thomas and J.T. May. Buster could always catch the fish or bring in a mink or even a good mess of squirrel. Many people have said "you can count on a good meal if you go to Buster and Lucy's." Even the visiting preachers have made their place at meal time down through the years. Have you ever heard Buster whistle, "The Arkansas Traveler," or heard him play the harmonica? His mulligans and other dishes have helped make many a deer hunters camp.

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