Thursday, April 27, 1967
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Unlike the late Will Rogers, who said, "Even though there is no record of when I was born, or where, it looks to me as if anybody would know I was born" Ed Jones was born April 29, 1893, on what might be called the first elevation or ridge, of Poteau Mountain, which has its foothills about six miles north of Waldron. There and near that place, Ed grew to manhood. Leaving his parents' home, he went to Lucas, Arkansas, to enter school with Dr. Nolen M. Irby as teacher. More schooling followed at Charleston and Waldron; the latter place receiving his first teaching license. His first school was taught in 1915, with many others following in the next twenty-three years. He then took up sheet-writing as a means of supporting the family, having married Mrs. Eula Richmond Ford in 1921. She had a small daughter, Juanita, now Mrs. Herman Robson, Mena. Nolan I. Jones was born in 1922 and Janelle, now Mrs. Donald Shaw, was born in 1926. Nolan has two sons and Janelle has two daughters. Next, he entered the produce and junk business at his present place of residence. This was continued for some fifteen years, at which time he was no longer able to carry on this business, selling same. He then entered into the mercantile business in a small way, which was just last year concluded. He is now retired, except for being a buyer of raw fur during season. It is probably of little interest for anyone to try to catalogue the struggle they have had in this life, where they are trying to make their burdens greater than anyone elses. Ed says, "Dear reader: If you will kindly turn to Revelations, 5th Chapter and second verse, you will find the following: 'Who is worthy...' If you will continue reading Revelations, you will find the following words: 'And they are those that came through great tribulations.'" While their life in Scott County is very well known to a lot of people, they are still very much inclined to do as much good as they can in this, their last days, not neglecting to thank the people for every deed of kindness.

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