From a special section of the Waldron News newspaper of 23 April 1981, consisting of interviews of Scott County citizens 80 Years of age and over. The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 80th anniversary.


Grace (Borton) Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Borton, is 84 years of age and was born in Durham, Kansas on October 18, 1896. She has lived in Scott County for 67 years. She was married to the late Addicus Black. She attended school in Searcy, AR and is a member of the First United Methodist Church. She has raised and educated three children - Coralee Kent and Florene Nix, both of Dallas, Texas, and Raymond Black of Mena. She remembers that times were pretty hard - her husband was in the CC Camp for 9 years, and when he came home in 1941, they all went to work and finally got a start.

From a special edition of the Scott County Advertiser newspaper of 3 April 1991, entitled "A Salute to Scott County Citizens 90 Years and Over." The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 90th anniversary.


Grace Black was born in Durham, Kansas October 18, 1895 to Allen and Cora Borton. In 1914 she came to Scott County and has been here ever since. She married Addicus Black (deceased 13 years) in 1919, and the couple were the parents of three children: Cora Lee Ken of Dallas, TX; Raymond Black (deceased) of Mena; and Florence Nix of Dallas, TX. Grace also has 7 grandsons and 13 great grandchildren, all boys except 3. Grace went to school at Searcy, is a member of the Methodist Church, and worked at Parsley's 10c Store, the Mena Shirt Factory, and at the old Seaman's Store in Waldron. She also sewed for the public for many years. She has a whole tabloid of her life to pass on to her descendants.

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