Contributed by Charlene Holland

Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas
The Southern Publishing Company, Chicago and Nashville, 1891.


      George W. Helms is an agriculturist by calling, and the success, which attends his efforts, is well merited, for no one is more thoroughly interested in his calling, or gives it greater attention. He was born in Franklin County, Ark., in 1849, and by his father was reared to farm life, his opportunities for an education being quite limited on account of the opening of the Rebellion. In 1869 he began doing for himself, working on rented land in his native county, but the fall following his marriage, which occurred in August, 1869, he took a piece of Government land as a homestead, on which he settled and began improving. He immediately put up a good log house and other buildings, and here made his home until 1881, when he sold the place and came to Scott County, and immediately purchased the farm on which he is now making his home. It contains 160 acres of land, 60 of which are in a good state of cultivation, and on this valuable land he has a good frame residence, tenant houses, stables, sheds, etc. His orchard, although young, is in a good bearing condition, and furnishes the family with an abundance of fine fruit. His farm is well cultivated, the principal crops being cotton, corn and oats, the yield of all being good, his last year's profits being over $700. His wife, who was formerly Miss Mary Ann Pledger, was born in Georgia, but was reared in Franklin County, Ark. She has borne her husband three sons and five daughters; James, John, Acie Jane, Rosella F., Mattie, Georgie, Myrtle and Manie. James and Acie Jane are married and live near their parents. The other members of the family live at home and are attending a good district school in the vicinity. The family attends the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and Mr. Helms is a member of the Farmers' Alliance and is a Democrat, politically. He is liberal in his support of worthy movements and has the reputation among his neighbors of being a pushing, enterprising gentleman and a successful farmer.

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