Thursday, April 4, 1968
Spotlight On...

This week we would like to turn the spotlight on one of our older citizens of the Shiloh community, Mrs. Sarah Hudgens, daughter of Charley and Mary Jane (McNew) Hill, born August 7, 1886 in Scott County. She was married to Joseph Robert Hudgens, February 18, 1906. To this union were born five children: two daughters, Lara (Richmond), Blackfork, and Annie (Staggs), Boles; and three sons, Charley of Boles, Roy of Waldron, and Fred of the home. Mrs. Hudgens has been a very active person. As a young girl she assisted her father, who was a doctor. She saddled his horse many a time when he would get a call. At present she is making preparations to make a garden this year. Fred breaks the ground in the spring and from then on Mrs. Hudgens uses her hoe and rake and has one of the finest and cleanest gardens around. Each year she cans several hundred jars of fruits and vegetables, as well as making jelly and jam. She does all her house work and has a nice flower garden around the seven room house she makes home. Invite yourself to her home some Sunday - what sumptuous hot rolls and other good food she cooks on that wood burning stove.

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