Thursday, June 27, 1968
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Mrs. Dunn nee Letha Cross was born June 23, 1888, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Cross of the Pleasant Hill community near Waldron. Her parents were respected farmers in this area. Mr. Cross was noted for the delicious watermelons he grew year after year. Some of the venturesome Waldron boys of that era, now staid business men, well remember how zealously he guarded his watermelon patch. She was one of seven children, all of whom are still living except one that died in infancy. Letha Cross was married to Edward Dunn on January 13, 1911 by Mr. N.H. Holland in his home at Winfield. Mr. Dunn was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Dunn of the Haw Creek community. The young couple left immediately by wagon for their home near Stapp, Oklahoma, where the bridegroom had previously rented a farm. In 1917 Mr. and Mrs. Dunn moved back to Haw Creek and lived there until 1922 when Mr. Dunn went to work for the Kansas City Southern Railroad. They moved to Heavener then and remained until 1935 when they returned to the farm where they lived until 1950 when they moved into Waldron. Mr. Dunn passed away in 1957. The couple had four children: Mrs. Madge Whitfield of Waldron, Mrs. Jeane Hall of Waldron, Ralph Dunn of N. Little Rock and Ray Dunn of Benton. There are six grandchildren. During her years as a farm wife, Mrs. Dunn was active in the Home Demonstration Club in her community. She still enjoys many hobbies such as reading, sewing, raising flowers, and most of all making quilts. She is a faithful member of the Church of Christ. Mrs. Dunn has always enjoyed people and from the very first hers was a home that others enjoyed visiting. She has maintained her active interest in and enjoyment of young people. Even though she now lives alone, she has frequent visitors from among the friends she had made down through the years.

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