From a special edition of the Scott County Advertiser newspaper of 3 April 1991, entitled "A Salute to Scott County Citizens 90 Years and Over." The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 90th anniversary.


James Jones was born to Margaret (George) and Julius Martin Jones in Yell County, Arkansas on August 12, 1893. He was raised at Centerville, Arkansas where he attended school. He is a Methodist and was a miner in his younger days. He had five brothers and three sisters. He is a veteran of World War I, lived in Monroe, LA for 20 years, and traveled a lot, to both the East and West coasts. He and his wife Marie (Brosset) had four sons and three daughters: Virginia Bird of Fort Smith, Douglas M. Jones of Tulsa, Lucille Cowsert of Dallas, James Jones of Boothe, Bobby Ray of Springfield, and Delores Robertson of Boothe.

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