From a special section of the Waldron News newspaper of 23 April 1981, consisting of interviews of Scott County citizens 80 Years of age and over. The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 80th anniversary.


Fred and Lelia Moore are residents of Pinewood Nursing Home. They have lived in Scott County for at least 30 years. Fred is 86 years of age and Lelia is 91 and was born in Gainesville, Texas to Joe and Flora Tamplin. Fred and Lelia lived 4 years on Heavener Route in Scott County and the other 26 years in Waldron. They are Methodist. Mr. Moore was a truck driver. He hauled logs when he was younger, and later hauled mostly cattle. Mrs. Moore said she and Mr. Moore had banked with the Bank of Waldron 30 years or more. Mr. and Mrs. Moore have 10 living children and this includes one set of twins - Faye Brown of Camden and Raye Thomas of Waldron, 4 sons - Leon Moore of Tucson, Arizona, Robert Davis of Waldron, Raymond Davis of Parks, Jack Davis of Bakersfield, California, and 4 daughters - Clara Taff and Gertie Lee Jeffcoat of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ophelia Forehand of Porterville, California and Lorene Plummer of Waldron.

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