Waldron News
26 February 1976
The Scott County Bicentennial Committee Salutes:
Grover Cleveland Ellis

In 1917, voters of Scott County elected for the first time a county superintendent of schools. Before this time there had been a county examiner who held "Teachers' Institute" once or twice each year. As a result of the election, G.C. Ellis became our first county superientendent. He took office in 1918 and continued in it until 1923. Cleveland Ellis was the son of John Ellis who lived on a farm between Abbott and Mansfield and spent much of his life in Scott County. After giving years to the interest and development of education in Arkansas, he retired in Fayetteville. The above picture was made while he was Scott County Superitendent of Schools. A sincere salute to one who contributed to local education! Happy Birthday U.S.A.

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