From a special section of the Waldron News newspaper of 23 April 1981, consisting of interviews of Scott County citizens 80 Years of age and over. The interviews were done as part of a celebration of the Bank of Waldron's 80th anniversary.


Paralee "Pat" (Rose) Barker, age 92, was born to John and Rebecca (Scott) Rose on November 30, 1887. She has resided in Scott County all her life and attended grade school in Dooley District, across the river from Boles and completed the 8th grade. She was married to the late R.R. Barker and they have three children - Lone Barker of Boles, Lunn Barker of Hot Springs and Park Barker of Boles. Her church preference is Free Will Baptist. Mrs. Barker states she has banked at the Bank of Waldron since 1901 and recalls she was 14 years old when the bank opened. She said the Lord has blessed her with a long life, and she remembers when Scott County was strictly farming, no other industry except for small saw mills scattered around. She recalls that the rural school and church were the greatest and only social activities during growing up. Mrs. Barker resides in Pinewood Nursing Home.

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