Waldron News
8 January 1976
The Scott County Bicentennial Committee Salutes:
Carey M. Vise

The pioneers of America were a great people. They were sturdy of body, broad in outlook. There were pioneer families that had a part in shaping the history of early events in Scott County. There were many who lived, loved, labored, and fought for their homes; strived for schools to educate their children; for churches to worship that their children might grow in the grace of God. Among some of these people who deserve mention, from the western part of Scott County include the Bates families; the Denton families; the Phipps families; the Youngs; and the Vise families. Among the early settlers was Carey M. Vise, who was born in 1846, educated in the schools of South Carolina. He entered the Confederate Army at the age of 16, being in a company of light artillery commanded by Capt. Boyce and T.S. Jeter and was in the same engagements in which his father participated. He was captured at Asheville, North Carolina, but the war closed in a few days and he was released. In the year 1867 he came to Arkansas (followed his South Carolina sweetheart here), purchasing 120 acres of land fifteen miles of Waldron on Jones Creek. In December, 1867, he was married to Sarah A. Young. A son, William Young Vise, served as a County Peace officer in different stations before he "blazed the trail" for the building of Midway Park, fourteen miles south of Waldron in 1925. The words were rightfully chosen, for at the time Midway Park was built, where the present modern structure now stands, was a thicket of beautiful native pine trees. He owned and operated Midway Park until 1945. He passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ayline Marrs, in November, 1946. Happy Birthday Scott County. Happy Birthday U.S.A.

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