From a special edition of the Scott County Advertiser newspaper of 3 April 1991, entitled "A Salute to Scott County Citizens 90 Years and Over." The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 90th anniversary.


Lou Ella McEntire was born on April 8, 1897 and has been a lifelong resident of Scott County. Her parents were John and Mollie Burnett. She married Dewey McEntire in 1917, and the couple had five children: Dessie Crain of Waldron, D.W. McEntire of Booneville, Malbert McEntire (deceased), Donna Lava Brown (deceased) and Delbert McEntire (deceased.) The couple has numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Lou Ella attended school at Friendship, and is a member of the Church of Christ. She is a homemaker. Her family donated land for the Jubilee Church. Her hobbies include collecting antiques.

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