From a special section of the Waldron News newspaper of 23 April 1981, consisting of interviews of Scott County citizens 80 Years of age and over. The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 80th anniversary.


Effie (Ashford) Douglas was born in Golden City, Missouri Jan. 14, 1889 to Samuel and Marion (Kenslow) Ashford. She is 92 years of age. Effie has been a resident of Pinewood Nursing Home since February 3, 1968. Mrs. Douglas has lived in Scott County since she was five years old. She remembers coming to Waldron from Missouri in a covered wago with her parents, two brothers and a sister. She recalls that this was in 1894, and her father purchased a brand new covered wago to make the trip and they camped along the road every night. She says the horses that pulled the wagon all the way from Missouri, died one week after they arrived in Waldron. She also remembers that her father had fifty cents in his pocket when they arrived and Mr. Dozier, who had a store here at that time, gave her father work and helped them in many ways. She was married to the late Lewis Douglas, and they had nine children, seven of which are still living - Luther Douglas of Alma, Merle Douglas of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Delmar Douglas of Fort Smith, Alma Morphis of El Reno, Oklahoma, Thurman Douglas of Waldron, Paul Douglas of El Reno, Oklahoma and Rachel Reed of Waldron. When asked if she worked outside the home, she stated that she worked in the fields, and took a covered wagon to the fields for the children to stay in, and the family dog went along to baby sit.

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