Thursday, July 13, 1967
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Bert Hawkins has spent all of his life in the county of Scott where he was born March 22, 1904 at Parks. He lived with his parents there on the farm until November 10, 1929 when he was married to Miss Ettie Laird by Rev. Verlia Harris, pastor of the Methodist Church in Parks. He and his family lived in Parks until October 15, 1942 when they moved to Waldron where he was employed by Harris Motor Co. as mechanic. During WWII he worked as heavy duty mechanic at Camp Chaffee at Fort Smith. He also worked for Fuller-Judy Chevrolet Co. and was working there at the time the company was changed to Theo Money Chevrolet. Sometime in the Fifties he was employed by Studebaker Garage and worked here for nine years. He was working again for Harris Motor Co. at the time he retired in 1965. He works part time for his son, Edmund, at his shop now. Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins are parents of three children, two sons and one daughter.

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