Contributed by Charlene Holland

Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas
The Southern Publishing Company, Chicago and Nashville, 1891.


      No name is more properly placed in the history of Scott County than that of Mr. Chiles, who is not only one of the most enterprising farmers of this section, but is of such a social, genial nature that he has made many friends. He was born in Tennessee to Roland and Margaret N. (Blair) Chiles, for a history of whom see sketch of Roland Chiles. Until he attained his fifteenth year James P. was a resident of his Native State, but since 1870 he has been a resident of Arkansas, and was given a good education in the University of the State, at Fayetteville. On July 3, 1887, he was married to Miss Emma Roland, a native of Scott County, and a daughter of Elijah Roland, who was one of the early settlers of this State. In 1884 he purchased his present farm of 315 acres, and by hard work has put fifty acres under cultivation, the rest being covered with timber of an excellent and valuable quality. In October 1888, he bought his present cotton gin, grist and sawmill, all, of which he is operating with success, his sawmill averaging about 5,000 feet of lumber per day. Besides this property he is the owner of a good dwelling-house and three tenement houses, and in addition to his other duties he is somewhat interested in stock--raising and speculating, in fact, is wide-awake and enterprising in all matters pertaining to his calling. He and his family are members of the Christian Church; he purchased all the materials for erecting a church and schoolhouse, deeding the property for the site. He has at all times tried to further the cause of education, and for years has faithfully discharged the duties of school director of his district. He is a warm Republican in politics and is an active worker in that party.

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