Thursday, September 28, 1967
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One of the most loved "Old Timers" in Scott County is Aunt Crickett Davis. She was born in the Greenridge Community in July of 1880 to Mr. and Mrs. "Little" Jim Ballard. She has lived all of her 87 years in Scott County and has lived at her present residence for 50 years. Aunt Crickett had eleven brothers and sisters of which only three are still living: a sister Aunt Arlee Taff and a brother Jimmie Ballard and Aunt Crickett. At one time Aunt Crickett attended a subscription school at Greenridge taught by Jim Cox (father of Robert Cox) who had 14 scholars and got a salary of $14 a month. Her father came to Scott County from Georgia in 1847. At that time the only cleared land around Waldron was the 20 acres where her home is now and 4 acres about where Birds View is now. To quote her father "there was nothing but grass and black snakes." She helped to card cotton batts from which her mother would weave the cloth to make their clothes on an old spinning wheel. She remembers hoeing cotton from sun up to sun down for forty cents a day. Aunt Crickett met Horace Davis for the first time when she was fourteen years old and they were married eight years later by Uncle Tom Self at Birds View Church. Mr. Davis was a cotton farmer "and a Good one" says Aunt Crickett. He died in 1960. To this union was born one daughter Cloe (Mrs. Vander Hughes.) She has two granddaughters: Mrs. Wilfred (Imogene) Young of Harrison and Mrs. Buel Jones of Waldron and six great-grandchildren. Aunt Crickett is a member of the Square Rock Methodist Church and is still active in other community activities.

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