Thursday, March 30, 1967
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The Advance Reporter's "Spotlight" invites you to meet Douglas Bevins of Waldron. Doug is the superintendent of the city's water and sewer department, and on April 27 he will have completed 25 years of service as the head of the department. During this quarter of a century, Waldron's water source has changed three times, from several wells to Square Rock Lake which was completed in 1943, and to the new Lake Waldron which was completed in 1964. Doug was transferred to Waldron from Fayetteville in 1939 while in the employ of the Southwestern Gas and Electric Company. He was a "lineman." Due to injuries he received in a traffic accident he was unable to continue this type of work. During CCC days he taught a class in elementary electricity at Buck Knob CCC Camp. Doug was asked by the City Council on April 27, 1942, to assume the duties as head of the water and sewer department. City officials at that time were James R. Cox, mayor; J.W. Black, recorder; Claud Harrison, treasurer; E.T. Burnett, L.L. Thornton, Chas. W. Jones, Alton Rice, W.O. Harrison, and Bethel Sherrill, members of the council. In addition to his work with the water department, Doug is an active member of The Waldron Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department trucks are housed at the original water department facility where Doug and his wife Avis have resided in an apartment on the second floor since 1942. He is a Mason and has served 14 years as secretary of the Lodge. Both Doug and Avis are members of the Methodist Church. Doug also is the reporter of area weather for the United States Weather Bureau. With his complete dedication to his work and conservative management of the department over a long period, Doug has an excellent record in the administration and maintenance of the water system during its growth to the present modern facility.

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